chat Found a critic on my post about “winter blues”. My reaction and their video, on “emotional laziness!”

I wrote a piece a year ago about it being a choice to not be around people, in my reflection; Winter Blues, sometimes, is cured with a hug!But it’s not that simple….m Weird and Wonderful (Jan 2020).

Did I notice I was emotionally lazy? Lets find out shall we?….

As this is always a good way to respond to critics, and show a healthy balance for society, I only thought it would be best to challenge what I said after seeing the author BJØRN ANDREAS BULL-HANSEN. Please, click on his name that leads to his wonderful books and his blogs. I find this so, amazing!

I love the fact that I see my faults as a person, as I state;

I went introvert because everyone around me, doesn’t want to talk about other thing’s.  It depresses me . Sometimes, I need a hug to stop me thinking about those negative things.”

Weird and wonderful 2020

How I am addressing that I need these human things. After this Covid pandemic I think people will change their minds about being on their own. I really, have a genuine sense, we need each other. We will be magnetised to be together.

I miss my Viking community where they taught me love and warmth. My fascination, for the monarchy and bloodline in the UK led me down this path of love. Maybe it is an obsession. I am from a mixed background, both British and Jamaican heritage, Scottish if I am doing a bloodline. Thus, it was inevitable that I was attracted to everything, to do with farming and how things are made. Plus, the other side is Taino Indian, or widely known as Arawak. I mean, everything just is so cool to me in terms of boats, travel, and conquering.

I had to choose modern day pictures of Taino people and Einar, the lead singer of Wardura but the music fascinates me and his voice and range is amazing.

I love the Sami culture as well. It is so, amazing to see indigenous people, all around. I digress!

Although, I know, it’s not all I need. I crave other thing’s . The older we get, the more comfortable we want things around us. It’s understandable.

Weird and Wonderful (2020)

Absolutely, in denial last year about how much I missed people, and I missed being able to see happiness. It was challenged by Bjørn and I respect him for calling me out on this.

Just being able to see myself as Emotionally lazy, means, I am no longer interdependent; in terms of my thoughts and society. How, I interact and adjust so, I enjoy the things around me. I am now participating in forced alienation. I feel so, differently! How wrong was I about human nature. But, how deep I became with denial all the way through 2020.

Many need to show love for one another right now and say:

DON’T BE SILLY WE NEED PEOPLE. Make an effort!!!

So, my emotional intelligence was too guarded. Now, Bjørn is right. I need people. I have gotten to the point where, I have not had a good hug in a while. My bones feel a little more exposed to the cold. I will let you in if you come in peace.

Here is Bjørn’s wonderful motivational speech to help us maintain love in 2021. For all those whom are alone. Remember them, reach out.

Nice food for thought, and thank you for being there to help us on a journey.

We need not to be selfish, but think of those whom have not a lot of love around them. They shut the world out, and now, it is necessary for them to try and entertain the idea of coming back.

Did I do this appropriately? Leave a comment, please. I like to embrace different ideas and thoughts.


      • 99% are my own pictures unless otherwise stated and I am so glad I can share my his hobby of mine with you. For 2021 I have set a goal to see beauty and magic daily which are often things people take for granted in today’s busy lifestyle. Forests are among those things and I share your passion. Glad you enjoyed the pics. ☺️

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