chat It’s Okay to Cry: Tribute to Sophie Xeno

Part 1 of a short story


This is a fictional piece that in no way resembles what happened to Sophie Xeno in reality. Nonetheless, it is a sort of reflection story about the recent events that happened around the world before and after the death of Sophie Xeno.

The creepy thing I found writing this story is the parallel lines between what was happening and where I wanted my story to guide me. She died 31 st January 2021 and it has taken me a month to write the characters and interweave them into the plot.

You could say that this is the catalyst, or the straw that hit the camels back.

This is not meant to harm to anyone, and I hope that Sophie Xeno’s music will still be heard because of this fictional story.

Sophie Xeno was born in Glasgow, a transgender icon, of her time- may her family have peace in their hearts, that Sophie was able to become an icon. Also, had the ability to inspire many others. May they also, not take this to heart as I piece together the tragic circumstances of her death, in another alternative universe.

Where creativity meets the real world. A hyperbolic, fictitious narrative with meaning at the end. Thus, this fictional piece may seem real as current events have led to this point. We can say if all the events happened but in a different manner, it would still lead to the same tragic outcome, unfortunately. But let it be a lesson for all of us to learn.

Tragedy is also known as Peripeteia in English Literature, which I wrote about in 2015: Recovering from Peripeteia in reality! We all need to be able to engage in dialogue and help people with their confusion, amidst all the frenzy. This process of discussing politics, in a conspiracy theory style is also known as the Machiavelli approach, which Shakespeare also had written the Scottish play, Macbeth based on Prince Machiavelli, whom is famous for quoting:

“Whoever believes that great advancement and new benefits make men forget old injuries is mistaken.”


Its okay to cry is a song by Sophie Xeno. Please look at the lyrics, she is a genius and genuinely, I would not have been able to be inspired, if, I did not know that this would be the creative way to look at such a tragedy.

This story takes a weird and wonderful twist like a sliding door, into what could have happened in 2020 during Brexit and the pandemic known as Coronavirus. However in the story it is just called a virus.

The world has been in turmoil about the imperialism indications. I want to make this transparent; the UK is made up of four separate countries who’s governing body is Westminster. The Scottish have their separate parliament as do Northern Ireland and Wales. The English, with the most population do not have a separate parliament, they are apart of the unified front of central government in Westminster.

Financially, the Banks of Scotland have three different types of notes they print themselves. This is true capitalism in its nature and the three banks are : Royal bank of Scotland, Clydesdale and Bank of Scotland. Northern Ireland also, prints its own currency through their own banking system, of Ulster bank, and first trust bank. These institutions exist and practice, fairness in all areas to ensure, people are able to have free markets.

The Bank of Scotland was formed by an act of Scottish Parliament in 1695. It is the oldest and first institution in England. The reason for talking about the dynamics of the financial markets is when it is monopolised there are problems, which occur within the legislation of ownership, and locality of a bank, business ownership.

To have choice means, competition is healthy. It is mentioned, to show each bank preserves its own customers and protects them with it’s legislation to make profit for the customer and for itself to improve service.

The privatisation and of the banking system is for the people, and not necessarily for the government.

This legislation for all banks in the United Kingdom to pay dividend to the unification and the freedom of markets, is through the 1707 Public bill whereby, the monarchy is in control and is the head of state. Any bills or acts of law, need to be signed and agreed by the monarchy. It has been said the banks have been controlled by their shareholders more than the government, itself. The government is more of a detached status.

The monarchy in England has no other power over the people as it is really indicated. But the unification laws are changing.

The history of the United Kingdom has been correlated to negative feedback from this world order of disbanding the unification of the nation. It is something in which parliaments separately discuss.

The Scottish Parliament, has a head of state which is Nicola Sturgeon, whereby, the globalism effect was abhorrent during Brexit and the campaign for Scotland to be a separate nation was all through Nicola Sturgeon. This is the reality of the situation. As we look at the events which have occurred.

Thus, Brexit was a very enduring process for the United Kingdom and we should actually try to empathise that it could have gone wrong but, hasn’t so far.

There were times when I thought that it would.

Although, some efforts to write about the cabinet ministers in the Scottish National Party, with their real names was something I felt, necessary to merge the two together. Many would call this the Scoring Rubric, where you can present ideas without bias.

The reality of a divided nation with different values and core fundamental beliefs; allows these principles to be written as a fictional dystopian novel or short story. In reality there is such a thing as the Scottish Trans Alliance .

This short story should highlight why this could go wrong.

Also, mentioning, the English Women’s Rebel Alliance, this is the fictional part. It made the story a little more, balanced as the conflict of ethics will come into play in part 2 of the story. Of course, the alliances to restore the republic, is a Star wars conception.

Although, the United Kingdom Parliament has identified the community and protected certain areas in the law through the Equality Act 2010; this never really covered and protected women in sports, or , the army; it was just a safe space for domestic violence victims, and women whom have been raped.

Other institutions, have been left to the discourse of free speech to help evaluate and reason the next chapter of where this goes. (A Whole New World\ Pretend World: Tribute to Sophie Xeno Part2)

This short story is to highlight the flaws. If people are provoked, then, please use democracy as your benchmark to protect the rights of everyone.

Democracy is believing in freedom and equality as the Cambridge dictionary states:

the belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based on this belief, in which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves

At no point are we allowed to disarm people in voice or defence, or de-platform people, or censor people, if we believe in these core principles.

My short story is to allow people to ethically align their principles and beliefs, so, we are consciously n-sync with everyone in our way of creating a more cohesive environment.

If you would like to leave a comment after reading this short story, I will take it into account and try to reply back. I try to reason with my own conscious thoughts and whether or not this was a path we should allow government to go. Not that I am accusing a governing body of doing such a thing. However, I am highlighting that without transparency and our representation, we could be led into a situation, which may not be in all of our best interests.


Olivia McKenzie, aged 14

A fan of Sophie Xeno finds it difficult to reflect back on where it began to go wrong. She misses her mom and all of a sudden finds herself, in army combat wear. Had not even kissed a boy before, had not really spoken to anyone about how strange that would be to kiss a boy with your tongue in his mouth.

She thought it unhygienic because of the pandemic.

She lay in a field staring up at the sky, her heart beat was becoming weaker and her pulse was fading away.

Olivia remembers the time when she was holding on to the new iPhone; taking Instagram pictures; making tik tok messages; meeting her friends to talk about all the boys in her class. Also, to talk about her brother’s friends with her “bezzie’s“, (best friends) about, whom fancies whom; then if they can get a “snog” (french kiss)

Her little sister and brother are no longer at home, to talk to, may be that’s where it went wrong.

A single tear, rolls down the side of her face, as she find’s it difficult to breath.

It could have been the protective armour on her chest was too tight, she could not get up. She could not feel her legs.

It is as though a 14 year old girl had to grow up too fast, without falling in love. But the thought came into her mind, like a future she did dream of.

Losing someone she loved was a difficult thing to get over, but, as her ears were ringing, she lay in the field thinking of the last time she saw her Dad.

“Dad have you seen my school jumper?” shouting at the top of her lungs from her room. Running to the landing

Yes Olive branch, catch it if you can!” he said

If only I filmed that moment of happiness of a rushed day, she thought. I caught the jumper, like I was a playing netball, with my own school jumper but dad was on my team.

We are not really, team McKenzie anymore, she thought, laying with her eyes were feeling heavy, as though the gravity had decided to press on her eyes as well.

The flashback of seeing her brother, Christopher walking past and ignoring her, just felt so painful. Another tear, rolls down the side of her face.

Everything fades to black as her eyes close.

Evita Manji

As Sophie Xeno’s girlfriend Evita Manji missed her dearly during April 2020. Drafted to the army meant she was unable to plan her life and be able to be close to the one she loved.

Even planning to have children, everything was hanging on a little piece of thin string between, her sanity and freedom to choose her own future.

She was unable to see the twitter posts of family or friends, or even answer the phone.

As she was always busy training. This important person, was no longer in her life. Evita was forced to wear camouflage combat clothing.

She cried her eyes out, whilst it rained during training.

No, really it’s okay to cry….

During April 2020, Sophie, found herself writing a little something on Twitter:

There’s something or someone important missing in my life

At 34, everything seemed so confusing, to Sophie; there was a feeling of loss, or, that something was missing in Sophie’s life. Could it have been love? Could it have been the little pitter patter of tiny feet?

No one knew, but, the post was left there for everyone to see. No one retweeted, or, replied.

Something was definitely missing.

Trying to solve the mystery, was impossible, it was so vague a sentence. As the world was thrown into chaos, through General Nicola Sturgeon’s strategy to take on the English during Brexit. Maybe it was the pandemic, or perhaps it was Brexit, were reasons why everyone neglected Sophie’s post?

She smiled, kissed and hugged her family. On the other hand, knew she could not love them as much as she did her girlfriend. So, whom was this important person? Of course, it was her girlfriend, Evita Manji.

Sophie would always message close friends to keep their spirits up. They did not see the Twitter message because they were too busy.

Why is this? Why was her girlfriend not able to answer the post? Perhaps it was a proposal that was rejected? A glance at a future?

Unable to breath.

Craig McKenzie, 33 a healthcare worker found himself at the beginning of the pandemic around 20th February 2020.

He found himself in alert mode as everyone was informed about the new virus being given the dangerous infectious status.

He was stood at the computer in Accident and Emergency, seeing the ambulance queue list change immediately from amber to red. Chaos ensued, no one was able to talk about what was wrong with them.

They could not breath deep enough to communicate. It was just non verbal communication. Hard to understand some of them.

There was no planning other than to wear a mask in the rooms. The first person whom tested positive and they had shortness of breath and was young, also able to fully communicate to describe, the sensations they were feeling. They said:

It is like someone standing on top of their rib cage. Jumping up and down, preventing them from breathing.

-Feb 2020 patient in hospital

So many staff were talking all at once about how to treat the patient. None of them knew how servere it would be to not have protective wear. None of them knew how to prevent the flow of the other patients and stop them from getting infected.

It was chaos.

There were babies crying from other problems in the next unit; not even covered by a wall but a single curtain.

Suddenly, Craig fell to the floor and it was a fight for his life to try and breath. Death was climbing on his rib cage and clinging on to it.

Death was jumping up and down on his chest.

Everything fades to black and the machine monotonously beeped.

Gretna Green

The countdown had began in early 2020 ; it was a calm before the storm there was no love in the air, the virus was spreading.

The sentiments for your neighbour, or loved ones was diminishing in Scotland- as no one felt safe anymore; empathy was dead. Like a carcass laying on the side of the road; abandoned with no one to pick it up.

Like many places there wasn’t any tourism to Gretna Green, due to Marshall Law, everything in the media world began to collapse.

All the weddings were cancelled in Gretna Green , which is historically famous for border hoppings from England to Scotland since 1754. Where everyone got married, even people whom were 16 years old, were able to get married to one another at the historical place.

There was always a merriment in the town of Gretna Green; such a shame love was not able to conquer all during the battle in June 2020.

A bloody day in June, Sarah was clutching on to a gun, looking around at Gretna Green, suddenly remembers holding her husbands hands and smiling at him. She knew, even at 16 years old, he was the one for her.

Never thought, about anything other than Craig;

To become Mrs McKenzie was a dream come true...’

They took their vows and looked at each other in the eye. Told one another that they would be there until death do them part. Sarah thought it was too soon. It was all too sudden, they were only in their early thirties. Something, felt wrong to her, her thoughts and voice screamed loud in her head as she tried to steady herself and her breathing:

How did it come to this?I am standing in a field with a rifle in my hand!

Reality hit like a bullet to the skin, sharp and intense, England and Scotland where at war with one another, due to Brexit – there was a sudden burst of anxiety, in Sarah as she gripped her rifle.

Nothing prepared her for this moment, not even the training. Her wedding band was still on her ring finger wrapped near the muzzle, she just felt like this was all strange.

Nothing prepared her for starring at the enemy lines, cowering and hiding under things.

General Nicola Sturgeon declared Marshall Law, due to the pandemic. There was a lull in whatever pre-emptive strike, General Sturgeon had install for England. However, the first strike was not by General Sturgeon, it was by the opposing side, the English Women’s Rebell Alliance, they wanted Gretna Green so badly for themselves.

They wanted to claim it for the purpose of sentimental traditional value. Sarah’s thoughts as she remembers the Twitter message that read;

#loveislost #fightforlove

You find yourself fighting and not making love, ask yourself is it worth it?

-May 2020 doppleganger

It did not matter to Sarah, she lost the one she loved, whom she dreamt of growing old with. It felt worth it!

Power struggle

As the Queen of England was struck by the virus and died, the prime minister and all of the members of parliament also, met their doom. Democracy, law and order was side-lined.

Every battle counted for the country men and women to take power in the country. No one, was able to sit at home and quarantine for fear of being bombed.

The media stories would just revolve around the two counties in one land. Between General Nicola Sturgeon and Corporal Sharon Davies. The atmosphere was intense, as though anything would spark the fuse between the two sides. England was also under Marshal Law before Scotland, by the prime minister before he died. So between the four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there was no united leader. Northern Ireland was about to protect it’s people by joining Ireland.

Allegedly, General Sturgeon had Alex Salmond the former leader of the SNP assassinated because he was found dead at his home, without any explanation on 1st April. Everyone in Scotland thought it was some kind of a hoax- many suspected Sturgeon herself did it; some said Derek McCay would get away with murder; only a few said it was Kate Forbes. To this day, it is a mystery of what happened to poor Alex Salmond after being acquitted from allegations of sexual misconduct.

British Multiculturalism Learning Zones

The Black Lives Matters campaigns became a worry for – General Nicola Sturgeons cabinet, as they were not all in agreement with BLM because of the fact they were worried it would cause too much civil unrest.

However, General Sturgeon claimed the Bank of Scotland was in support of Black Lives Matters; allowed them to be on the international funding market, as well as, agree to discuss some of the changes they wanted to make financially, during 2019.

Before the merging of banks, there was an agreement that Alison Rose CEO made, to support the advertising and financial accounts to Black Lives Matters.

The corporate world knew, it was only a matter of time before anyone finds out; they used Black Lives Matters: in an off shore bank account deal to distribute more money.

Therefore, General Sturgeon tried to get everyone on board with the idea of wealth and whom has what. The decision was difficult in 2019.

Even though Black Lives Matters had finacial backing in 2019, something extrordinary happened in 2020.

There were emails and letters begging for marshals law because, Toyin Agebetu was accused of assassinating the new king Charles and his subjects in march 2020. He re-enacted his outburst in 2007, on the carnation day of Prince Charles, which was a televised event, with only the Royal subjects.

Fortunately Prince William and his family did not attend as, they were avoiding infecting the new king with the virus.

Agebetu was then jailed for spreading a mutation of the virus, he caught travelling to South Africa. Toyin Agebetu, died in jail from the mutation of the virus.

Prince William was mortified; everyone he knew and loved was dying from a virus; he opted to wait and let the country decide its fate for the next six months.

He could tell there was apprehension in the air and fraction.

So, to help against the discourse, William opted like King William VI, to think outside the box and create a window of opportunity for all.

But he was informed that this would take Marshal Law first, to prevent future insurrections.

Nobody in the UK heard of George Floyd at this time. There was no connection, everyone basically was at war, or beginning to prepare for war. There were no blue line flags, or, segregated groups of people. By March and April, everyone in had the call to be forced to do their duty in Scotland and were in combat training, from Maryhill to Black Watch.

Meanwhile in England, Prince William met the English Women’s rebel alliance (EWRA) in a secret location.

He decided that a roll out of the British multicultural learning zones: to remind people, this fight for their freedoms is worth it and they make up every part of Britain.

These learning zones would be located in Wales, where Prince William of Wales; demanded the civilians, restore some sort of belief system.

The learning zones were successful because it brought an extra valve in the engine for zeal.

People were esteemed and felt like they were in unity as this was blasted from loud speakers throughout cities in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.

It was no longer a mosque cry, mosques speakers were used to play messages of history, every 2 hrs. In London they made Trafalgar square, on loop.

There was a new unity forming; people were beginning to collectively agree: they were on the wrong path.

Everyone began speaking to their neighbours.

Bristol on the other hand needed more Marshal Law to help, kick start the learning zones. They set the meetings which were rapid and held to help people; discuss only the history that was given to them.

All other forms were considered as unhelpful, so the EWRA, felt it was necessary to just leave them as they cannot help them; the fight needed to commence.

Whom ever they could save from the ideology of Black Lives Matters, as they tried through methods such as: the Britannica encyclopaedia being broadcasted through every IMP to block other calls until they read the information and read the SMS.

“KING WILLIAM VI Abolished slavery in 1833, and Free trade gave rise to the opportunity of people to become equals.”

You are equals because the Roman Empire, and serfdom Serfdom, condition in medieval Europe in which a tenant farmer was bound to a hereditary plot of land and to the will of his landlord. The vast majority of serfs in medieval Europe obtained their subsistence by cultivating a plot of land that was owned by a lord. This was the essential feature differentiating serfs from slaves, who were bought and sold without reference to a plot of land. 

The Army ran a tight schedule to re-educate the people, because of fears of American History being too dominant and causing uproar would leave England as imperialism was a good thing. A positive enhancement to British prosperity, and the army.

The English Army was beginning to reprogram the children also, because of the way in which they were becoming. Very hateful, and did not like their neighbours.

Despite what colour they were.

The English division of the former British Army was able to take on the Scottish after they had ruined the education system. They had decided that all the children whom were being evacuated from cities be reprogrammed into thinking about farming and venturing out into nature.

Many of the new fractions of groups agreed that equality is by understanding 200 years had past.

The church of England begged for more reform to acts because they wanted to go back to having ceremonies as quickly as possible.

They knew there was civil unrest forming and there needed to be common unity.

No longer A Pony Boy

Before Sophie’s transition, a lot of sperm had been donated by him to a sperm bank, just outside Livingston, in between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Facebook post announcing the battle between freezing sperm and actual donation was commencing. Sophie posted, September 2019:

Freezing my sperm would have been a choice, like it would have been for many women. I have the right to know whom I have impregnated, do I not?

Evita and Sophie were in a legal battle to retrieve this sperm during October 2019.

Due to data protections and the fact this is specifically donation and not a choice based facility, whereby, Sophie could freeze the sperm. You can reveal whom you are but you would not necessarily able to impregnate the person you want to be with.

This legal battle did not have a very good outcome because it was pending due to the sperm bank, needing to agree to different legislation and whether, or not they wanted a “buy back your sperm” service.

Unfortunately, Sophie was not aware of the buy back the sperm policy in the company; it was not clear to her at the time of her decision making.

This story made the newspapers; every reader became shocked that men, whom become women are freezing their sperm to reproduce. Thus, another debate was developing in the background, based on ethical principles of the ownership and rights of the sperm during, September 2019.

Unfortunately, the courts postponed the case for further inquiry’s in, December 2019.

This made Sophie anxious because shortly after, General Sturgeon decided that no one’s property was their own and everything, belonged to the state.

Sophie was devastated.

Her future felt like it was collapsing before her very eyes.

The financial Pandemic Crash

Brexit led to one of the biggest break-ups in history of the financial world.

Years of planning and trying to negotiate, arouse suspicion when shareholders were blocked from their accounts and expenditures. This was a breech of their human rights.

There was a collapse in the markets as Scotland, seemed as though it did not believe in the unification of England. The whole movement began with the freezing of English accounts, during the beginning of December 2019.

Followed by further action of seizure of private property and private rights laws, through General Nicola Sturgeon. This was a decisive strike on the assets of each company, to help elevate any problems between England in the future.

To also prevent Scottish people from leaving Scotland and make more reforms, according to sources. Boris Johnson, believed in the action and said;

Although we have been under your financial umbrella; benefiting the country and leading us through technology and other advances. I look forward to any type of relationship we do have in the future.

-December 2019 Boris, Johnson

This was not General Sturgeons plans of action. It has been alleged, her proposal was the Bank of England no longer has jurisdiction over the Scottish.

There was no comment about any of the future regarding the financial institutions and relationships.

The “Auld alliance” between England and Scotland, had been removed by General Sturgeon, and the governance of the two other banks: Clydesdale and Royal Bank of Scotland, were merged into one; under her legislation.

Furthermore, during April 2020, General Sturgeon favoured herself as the helm due to the loss of so many heads of state in England.

Therefore, the freezing of assets meant: General Sturgeon was able to buy weapons to defend Scotland.

Scotland does not make it’s own weapons, so they turned to America and Biden; to ask for an opportunity to protect themselves before 2016.

Biden agreed on the basis, that the bank of Scotland must make a private transaction to a secret off shore bank account.

Christopher McKenzie, aged 16

Sat in English class, Christopher was reading a book about sexual concubines, and he had no idea why. He despised reading, Madam Butterfly. He and his friend Magnus had a fight over, his sister Olivias’ friend Caroline.

As he found out that Caroline, had kissed Magnus for a dare.

He thought that it was tragic that Caroline never wanted to kiss him.

But reading the book made him angry.

So he challenged the teacher because Magnus, Paul and Zack were all in an online war group. They loved discussing war.

Fascinated by the group and its efforts to win. Christopher stumbled upon a writer named Wilfred Owen whom was a poet that Christopher read about online.

A week before all the boys had seen the film 1917, which they saw in 2019.

Christopher thought this would be a good thing to discuss with everyone. He just did not understand what he was reading in class. He was affected by the poem Dulce et Decorum est, written by Wilfred Owen, Thus, he did not want to go to war- he was under the impression that all the things that happened in the past would not lead to him being drafted.

So bold as you like, Christopher challenged his teacher Ms. McCreery;

“Why are we learning about prostitutes when we can talk about men being drafted to war?”

Ms. McCreery didn’t have an answer.

“Do you mind if I read a poem that I found about the men whom lost their lives to war?”

He just knew Ms. McCreery was just going to let him. So, Christopher did not cower, he thought about his group and how they behave gallantly on the frontline online.

Always there for each other, through thick and thin. It was a bond that he did not want to break.

He blamed Caroline, for his bold feeling.

He starred at the back of her head which shined in the suns rays, as the windows glowed from the sun. He did not quiver a word. He just stood up and read the whole thing:

Dulce et Decorum Est 

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs,
And towards our distant rest began to trudge.
Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots,
But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind;
Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots
Of gas-shells dropping softly behind.

Gas! GAS! Quick, boys!—An ecstasy of fumbling
Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time,
But someone still was yelling out and stumbling
And flound’ring like a man in fire or lime.—
Dim through the misty panes and thick green light,
As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.

In all my dreams before my helpless sight,
He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace
Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin;
If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud
Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,—
My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori.

Everyone in the class just turned around and starred at him when he finished. Christopher felt the eyes of Caroline on him, like she was in a trance and shocked that he could tell such a story. In fact, she boldly said it in front of everyone:

“Why do you have to be so grim, Christopher? You sound like a serial killer. A pure psychopath”

It was the feeling of pure guilt, for reading such a gory poem, that left him stunned that the girl he liked – did not like the same things as him. He was lost. He felt lost. Ms. McCreery just had a disappointed look on her face.

Little did they know, that in about 9 months, they would have the same fate as Wilfred Owen. But Ms. McCreery thought it was inappropriate to talk about such things.

“I would have stopped you, but you read it so well, Christopher. ” She said trying to appease his nature.

Christopher thought Ms. McCreery was condescending , even reflecting back, as he was gathering his clothes at the pick up point in line at the barracks in April 2020.

He felt Ms. McCreery was an awful human being for not saying something and warning them all about their fate.

He felt numb, just knowing that everyone was unable to understand before it led to this point.

General Nicola Sturgeon

As Twitter was the beginning battle ground for all confrontational speech, between England and Scotland, throughout 2019.

A percentage of the Scottish became uneasy, as soon as they woke to the news of their bank accounts and mortgages being frozen, in December 2019.

Many wanted to leave Scotland as they did not want to pledge to General Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign for war which was evident on Twitter.

Everyone flocked to her post, as she was hungry for war; her people were just plain hungry. Little did they know, an international pandemic was about to sweep the nation.

Due to Brexit finalised no deal in December 2019: a tiny country, had a stern leader, whom wanted to push out the English businesses from the Scottish border.

General Sturgeons cabinet was beginning to change, January 2019 the finance secretary, Derek McCay resigns as he was unable to forecast the future budget of the pandemic. It was later found out on Facebook, that he allegedly had groomed a 16 year old boy.

Shortly, after Derek McCay’s departure from General Sturgeon’s came the first female finance secretary Kate Forbes, whom promised she would back the newspapers in delivering the important news about Scotland.
Many Scottish people began to worry because their finances were now under the control of Kate Forbes and General Nicola Sturgeon.

They saw how Derek McCay made the banks meld into a monopoly. Now, it was not about sexism with Kate Forbes, it was about the general publics personal assets being frozen and the news about their property being now public and not private. This, was their worry in the beginning of 2020- that the propaganda machine was running for them to not have choice.

Sophie and Evita were unsure if they could get married after the trial was postponed over the sperm.

Boris Johnson died in April 2020, he demanded that General Nicola Sturgeon would respect the wishes during Brexit negotiations; on the grounds of democracy and that people had already voted. The prime minister Boris Johnson, decided it would be of the unions best interests to protect Ireland from Scottish rebels and such the likes, so he placed war ships in the Irish sea between: Scotland and Ireland.

Unable to send a ship to Ireland to save Scottish Children from the invasion, during May 2020; General Nicola Sturgeon hid them in the highland cottages, without posting anything on Twitter.

Not all of them could stay in the cottages; so – General Sturgeon, ordered the fishing boats to take the most of the children to the, Shetland Islands.

However, before the first battle in Gretna Green in May 2020. General Nicola Sturgeon wanted to use everyone and anyone to fight, she addressed the nation on Twitter:

“Your patriotism to Scotland is evident in the way in which you defend Scotland. It is your home and your children’s home.”

-March 2020, General Sturgeon

All women had been drafted to wage war on the English, it was only a matter of time, before they missed their loved ones.

Children were hidden in the highlands and were on the Shetland Islands.

All of the transgenders were also, drafted to war by, June 2020. No one could opt out of the war, including Sophie.

Little did the General Nicola Sturgeon know, that the rebel forces on Twitter, had already began to disparage the Scottish women into joining her cause against the English.

Those whom had been drafted, already lacked the patriotic esteem General Sturgeon was demanding.

English Women Rebel Alliance

Formed in 2013 on facebook by a group of women whom were anti-social justice warriors; the movement grew and celebrity status was occurring with J.K Rowling, Sharon Davis, Germaine Greer Katie Hopkins, #IstandwithMaya was a very popular awareness campaign for women whom felt like their needs were not being heard.

Dress however you please.
Call yourself whatever you like.
Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you.
Live your best life in peace and security.
But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real? #IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) December 19, 2019

Charles Walker MP was able to establish order because he was a backbencher whom began to find alliances within the Facebook groups and on Twitter. Knowing the economy would crash he wanted to put in safeguarding measures of security within England, to ensure that people had social cohesion.

Katie Hopkins did not want to lead the English Women’s Rebel Alliance, but she said she would help with the battles because she had been in the army.

She had the strategy, but was unsure whether or not to lead the army into this area. However, they were convinced by her speeches to raise morale against General Nicola Sturgeon and her campaign for public seizure of property in 2019.

The group of women, led by Sharon Davis as the corporal sergeant, was all about the separatism of the four nations, because of the intense imbalance it had caused.

Although she was a competitive swimmer in her day, known as one of the greatest natural female swimmers, her talents were seen on the front line at Gretna Green during June 2020.

Many English women admired the persistence of Sharon Davis for the first battle, with both men and women. All the children in England were sent to Wales for their safety.

The Welsh promised that if the new alliance agreed, Welsh would be taught in English Schools as well.
All the men in the country were sick with the virus and so, the women were the one’s in control of the tactical attack. Most of the army agreed to their decision to counter attack on Twitter with a social media campaign.

Kirsty McKenzie, aged 12

A 2020 evacuation child. Had no idea she would lose her father and be shipped off to Shetland Islands.

I mean, politics is boring and no one really cares, but, Kirsty had changed her mind now that she was on a fishing boat on the way, thinking about what her mom said to her:

“Think of it as a holiday,” said mom,

“It will be a nice trip and I am jealous because I have never been to the Shetland Islands.” she rolls on!

‘Silly politicians! Broke my family up with their nonsense! —And they’re silly adults playing silly games.’ She remembers the last meal she had was spagetti Bolognese and she loved the way her mom made it.

Another thought just popped into her mind; about her sister liking a Transgender Icon because, she wanted people to understand she had not made her mind up about the world yet.

Kirsty thought, ‘but my sister is not sure if she likes girls or boys because she has never kissed a boy.

My sister is not ugly, it is just she is shy and does not think about things like boys because she as no boobs.

There is a girl at school with bigger boobs than my sister and she has more attention from the boy’s.

Looking into her bag, there was a gas mask, a flask, a lunchbox, 5 pairs of undies, 5 pairs of socks, 2 jumpers all rolled up, and a pair of jeans, and a pair of shorts;

Not even fashionable…” she thought.

Looking around on the boat, hearing the waves crash against it.

Trying to keep her feet steady, seemed impossible. It was hard not to take the time to think about things. But then reality would happen because the trip to Kirsty was boring.

There was no reason why she shouldn’t think about things a little.

Olivia was her older sister after all, it cannot hurt to think about the reason why she was acting so strange.

She continued to think watching the waves…..

‘I caught my sister once throwing food out the window to give to the cat next door. I mean, she is skinny and did not like to each much. I do not think she has even had a period, to be honest.’

Continuing her thoughts; ‘I hope no one asks me about starting my period, because, I am not really wanting to talk about it either.

I just think about it and how, it is weird how we have to be the ones with the really weird things like boobs and periods whilst Christopher is just all him’:

Why doesn’t Christopher have to deal with it?

To be honest with mainly myself about Christopher, he did agree with me about Olivia being silly about her food.

She thought there was no stopping her thinking about the food moment.

There was no need to throw it out the window.

Olivias’ hair was just greasy and it did not look the same since she started doing silly things like that. I just remember seeing my big brother have the chat:

“If I catch you doing it again, I am going to tell dad that you’re unable to understand the concept of the digestive system!”

He was a nice brother that sat me down afterwards to double check to see if I was as dippy as, Olivia. Really, I know, I do not really want to be a boy. I want big boobs because all the girls at school have bras with straps.

Training bras are boring.

But he didn’t really have to sit me down to have the checking to see if you’re thinking straight moment.

I was a little glad when he did it though, it made me feel special:

“I think you know why I am going to ask you about the food outside the window. It was not you was it?” Inquired Christopher.

“Don’t be daft! I wouldn’t dare- I have swimming competitions next week and I cannot afford to not eat. I come third, but, I need my strength because I want to take them all on.” I said with utter conviction.

I felt my brother give me a hig of acknowledgement, but I could not help thinking – ‘Christopher smells’.

He has smelly feet and smelly hands. He is too tall for his bed. His clothes look a mess.

He is just a rumble of a rock you can depend on. But he has smelly breath and farts too much.

I like our soap because it smells nice. But Christopher likes to use a different soap.

Sometimes he would smell like Daddy.

I would cuddle him when he smells like dad. Other than that, he was always smelly. That day was not a smell like my dad and pretend I shave day! His armpits as he gave me a hug. Just that stench and then he said:

“I always thought you were smarter than you look.”

What a mess she continued to ponder, as she felt her choices were being diminished, remembering her brother gave her a compliment.

All she knew really were close family and friends. Not being able to hug them was so painful.

As the boats arrived the locals, gathered and took the children into their homes, to work in the farms.

They were meant to have visits from their parents – but, after December 2020; the first Christmas without their parents, was apparent.

They were unable to speak to one another on the farms.

They just drove tractors, picked food and were eating.

Tactical attack

The campaign on social media, with the English Women’s Rebel Alliance was ferocious, because they attacked all the transgenders first.

Doppelganger was a fake account EWRA used to make sure psychological warfare could commence.

It was not a real name, so, no one could dox them. It was all masterfully working as they tried to use a reprogramming scheme to try and devalue Scottish citizens to prevent them from going to war.

They thought they would start to attack them first because, of the fact they wanted to warm up their scornful skills. They began by replying to Sophie Xeno’s post:

There’s something or someone important missing in my life

-April 2020 Sophie Xeno

Spit on my face and put the pony in its place.

-May 2020 Dopplganger

It was Sophie’s lyrics to Pony boy.

They masked it and made it look like they were a fan. When really, they knew that Sophie and her girlfriend would be drafted to the war against them.

They used Sophie’s aggressive lyrics to say that her leader General Sturgeon was making her into a pony boy.

There was an emotional tactical pursuit, knowing that men had already been drafted alongside with everyone else. The plan was to execute all the women in the surrounding areas as they were now General Sturgeons army.

The other plan was to bomb the sperm banks because they were to prevent reproduction of the Scottish, as the English Women’s alliance wanted them to pledge their allegiance to the union.

The research base was conquered by the Yorkshire battalion; where full of men and women. All ready with their strategy to: aggressively strike on the internet to psychologically repress the Scottish mothers into bailing out of the war.

During May 2020, they never stopped sending messages to Sarah McKenzie and her school moms club in Inverness.

They all knew each other and were confused about what was going on.

Sarah was confused because she had just lost her husband to the virus.

Looking at her phone wondering why someone had messaged her in the Facebook group to tell her not to follow General Sturgeon, made her feel confused because she thought her General had the best interests for Scotland.

One of the posts read;

You had your children shipped off, do you not care?

-May 2020 Dopplganger

Of course, Sarah cared; she just felt so lost and confused.

The only person she shared her fears to was her husband Craig.

Anti vaccination group

Made up of a majority of housewives including Sarah McKenzie whom was sceptical at the time of joining the Facebook group.

Due to the death of her husband in February, Sarah found her self having tea and discussions, in march before the draft.

She was only in the group for about two weeks, but because this group was made up of a group of school friends, it was a nice reunion and a wonderful way to investigate where this vaccination is going to come from.

So as a group they all decided to gather information about how and which country was going to make the vaccination.

The paranoia began within the group, which would have been called hysteria back in the 1800s – was actually female intuition that they were about to be rumbled.

Sarah and her friend Claire decided that they were going to close the group and only contact one another through messenger.

As they all watched the news and were worried that the English Women’s rebell alliance would befriend them. So anyone new were not allowed to join the group.

Claire was worried that General Nicola Sturgeon wanted to Clone people, and she thought the vaccination was just a scam to collect DNA.

Sarah and Gillian would argue with Claire, that she is going too far and perhaps it is Nano technology to track people.


A Whole New World\ Pretend World: Tribute to Sophie Xeno is available now!


  1. Very current! Just be careful of spelling eg. Rebel has one L. Also spellcheck is not fool proof and will leave correctly spelled words like “a mist” in place when it should read “amidst.” I hate to criticize, but you have something worth working on but the spelling/grammatical errors will distract the reader from your story! Editing is the worst part but one of the biggest parts of being a writer. Great, hugely researched story, keep at it and you will craft a masterpiece, I’m sure!!🙂🌻🙏

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  2. Not at all! It’s stuff that unfortunately leaps out at me, or fortunately, I guess, considering! Thank you for your support too, it’s reminded me to also edit, edit and read it some more!🙂🌻

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