chat Weird and Wonderful; A time machine poem, hopping back to Independent Day 1996.

Will Smith playing his character Captain Steven Hiller, with a cigar in his mouth. If you have not seen the film, it is funny.
"Let's kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!" 
Spirited and hopeful, charged and ready, 
FM tune the radio to fit; 
It would hiss and spit:
"She said I think I remember the film
And as I recall I think, we both kind of liked it" 
So it was breakfast at Tiffany's, as we were going steady!
"If you wannabe my lover!" got you a French kiss, 
There was even a magazine called Bliss; 
Sugar, More, Just Seventeen, Big, Shout, Sassy, Mizz.
Babylon Zoo reminded you there are Spacemen, 
So many liked to have a hide out, or a den! 
It helped Bjork remind us it was, "oh so quiet! And so peaceful until," 
-Everyone was out socialising: nothing was still! 
This could be our last night on Earth. You don't want to die a virgin, do you?”
Radio blurring "killing me softly", poor Romeo and Juliet, 
Baddiel & Skinner did a "Three lions" duet, 
Bubble gum, exclamation, The English Patient, would do!
Trainspotting was on VHS, 
It turns out, it was the best,
Blur said it was "universal", Everything but the girl and "I miss you". 
We all looked out for the cow in Twister, 
It's okay, if you didn't find it mister. 
Care free, the way it's meant to be, 
Is there something wrong with the radio? 
Fuzzy to make it all out though, 
"Born Slippy" and "I wanna be A Hippie!"
Dancing until our feet would blister.  
Will Smith as Maverick, had me confused, 
Mission Impossible; I don't want to lose.  
It was an Endless Scream too; 
Many hid behind the mask, 
To carry out such a fatal task! 
Loud and clear, A different beat, Boyzone:
"So let me take your hand, We are but grains of sand"
"I ain't heard no fat lady!" It was plain as day! 
Salem the cat spoke, it was not a joke
As Babybird would tell you're gorgeous, 
Moesha, Judge Judy, the Daily show, look at us now; 
We all ways end up in a row. 
You were a Mysterious girl,  a Wonderwall 
Everybody loves Raymond, look now standing tall!


  1. I love Will Smith in all of his movies, including Independence Day, and I even was drawn to him when he was on Fresh Prince and rapping. That says a lot since I’m not a fan of rap music. His, though, was easy to understand and always felt light-hearted.

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