chat A Whole New World\ Pretend World: Tribute to Sophie Xeno

PART 2 of a short story


The story so far explained in: Part 1, It’s Okay to Cry: Tribute to Sophie Xeno.

Everything that highlights, has a source and has links.

This is an interactive story, where you the reader – probably might, find it insightful to know, what is happening in our reality, and this abstract parallel universe, I have created. The same for Part 1. You just click on the links to find out the sentiments of people, and perhaps; why this story was written the way it has been.

Another one of Sophie’s Xeno’s songs, which inspired this short story is: A whole new world\Pretend World, and utterly perfect for this story.

Thank you for inspiring me, Sophie!

Please, read her lyrics and be acquainted with Sophie’s creativity. May the transgender icon rest in peace, and I will continue writing the form Peripeteia.

Tragedy is also known as Peripeteia in English Literature, which I wrote about in 2015: Recovering from Peripeteia in reality! This is also a style of writing that Shakespeare used in his plays; the most famous is the Scottish play. All this is relevant as Sophie Xeno was from Glasgow.

This process of discussing politics, in a conspiracy theory style is also known as the Machiavelli approach. You may have heard of this approach, but for a writer it is pretty eerie to storyboard contemporary subjects without having artistic integrity.

Trying not to be bias is a very difficult when encroaching life situations such as this. The other approach, I used was Scoring Rubric, where you can present ideas without bias.

Although, I am repeating myself, this is written in no form to harm a certain group of people, or was written to create division. It is an alternative universe, but it may seem real: a whole new world\ pretend world.

I myself, have met a few transgenders- this piece is to highlight; the choices people make and the fact there is no equality, when it comes to our natural instincts. We will not have equality, unless you allow us to raise issues. Hence, the reason why people need to be able to speak out and ask questions. Reasonably good questions, to help the nature of a person fulfil their own natural needs and instincts. I do this part because, politicians are preventing us from having beneficial discussions.

Is it just the politicians whom are preventing us from accomplishing freedom of speech?

Is it just the politicians creating artistic boundaries?

In part two, I wanted to approach this with some kind of reflection of international power. The only story I remember reading which captivated me, to perhaps write in this style is Leo Tolstoy’s: War and Peace.

If we look at the world and corporations. Asking the question of how much power they have over us all, is a sort of Machiavelli concept where we find the protagonist can exploit us when it suits their needs.

I have given this person a title, because there was a stature of nobility given to people, with money during the 18th century. You can still buy into nobility in certain countries.

When accustoming yourselves with the storyline of Banks and how Scotland is made up. It is only fitting that someone would, buy themselves a title such as Viscount.

This is an alternative universe where this would be possible to become the top echelon of world wide societies, including Brazil and Portugal; France; Germany and Scandinavia; Russia; Romania; Spain; India; Japan, even in Syria they all had nobility ranks, alongside the middle east.

For Germany and Scandinavia the nobility are given the title as Uradels, whom did not necessarily obtain wealth from birth, and worked for their money or had several businesses.

Russia has a nobility title which refers to having power and money, as a Vladimir. It does not necessarily mean you would pass down your wealth to the next generation. Thus, in retrospect when the Russian revolution happened, Lenin was given the title Vladimir Lenin , but he would have been a viscount because of his wealth.

For India these people are known as Jaghirdar’s , although they collected the taxes and were powerful; (counted money and owned a lot of things,) they were able to network between the Raja’s and the common people.

For Japan, they are known as Kazoku 内輪同志 also, Kuge is known to have nobility. On the other hand, there is a sort of aspect during the Meiji restoration; to make emperors have the same linear with wealth being a hierarchy title, easily accessible following Europeans nobility and ranking system. This lasted until 1947.

In the Arab world these people are known as Sheikh and it doesn’t necessarily correlate to the same as India, where the hierarchy is based on wealth, but it is a more the chief of tribes title. It is known in history that certain Sheikhs obtained wealth and power, through many means. These would also, be called Viscounts.

In Spain the Viscounts are not Hidalgo, but they can be seen to having the same Viscount form. So between a Hidalgo and aristocracy, the opportunity to have a title given to you by the King; is still possible, as someone whom – earns his own money and is of higher nobility, than we mere mortals.

The rest of the story continues on with, what happens to the evacuated children; Christopher McKenzie aged 16; Anti Vaccination group, British Multicultural learning zones, Claire and Gillian; General Sturgeon, English Rebel Alliance, Sophie Xeno and Evita Manji, Kirsty McKenzie aged 12; Caroline, Olivia McKenzie’s friend and Sarah McKenzie.

Anti Vaccination Group

When faced with a dilemma and the world agenda, no one knew the Viscount would assign Oxford University together with his own company.

This was something which led to everyone including Claire and Gillian, feeling very uneasy. The tension in the air was rising as neighbours, were not discussing anything with one another in April.

Between Claire and Gillian, they definitely did not want to talk to their neighbours about such things, as they were worried; their neighbours would call social services and report them for not wanting to take the vaccine.

Although the Viscount, had a bit of a reputation for allegedly spying into people’s private companies and governments to financially benefit himself. Claire and Gillian really did not want to have any kind of conversation because they did not want to loose their children.

So, between Claire and Gillian, they did not use a mobile phone to have a conversation – they made sure they were using a land line. As the latest topic was about whether, or, not to shut the group down as it had been compromised. The message was as plane as day:

You had your children shipped off, do you not care? 

-May 2020 Dopplganger

It was bugging them both, as they really were both scared to join the army by force.
The dialogue between them went something like this:

“I don’t know Gillian“, sighed Claire McGee “I think this is all a little bit scary to be honest. We cannot trust technology because of the Viscount!

I do see where you are coming from with this Nano technology now and tracking!” said Gillian Campbell. “It through me a complete curve ball because I was looking up how Nano technology is available in Sweden and I thought the Swedish company had been brought by the Viscount. But it turns out he is linked to Astra Zeneca…… mmmm! I do not know Claire, are we sure we want to go here? I just want to make sure my kids are safe!

“I will not be going for the draft. I have to go with the kids to the Shetland islands because I am pregnant, I think. ” Claire replied.

So, have you been to the doctors to tell them you are pregnant?” concerned Gillian, had a tone of wobbly worry to her voice.

Funnily enough I have not been; couldn’t get a booking – it’s been a nightmare. Please do not tell Sarah, she’s just lost her husband and I do not want her to know until I am about 7 or 8 months along!

“Silly sausage! That’s only 2 or 3 months away! Are you not showing?”

No, I still fit into my normal clothes. It is like this virus, and the fact we are all being rationed with our foods has been tough. I cannot get any whole milk, like I did for the other two!”

Yeah, buying for your babies nutrition has been bad. But, I am afraid to tell Sarah about General Sturgeon’s marching orders as well. I think this whole thing is silly, she doesn’t have to fall out with the English!” Gillian sighed and tutted after saying this.

“Shhh!!! She maybe listening. Besides, we were talking about vaccinations not her silly demands.” replied Claire looking out her window.

“Okay, but ____ ” There was no way that Gillian could finish her sentence, she had a feeling this was not a good idea to continue.

“No just, do not because I do not want to get tense around my tummy, the baby kicks. “ Claire, interrupted still looking out at the neighbours opposite.

“I am not sure! I think my neighbours have gone. I am just looking out the window to check. I have not seen the woman next door for a while. She was out the other day….”

First of many London Bombings

The bombs just reminded people about the IRA Bishopsgate bombing, those whom could recall it said it to their neighbours and were trying to make plans. Memories of the Great Wars was were not spoken about very often because people had passed away due to either, the virus or, basic old age.

Survivors from the blast remember seeing a drone fly by them as they sat in traffic. On Twitter a passenger wrote:

– I have seen some drones in my time but never like this one. It looked like a plane that hovered by…..
– May 2020 Melanie Brooks

It was only a natural reaction to blame the IRA at first, because there was no other explanation, to see drones near an airport apart from aliens.

It was a huge explosion and it took the whole of Heathrow Airport out, including cars that were sat in traffic, on the M25. Unfortunately, the other civilian casualties included was a town called Stains upon Thames . The destruction meant the media had to research as fast as they could to report where these bombs were coming from.

They saw no link to the IRA and just kept the tweet message out on a broadcast loop; hoping to find out answers for – this display of military power. They did not want to blame the Russians because there was a virus sweeping around the planet.

The English, were afraid. Only minutes later, Gatwick suffered the same fate totally destroying Crawley with it.

This amount of devastation was seen by Americans on TV, as most recollected, 9/11.

It just took your breath away, as most around the world, worried about their loved ones whom were travelling.

Seconds later, and Stanstead airport was hit by a huge bomb. It was heard in London and the smoke clouds billowed up. It was Luton and all that stood was a crater.

Ambulances could not get to the scene.

It was as though both Crawley and Luton never existed.

Many planes in the sky whom were landing were engulfed in flames for a long time. Pilots, tried to avoid landing but it was chaos, as the fuel of many engines in the sky burst into flames from the blast impact.

Surviving passengers inside a plane on route to Heathrow and Gatwick, made an emergency landing at London city airport because of the explosions.

Meanwhile, chaos ensued in the streets of London as everyone was wondering how to get out. Panic was a sure thing as the plan to evacuate had commenced.

The Prime Minister was already dead and all the cabinet ministers from the virus. The only protocol was the army whom issued out a message of convoys, for all children in London to be escorted to Wales.

Brigadier Ashely John Baptise

Born of a white mother and a black father, as a former BBC correspondent- after the British Multicultural Learning Zones had commenced; Ashely John Baptise found himself defending his present life and future.

Ashely was frightened, he would become homeless again.

These British Multicultural Learning Zones restored his meaning on life, as he was able to inject a different perspective through his journalism of how life has been for many in the United Kingdom before, Brexit.

His reality was not a web of deceit.

Ashely John Baptise, was genuinely respected, even by Prince William for his courageous journalism. However, through making films for British multicultural leanings zones for the army, Ashely took it upon himself to rise up the ranks of the army.

Before the first battle at Gretna Green, he was already aspiring to be a major with several training pursuits and other films created to help recruit members.

In England, the English Women’s Rebel Alliance, preferred the army to be voluntary, where as, the Scottish made it a draft process for women. For Ashely, it seemed like a reasonable response; after the bombings, to volunteer to defend: other’s whom are now less fortunate than himself.

Ashely John Baptise, only needed to set foot on the battle field to become, the upper echelon’s of the English Army.

Holding the riffle in his hand and shooting, he felt nothing, but knew killing would give him a higher rank.

So, he did this, without hesitation.

One by one, the Scottish men and women fell to the floor. After that day in June 2020, he was a Brigader and a respectful member of society. Even higher than a major.

Reminiscing the last call he had with his wife, before joining the army:

I would do anything for you and the kids! You know this!” Ashely said to his wife.

“I just want you back in one piece and you know if you catch this virus, it is going to be a problem as well.” She said sobbing down the phone.

“You let me do the worrying, when, I am in the army and then I won’t forget to come back!”

He saw his rank and prestige as not just an obligation, but justification for such grave sites.

He did not want to live on the streets anymore and was grateful to have taken part in the first vaccination trials against the virus.

He was happy about having a wife and children, it gave him a purpose and reason for doing such daring things.

Claire McGee, 26.

Standing in the queue to pick up her uniform, not showing any signs of pregnancy. She yelled:

“I will take a pregnancy test and prove to you that I am pregnant, where do we go for that?!”

The Lieutenant, whom was in charge of her unit, could not discharge her until she had seen a doctor. However, there was no sign of the medic.

After going through intense training, on the first day. Claire McGee, burst into tears.

Eva Manji, Sophie Xeno’s girlfriend was stood holding Claire McGee’s hands after she fainted. The Lieutenant, just looked at her and said nothing.

I am too exhausted to go on. I need a doctor, I cannot feel my baby anymore.” Claire sounded dizzy and was swaying.

Why are you hear if you are pregnant?” Eva Manji, replied

Please do not leave me!” Eva grabbed hold of Claire’s hand, her grip was sweaty and cold. Eva was worried, as they returned back to barracks with no medic in sight.

An hour later they were on an army lorry, heading to Gretna Green.

Jumping out, Claire McGee was shot instantly and died.

Evita Manji ran for cover screaming trying to avoid the sprays of bullets.

Crying and unable to breath.

The signs for retreat came when people ran in the opposite direction and hid, but one by one they fell. Evita was scrambling, finding herself in full flight mode. She could not think, it was just instinctive to run.

She found herself hiding behind a shelter, with many unable to move. Worried that Sophie had met the same fate, she could not bear thinking about holding Claire McGee’s hand and how sudden it was, that both her and her baby were no longer in this world.

It was dark, and they all decided to carry on walking to the next town of Rigg, to wait for help. No one was able to get them for a while.

All Evita kept thinking about was, how much she wanted to marry Sophie and have children of their own.

‘What had become of the world?’ she thought

Sat in a tank driving back from Rigg near Gretna Green, she saw Sarah McKenzie and saw the blood on her face, which did not look like it was hers. It was, too surreal for Evita. Nothing, could stop her from throwing up on the way back.

Several other’s watched her vomit in her mask.

She almost drowned in it!

Viscount Bill Gates

He watched as his shares plummeted. Someone was hacking Microsoft and no one knew whom it was. There were allegations that all government systems were being cyberhacked, during 2019.

Viscount Gates had many unforeseen circumstances of being associated with population control.

In Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa, Namibia, Uganda and Zimbabwe, all accused the Viscount of giving birth control to suppress the population. There was no need for this further outburst from women and children as a fresh international investigation was commencing to find out, where missing babies were being transported.

There were further accusations of Viscount Gates being connected to a human trafficking ring, during May 2020.

After the death of Jeffrey Epstein in August 2019; investigators were still trying to link the connection of billionaires to the sex trafficker to Viscount Gates. Everyone was suspected there was a huge sexual trafficking ring linked to the billionaire Viscount.

Billionaire’s hedge funds, to make it look like they are spending their wealth on philanthropy- sounds like an Epstein marvel, does it not?

The World Health Organisations second biggest donation from America is from the Viscount. He likes to contribute, according to sources like ABC.

Where are all the Men?

The media in England knew this question was important, on the grounds of, General Nicola Sturgeon could not be stopped. The media did not cover the death of Claire McGee, until after they asked the question about all the men.

Everyone was still wearing Masks and trying to be hygienic, adhering to social distancing. Reading all the signs from The World Health Organisation. Updating themselves with their own governmental health departments.

It seemed as though, the media did not want to be accused of withholding information about the virus and if it was a bioweapon.

Although they reported that the World Health Organisations, biggest donation came from the Viscount.

Was this about the men?

All the broadcasting corporations in England were sent a message from English Women’s Rebel Alliance about censoring information, as they are at war with Scotland due to the bombings.

The strategy for the media was to ask:

Where are all the men in Scotland?

The English Army, wanted to apply another way to prevent women from joining due to Nicola Sturgeon’s draft, during April 2020.

They investigated the articles and TV clips rather well to hold the narrative: “there was something wrong with the men”.

Through this recently development, the media found there has been a 50% rise in death rates amongst men, even before the pandemic.

The media admitted that male suicide rates are higher than women’s! They finally began to acknowledge men, but it took death to do so.

Many women in Scotland, were not able to work in the hospitals in Glasgow and Edinburgh because they had all been drafted to work in the army. The hospitals in Scotland had less healthcare workers, so many men over 25 had died.

It was strange to follow this up and for one of the anchor people, on live television; they stumbled on the figure as there was a little astonishment.
The radio interview played out was like this:

“This means, the total population of Scottish males, due to the pandemic has decreased by a further six err … no excuse me, make that sixty percent, leaving the population of Scottish males down to just 1 million. This is simply astonishing, what do you make of this Derek?” Anchor man BBC News…

Most of the men are in hospital as the death toll rises. I am surprised they even turned up to battle at Gretna Green. As I am standing near, Rockcliffe by Carlisle. I am astonished, just looking at the Scottish Army closing the borders the way they have. I am stood expecting them to fire right at us but they do not seem to want to even cross into England. They were not winning today. For certain, it does look like whatever defuse they had is not strong enough for us. “ BBC Correspondent, at Rockcliffe, near the border of Scotland.

It seemed as though the BBC England and Wales, painted a version of success, believing in the anecdote the army forced them to paint.

The BBC headquaters in London had been bombed in May 2020 bombings.

Shell shocked London had the virus spread faster than ever after the battle of Gretna Green.

Most of the men were dying of the virus, whom lived near London.

Thames water was unable to mend the burst pipes, which led to more deaths in hospital from the virus.

The English Women’s Rebel Alliance avoided being interviewed by the press. They were not feminists, and did not agree with General Nicola Sturgeon. They just did not know they would be loosing their husbands and son’s over 25 to a deadly virus. They tried to save everyone. But General Sturgeon wanted to strike whilst the iron was hot.

Manchester Impacted by tragedy

The impact of the airport drone strike on Manchester Airport in May 2020, and the blast took Wythenshawe Hospital.
As everyone in Manchester thought the Scottish would not dare attack them. They were sorely mistaken, more casualties died in the area around Manchester than seen in a century.

The blast impact was heard at across the south of Manchester and all the windows to houses in the nearest town of Wilmslow shattered from the after shock. Many were injured and saw planes falling from the sky. Meanwhile on Facebook the comment on Sky News from a witness was:

It was like seeing the end days!

– May 2020 Shirley Winterton

This was the worst thing that had happened to them since the Arena attack, but even then people did not want to believe it was General Nicola Sturgeon.

General Nicola Sturgeon

Facing defeat at Gretna Green, the Scottish army units tried to warn General Sturgeon; it was too soon for the women to be drafted on the frontline. They had lost so many, and wanted to build a wall as fast as they could: to protect themselves from further invasion from the English.

The General had a plan, to make sure that all the cities in England were unable to restore themselves. She wanted to demobilize the English.

“My plan is to attack, Newcastle by land and sea to ensure that we disband any type of rebel alliances that come to attack us from cities. We will use all our troops for the final push against the English in Newcastle. “

-September 2020 Barracks Troops speech, General Sturgeon.

All the Majors, whom did not agree with General Sturgeon, said nothing against it. They just went along with it all.

Tactical pursuit

English Rebel Alliance member Katie Hopkins, reminded the army there is a connection to all these attacks, and that General Sturgeon seemed to be connected to them. After the attack on Gretna Green, Hopkins said:

“It maybe possible, we could see a combat attack of land and sea against Newcastle-Upon-Tyne so, lets get as many people evacuated as soon as we can—-”

The army field marshal agreed, and gave out the orders that the breach to the Scottish border would be through bombings, to demotivate General Sturgeon from attacking Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The air strikes on Glasgow and Edinburgh commenced in August 2020. The casualties were huge, but was it enough to send a message to General Sturgeon to call off the attack on Newcastle Upon Tyne?

Although, the last recollection of such a battle, was Henry VIII during the Rough Wooing in 1544, where Edinburgh was burned down. This decision to prevent General Sturgeon was crucial.

Katie Hopkins did not think General Sturgeon would back down. Following her decision, she spoke to Ashely John Baptiste about trying to send troops into the drop sites through planes to ensure, there was no one left. He agreed to a paradrops check, but also said that Inverness and Aberdeen needed to be attacked with air strikes to put the fear into the people, not to follow General Sturgeon.

The sperm clinic between Glasgow and Edinburgh was no longer there.

Sophie’s sperm before transition was no longer available.

Although, this was not common knowledge in the barracks, by August, the drafted soldiers, had already felt revenge was on the cards.

Sophie new not about her future even after her trial being postponed in December 2019. There are many whom seem like they have not much of a future.

A whole new world\pretend world

Sophie was trying to find Evita, she was running up and down the barracks, finally she came to the infirmary.

Holding Evita’s hand, and then giving her a huge hug. Sophie saw, the fear in Evita. She felt her hands trembling.

Looking around, Evita sat up and said:

“It’s fine! I am not the one you need to really worry about now. Most of these women are injured.”

I needed to see you. I cannot do this without you,” Sophie said. “It was so scary.”

Clutching onto Evita’s chest. Evita looked into her eyes, with tears forming:

I need to tell you what happened to Claire, a woman whom was pregnant here in the barracks.

After hearing the story, Sophie Xeno felt sick, as though we were living in a pretend world. A world which was cold and horrid.

“This was absurd putting women on the front line! Especially not checking to see if they are pregnant.”

“Yes and we have been trying to start a family as well,” said Evita. “That poor woman and her kids.”

They sat together. Not knowing how long that moment would last, the warm embrace felt real and heavy. Just what they both wanted, to be close.

Christopher Mckenzie, aged 17

Spending his 17th Birthday looking for his mom after the battle at Gretna Green, Christopher was stood at the barracks. Suddenly he saw Caroline walking into the infirmary. He walked over to her.

“Hello, Caroline! Are you okay?” He saw the bruises on her face.

“Not really,”she replied; “I was with Magnus in the barracks when suddenly, I got assaulted and raped by a bunch of men. Magnus is dead. I am lucky to be alive. “

“I really do not know what to say Caroline….. I…. know…. I know…” he hesitated; “we are just friends, but I really care about you and I think you should change your unit and be with me. “

“You what?! I cannot do that,” Caroline replied.

“Why not? “Christopher felt rejected by her again and did not really understand the rape part, fully. He just knew Caroline was not safe.

“You will die too!” She said.

You let me worry about that Caroline!” He said bravely, holding her by her shoulders; ” I have two sisters remember!”

Little did Christopher know, that he had lost Olivia, Caroline’s best friend and his sister.

Caroline felt safe with Christopher holding her shoulders.

He even kissed her forehead and drew her near. She wept into his shoulder.

He could feel her intense bear hug, something that he needed from Olivia. He began to miss his sister, but, knew not her fate.

Sarah McKenzie was searching for her son and daughter. She saw, Christopher and Caroline hugging one another outside the infirmary, and thought the worst. Olivia was dead.

She ran towards Christopher and asked:

Where is Olive Branch?

“I do not know Mom”, he replied; “I thought she was with you?”

Is she with you Caroline?

“No, I do not know where she is I am sorry. I need to go in for my appointment. ” Caroline replied back, looking at the floor.

Brushing past Sarah with tears in her eyes, there was a pain in her side, and Caroline held on to herself. Walking into the infirmary quickly.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sarah asked her son.

“Mom she was raped and Magnus is dead!”

Sarah could only think of giving her son a hug. She whispered in his ear:

“We must find Olivia!”

Sarah had forgotten her son’s birthday because of the amount of blood and gore she had seen. She felt just worried, about him and where the rest of her children were.

She was all, they had now.

Even looking at Christopher gave her a lump in her throat as she knew, he missed his dad.

Is it Kidnapping?

Still writhing in anger over her mom having chosen evacuation over her and not Oliva being there with her, as well.

Kirsty was folding her clothes on the Shetland Island farm and found a hole in her jumper.

There’s not enough clothes!’ she thought.

Three months into her ordeal of working in the Shetland Islands. The farms were all neat and houses were clean and tidy. Many of her new friends complained about slavery, and they were tired of working in the fields instead of playing in them.

Her friends Milly and Jake, both spoke to each other about how they missed their: mobile phone’s, family members, PlayStations and X-box. However, in August the conversation between them all was like this, as they were huddled together in a barn hiding from the farmer:

“It’s been roughly 3 months; gruelling months, of working and – I – or – We – don’t even remember what it’s like to play and have fun anymore, ” Jake Brown, aged 11.

“Do you think that we will receive a letter from our parents sometime soon? ” Milly Cavendish, aged 12 replied.

I for one am, pretty much bored of porridge, and bored of making it. I mean, if I eat another bowl of porridge and get paid for all the other bowls of porridge; we’ve ate– it would be enough for us to buy a plane out of here.” Kirsty responded to both.

“We need to find a radio, or, a PC to contact our parents. There must be someway to find out what’s happened?” Milly continued, “Goodness are any of you listening? Something doesn’t seem right here!”

“Steady on Milly!” Jake Brown interrupted, “I am depressed and cannot put up with this anymore. We’ve kept this straight face at dinner. Not even talking, smiling, laughing and telling jokes. If we make a plan, then, we can’t sneak together to find out information. Not all of us can go, just in case the whole village is in on it.” Whispered Jake.

“In on what? What channel are you on? Have you heard something we haven’t?” Milly had too many questions and was hasty with them.

“Du-ugh Milly, this is why we are here hiding from the farmer and whispering in a barn!” Kirsty said rolling her eyes. “You think we want to be here, really, don’t you?

Jake proceeded to say that he overheard the farmer talking on his mobile phone whilst he was outside hiding in the same barn.

“I heard him say, how long?…. How much money? Some how I do not think he is talking about the stuff we’ve done ‘cos, he would’ve just come out and said it to us at dinner!

“I did check his phone to see if he had fingerprint recognition and he did.” said Milly a little bit anxious inturrupting the plan.

“Shh Milly! Let us think”, said Kirsty.

“He said something about December and how it would be easy for Christmas.” Jake said “I will go and see if we can find a radio around and then we meet back at the barn when he is asleep.”

Jake Brown was always curious in nature.

He discovered he was great at climbing, and loved nature because of the trip to the Shetlands.

Looking back, at the time he spent being with his whole family in Glasgow; trying to avoid the gangs of druggie’s by locking himself in his room. Now, he saw this new found exploration of activity as an exciting challenge, finding himself using different techniques.

Smelling the air, for scents of dogs. Dodging others was something he had mastered in Glasgow.

This was even more exhilarating than being in a block of flats trying to avoid the crowds, in the corridors and near the lift.

The recon mission was successful, he found an old radio in the neighbours cottage. He even found some batteries and stuffed them in his pocket.

Bolting back to the barn, he met the girls.

They all scrambled in the hay, whilst it was dark, then turned the radio on.

The blue light came on and they all covered it quickly with their hands and tried to turn the volume down. It was a DAB radio, with many stations on it.

It was then, they discovered the impact of the war between England and Scotland. How many casualties from the bombs, the Gretna Green battle, and the outcome for many.

They always tried to sneak out to the barn, as often as it was possible.
Signalling to one another, when the coast was clear to run to the barn.
They did this for months.

They became cunning as foxes; trying to plan when the farmer would use his mobile phone- so, they could listen to his conversation. The farmer, did his best to keep everything obscure, he didn’t want anyone to disclose his knowledge about something.

Around November, whilst listening to the radio at 2 am, the girls found out that the Viscount had
about 20 private jets to supposedly to recover the children from the Shetland Islands.

They listened intently to find out what their fate was;

Apparently, these lovely children are going to be rehoused, in warmer climates because there was a food shortage on the Shetland Islands. ” The BBC anchor woman, said, “Sounds delightful, as some of them probably do not even know if their parents are alive. The poor things are orphans! Let’s hope that this is the retreat, they need from the Viscount and his other group of billionaires'”

The children looked at each other and gasped. They were speechless. All Kirsty wanted was to see her mom, because she did not want to travel further away. Her mom knew exactly where she was. She knew exactly what to do.

Kirsty was not sure if they needed her mom’s permission to take her away from the Shetland Islands.

Newcastle Attack

Land sea and air, this attack was the biggest attack Scotland had done to England since 1746 where the Scottish made it to Derby, in the middle of England.

This was the plan, to prevent England from bombing Scotland again.

However, General Sturgeon had brought more weapons of mass destruction from Biden during the beginning of January 2021 and planned to strike England back after they air struck all major cities in Scotland.

There were many complications on the Scottish border because of the virus. Many soldiers were unable to get a vaccine and were now sick with the virus. The death toll was exponential.

General Sturgeon prepared herself to make the air strike on Liverpool as well as Birmingham.
She wanted to leave the English weak so they would submit to her terms.

When Liverpool was bombed, during the middle of January many could not believe, the devastation to the docks.

It was as though, General Sturgeon never cared about the state of the whole country. Everything was decimated, a pile of rubble.

Did it seem as though it was easy to build this all back, Seventy years ago?

The sanitation and the lack of water in England, meant it was becoming difficult to wash your hands and control the virus.

Many people, could not find enough food to survive and died.

The remaining few in England, opted to join the army one last time in December.

There was a little confusion by January because, England had bombed most of the cities. No one knew why they had to attack Newcastle. They just knew it was not possible to continue going like this.


Many just wanted to find out if their children where okay. Sarah McKenzie had not heard or seen Olivia for seven months. She just had no hope, but, found her and Christopher were together in the same unit with Sophie, Caroline and Evita.

Driving past Gateshead and seeing the iron angel of the North; for some it would be the last time. Heads were all looking down; most were starring at the wall in the army tank and lorry.

There was no battle banter, as many of them just wanted to hear the engine instead of laughter. Starring at the floor trying to muster up the courage to continue. They were all holding their rifles.

They all hopped out of the truck, Evita ducked and rolled to cover.

It was scary knowing, she had to do the same all over again, this time without Claire. Sophie followed Evita behind some houses.

They all ran and hid for cover.

Christopher, felt like he had to run like the character in the film 1917. He did not look back.

His mom saw him running and followed, only to be shot at right in the head. It was sudden and Christopher did not look back. He just kept running.

Sophie Xeno and Evita were holding hands covering a point when – suddenly there was an explosion; the dust made them both cower into the building.

The building was hit by a tank.

They both, met their fate under the collapsing building. They were both driven over by a 2 tonne tank.

Caroline was running side by side with Christopher. They both were shot by a snipper, whom saw them in broad daylight. Both shot in the head.

The marksman, had steal position accuracy, he did not quiver at shooting the teenagers. He just felt he had a duty to serve and protect his family.

Gillian Campbell, aged 36

Hunting in the Highlands, found her children. She was in her uniform, armed with a gun.
With two other parents, Thomas and Janet.

Although, Thomas was only 22 he had a 4 year old daughter.

Janet and Thomas were not a couple. Janet was a law student from University of St. Andrews; she was 24, and was grateful Thomas had protected her this far.

He planned with Gillian and Janet to escape from Gretna Green, they were in the same unit together.

Thomas had only been in the army for 3 years himself. The mother of his child was forced to be in the army.

Thomas’s values and principles lay on what could be deemed as chivalry; in his mind, it was wrong to force mothers to fight. The mother of his child, whom he did not even get on with, made it hard for him to see his daughter. Now he wanted the chance to find her and protect his only child.

It took them months, of foraging and hunting together, to find their children in a cottage, in the highlands.

When they got there, they were dismayed because the owner said they had already gone. But, sent them on their way after giving them food and shelter in the cold month of December.

When Gillian found out whom had taken her children, she was livid;

‘I knew there was a reason for not liking that Viscount!’
she thought.

Gillians principles and values lay as a mother; she wanted to protect her children. Thomas, Janet and Gillian all made a plan of action to go rescue their children.



    • Thank you and I will try to conclude in part 3 where the ties lie between values and principles, in nature. As, I know part 2 explains this but, I am looking forward to concluding the piece with some very contemporary topics which are being ignored.

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