chat The weirdo-mystery files: What happened to Brittany Murphy?

I just thought I may help my readers watch weirdo mysteries, as we are about to go through yet another lockdown. I will try to do a lot of these weirdo-mystery files sections to make a light-hearted feel to what is turning out to be a very dull outlook towards the end of 2021!

*****Face the facts! If they have not gotten rid of Lockdowns and are telling everyone its still at phase 1 and not phase 4… Corona is coming to ruin your winter******

Please feel free to take part in My Lockdown film Challenge:

How many Brittany Murphy films can you see in a day?

Britneys’ film list is linked to the page. please click on the highlighted names and it will take you to IMBD.

The weirdo mystery files is to find out how many films you remember from Brittany Murphy and how much you know about her. For those of you whom are unaware, Brittany Murphy died in her sleep. This in of itself is a very mysterious thing to happen to such a young person.

So let’s see if you can see her personality in the films. Let us celebrate life and all the wonderful bubbly characters out there whom are feeling down in the dumps due to lockdown. Let them join in with the movie night. This can be through a film share experience or just go around to their house and invite yourself in.

If you and your friends manage to see more than 5 Brittany films in one weekend.

You have to wait until the next challenge.

This will be a man! A very famous man! Please guess whom that man is, in the comments below!

Here is a wonderfully colourful video about her career:

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