chat Where did the insurrection begin? Shocking it was not one man.

This is a reflection piece, albeit many would contest. We are all equal in the eyes of the law. We are all equal to discuss things. Not being able to discuss and evaluate how to respect one another will hinder the process of progress.

As I make my way into life, I have not been to this college. However, I have attended university. I know what it is like to feel alone. To want to attach yourselves to people. At first, you mix with everyone, try to be inclusive. You try your absolute hardest to not create division. There are different clubs to join, sports, chess and also other social communities.

But those with the most insecurities begin to see things only on face value. When challenged, they attack in an unprecedented way. This in turn, led to all of the chaos, you see in America and around the world, as this college went viral.

The first act of insurgence! The rebuttal can be seen on the video.

This was in 2017 and many of us, would have graduated, but, we do not want to participate in this latest trend to segregate people: cause division and to, in turn – cause hate; thus, led to the mass riots in 2020 – perhaps onwards.

When people only see a person skin deep. They do not understand, the implications that there have been people whom shed blood for equality. People whom have died, to make you be able to be free to do what you want to do. When you do not understand this, it gives power to the people whom will take your freedoms away.

Perhaps this was the goal, because, of the short-sighted nature of individuals during 2017. Perhaps we all were thinking that we could be respected and treated equally if we attend some classes on equality and such. Not understanding the law. Not even, challenging things legally.

But the college itself, never was able to help shrug the reputation. So, it began to turn into a hate filled, superficial reflection of things to come in society. Even as students around the world witnessed the chaos that was seen, they did not know how to defend themselves. They felt helpless as the administrations, all joined in mass trivial legislation around the world. Allowing people with a different hue to their skin, not be deemed racist.

As the standards slipped in education, because of the focus on such hollow frames. Education wanted to teach even younger people that this is acceptable and take it to the workplace; where we teach people to hate someone for the colour of their skin. It is okay to be separatist.

The internet fought back in 2019 with, “its okay to be white”, to highlight how flat we have become. But during the pandemic, and the fact the democrats have won, only the elites will have power over their puppets whom are shallow. The rest of us will not have a leg to stand on, unless we say no.

Do I agree with this insurgence?


Do I want people to treat others with respect?


Do I think this has gone too far and reversed racism?


Do I want people to understand this is causing families with a different background to fall out with each other?


People with different skin colours, are they able to have conservative values?


Time to not hide in the shadows if you had the same answers as me.


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