chat The weirdo mystery files: Thank you Australia for Heath Ledger

I know, all you Australians out there are having — yet another lockdown. Thank you Australia and thank you Heath Ledger for blessing us with your talent.

****This is just a way of helping you all get through these lockdowns, through love and admiration. ****

Try my lockdown challenges, beginning with Brittany Murphy 🤩. This is to help people whom are depressed find at least one person in the world to watch a film with. Or you could be not depressed and find someone whom is during lockdown.

Good luck!

Just imagine me turning up to your house, with my DVD collection and Heath Ledger. However, nothing beats my school day memories of S.W.E.A.T and at the time, I was watching cable TV with my friend and saying words I cannot type write now because it is utterly shameful.

The Lockdown movie challenge with Heath Ledger is perfect for even your husband or boyfriend, because he plays the best joker who was creepy as hell!!!!

How many Heath Ledger films can you see in a day?

It is not the weekend but, you can start now because I think I am going to watch the series S.W.E.A.T and pretend I am a teenager again.

Here is a video about Heath Ledger for those whom are unaware of what mystery lay with Heath and his sleeping death. Prescription drugs are something doctors usually prescribe in a hurry but, now we have therapeutic natural ways to combat these problems.

We need to change our outlook after COVID on health. Please leave a comment about what you think we could do to combat the mysterious sleeping deaths.


  1. I met him as a customer at the place I used to work in LA, I talked to him for about a couple of hours, without knowing he was a famous actor, until he left, a girl who lived near, and hanged up, at the shop , and who did not stop looking at him in awe, almost drooling, I said to her:

    “Now you can close your mouth, you obviously like that kid a lot.”

    Looking at me in disbelief, she exclaimed:

    “Don’t you know who he is?”


    My reply, she looked at me like if I come from Mars, and she exclaimed:

    “That was Heath Ledger!”

    Well, what can I say, I had seeing him as the Joker, on that Batman movie, but with all that heavy makeup, could not tell who he was, but not the only actor I met at my work who I failed to recognize, at the time, since at our shop, we had all kind of celebrities, as customers.

    Nothing unusual, on my part, I forget names and faces, pretty easy.

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