chat Is there a new work ethic emerging after COVID?

I am just reflecting on how stressed out people became before COVID in Europe. As the European Union had all of us go through the motions of, zero hour contracts. All the French took to the streets before any other country in Europe.

We obtain no help with our housing. We cannot afford to buy a house.

Most are lucky enough to own a car.

These are people whom have broken up with someone. The state classifies people as single, or you should have paid a lawyer to get you the help! (with what money????)

Most people whom are separated and end up with nothing. To boot, young people are unable to travel to work because they have no car or home.

It is not good!!!! Austerity has eaten away at our lives before COVID.

But this new work ethic is ebbing away at people not having a single thing to show for the 12 hrs a day shifts when they do have the opportunity to work. They do not want people to work from home, which is a commute.

I mean, realistically where are we going with this?

Are we even going to be given retirement?

On my government retirement it says I have to work until I am 75…. The rate that I am going, without any human contact at 40 means I will be lucky to make it to 65 let alone 75 in a very physical job like taking care of people.

You think I am joking:

Work until you’re 75 – or even 81 – under Government review of state pension age

Possible age hike comes as minister hints at pensions tax raid on middle-class savers

Daily Telegraph, 2016

It is not really that practical, though —  is it?

So, to get people to create more traffic is annoying me because I loved it when people did not have to travel into the office everyday.

But to not pay properly because people are working from home is slave labour!!!!!!

Be like Carl and become self-employed; be your own boss and work from home. Like my friend

Manns Eco Healing.... set up your own healing space from home and help people out locally. This is the only way forwards to be honest with you.

You won’t have tyrants stressing you out everyday, demanding things from you. Get a set of skills and build on it.

In fact the other day, I was saying to my friend in the UK – this zero hour contracts situation means, big companies are benefiting from not paying you:




They are making the money—   not you.

So you either fight for your rights, or you be a slave!!!!


  1. I would To tell You than pur french government Still so sad about The french people . Howewer ,there adopted The vaccinal obligation for all My people . I will so ahamed about The constinional concil whôs was approved The new lowers for thé vaccinal pass for every french people To Go To The bar or restaurants everywhere un My country. Where are pur democraty today????

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    • I think, it’s a shame democratically all around the world, we have not been told the truth 😞. More and more the governments become fascist and over power people’s human rights.

      It feels like the beginning of something evil. It really does!

      I took the vaccine myself but, I can’t believe people whom know their body better than a doctor are being excluded from society. It’s quite bizzare! I thought I would never see this amount of fascism in my life-time.

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