chat Weird and Wonderful; hopping back into the Clueless 1995 time machine!

Please watch Clueless and go back in time with me!
"OH No! He didn't", screaming in the corridor; 
Did we have so much gossip before? 
I never heard of a cell phone, 
So I wouldn't throw it a bone. 
"Whatever!" Yes, used as a catchphrase, 
I am sure you remember those days;
If not, they're on TV, 
now the golden age celebrity. 
Friends said, "they'll be there for you";  
It looks like you didn't have a clue. 
All gangsters paradise, rapping at you, 
But, then there was "think twice"... 
Take That split; we rolled with it and the dice. 
Bond had a Golden eye, and there were usual suspects. 
But, Batman was supposedly Forever; 
As we walked into the VHS store, to fill out credit cheques, 
There was no such thing as an SMS text! 
"I was just totally clueless!" As we all tried to be fashionable, 
So young and free we were, thinking that we knew it all; 
Along came the Outbreak, but we were still gullible, 
We were so free, and careless - face it, we had a ball! 
We cannot tell our children, about the special times; 
but, we know they will be hard to find.
Our lives in 5 years, will be another grind!
Just another one of those rhymes!


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