chat Paranoid in the Pandemic, which way will you turn?

Reflection for 2021! Bearing in mind, my spelling is British standard, so if you do recognise this and are not agitated by my style of writing then, we will get along just fine.

What the foxtrot is Paranoia?

Paranoia is a word always used in very incorrect terms to describe someone’s mental state. But, what does it really mean? Have we been blind all this time?

Something strange is happening around the world, and perhaps we are all too comfortable; to at one to sit and think about things in a rational way.

I do this by writing a reflection piece to help people overcome some things they need, to before it is too surreal to back out.

Before, you have another problem and you cannot find a valid solution.

Granted, I used the name Trump because it evokes negative thoughts in some people and in others they know they need to reflect and try to stimulate a sense of rationality and a good ground perspective of what just happened.

an extreme and unreasonable feeling that other people do not like you or are going to harm or criticize you:

Cambridge dictionary definition one.

strong tendency to feel that you cannot trust other people or that other people have a bad opinion of you, or medical a mental illness that causes extreme feelings that others are trying to harm you

Grasp hold of some rationality, about history and ask some questions, and find some answers to them:

Are you comfortable with being able to tell a young child they cannot do things?

Are you a sadist?

Do you like to tell everyone what to do?

Do you always panic in a crisis?

Are you dependent on others?

Do you need to begin to use your paranoia for the force of good?

Are people around you whom have been comfortable, politically, trying to reassure you they want freedom?

Are you comfortable with accepting other people need to decide things for themselves?

We did not do this 70 years ago. But now we have the chance to help people be free.

Please, let that be your catalyst to finding some rationality out of what we are about to approach, full collision course to an outcome of inhumanity.

weird and wonderful 2021

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