chat “The more Wisdom you attain and the more conscious you become, the crazier you will appear to others.”


Life is one cataclysmic ball of weirdness at the moment. I have met so many wise people whom have been treated like dirt because they are so conscientious. I feel as though being weird and wonderful myself – I only have to admit I am weird –  all of a sudden, people are not on my wavelength. It breaks my heart a little. It is a kind of fascist way of looking at life, to judge and then find no reason for your judgement apart from hatred. Goodness, if I went around hating people all the time I would never get anything done.

What made you realise you had wisdom?

Last year, I had a sixth sense Britain was going to fall apart at the seams. I did feel ultra sceptical of my own abilities; whether or not,  I could survive in another country without all my home comforts; however, the test has actually proved to be a wise choice. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tested myself. I could hear a lot of people throw their own fears in my direction, even though, I had to handle my own. I knew I had to make a priority list and think positively.

How do you feel that people should approach arguments on social networking sites?

I mean, yes…. there is an ultra right wing agenda mixed with really left wing attitudes. People really need to think about what they want rather than reading everything on these social networking sites and taking what someone has said as gospel.

  1. They must have evidence to back up what they say.
  2. They must also provide a polite response which informs you with links and all of the other sources to help you see another point of view.
  3. You must also provide evidence to back up your information, please, stop using Wikipedia. It is not a concrete source of evidence. If someone has been to university they know this is an invalid evidence site.
  4. Do try to ask more questions and stick to the relevant topic.
  5. If these people become personal, just press the block button or report an abuse because there are boundaries.


At the moment, we are seeing politicians behave like they have no personal boundaries – so, they are able to behave in an immature manner – it maybe because they have more money than sense; or, they want to perform so much,  because comedy sells votes – the more outlandish the remarks the more newspapers they sell. This means they are not fantastic role models. We have to respect the boundaries we are given because, it is not crazy, it is about intrusive behaviour.

Why is it intrusive to be called names on social networking sites? 

You are holding on to a phone, suddenly, a message from someone you do not know pops up; it is about your profile picture or it is about your job or some kind of threat.

Bearing in mind a phone is a daily function and something personal to you. If you see negative things on there then it is going to make you feel negative, disheartened and perhaps angry. So, therefore it is intrusive, because, there is a personal connection to a phone.

Where as in public spaces, or in a classroom setting; although your mind can walk away, so can your body, you can form more closure on to a situation; face to face without personal pursuits, unless there is drink or drugs involved. Then it becomes an onslaught of the same recurring childish behaviour.

Are people entitled to have their ideologies as well? 

Yes, I mean we all see in technicolor – I do not doubt, people are able to be ignorant, however, it could be argued that education helps us, to have a more rounded opinion; thus, giving us the ability to make informed choices in life.

Why are people so hell bent on calling people crazy, if those they call crazy,  are more inclined to help people these days?  

The right wing approach is, to only let the rich have things. I suppose, wise people are able to see it is possible, for a distribution of wealth, even, through taxes. Quite a lot of governments around the world exploit the taxes and welfare system; then following the theft they, like to blame vulnerable people in society.

It breaks my heart when people, begin to believe the lies of a politician – then become so deluded – they support the politicians who are in fact, hurting, or, harming vulnerable people. It is unjust and inhumane. Therefore, when people are complaining about the in humane way the government have behaved, those whom are deluded hate to hear the truth and become politicians themselves; thus their behaviour changes and then they call people crazy.

Do you think life was better without social networking?

I do not know. On one hand it was okay seeing the Arabian spring rebellion, show the influence of social networking. Now, I think it is really dangerous because people are able to influence young people into doing things they should not.

Even though a young person is not always to blame – I think the uneducated, are more likely to follow a crowd – than to have the courage to stand alone and against the flow of life. It really is difficult to say! I cannot say it has been too much of a hindrance in the past, but now, it is not beneficial. I mean, organised crime and believing in neo -nazi, or, group like mentality is really more dominant, now. So those whom are not bothered by these categorisations feel like they are more vulnerable to abuse.

I suppose, life was better because we had formed social boundaries and etiquette face to face.   Also, other countries are encroaching on other cultures, a lot more now, with social networking. So globalisation is definitely more predominate and so is capitalism.  I do not think this will last very long because other countries will become socialist because of the intrusiveness to cultural identity – so therefore, globalisation has created intolerance even in the northern hemisphere.

As we all know not every country has the same laws and not all the people have the same rights. So I think, social networking does not have international rules it abides to. I feel it would be nicer if we had that protection – it would be nice if we had clearer guidelines. Especially seeing people clinging on to their identities.

How weird do you think it would be to go back to where you were born?

Really weird. I was trying to imagine it the other day and I think to be honest, this is my home now. I am comfortable and I am willing to go through a heck of a lot just to prove I am worthy. It is making me not have the desire to go back because I have found a reason to live.

It is a bit strange when you want to live in a different country and then you admit that you do not want to have anything to do with the country you were born and raised in. However, I am in total awe of this place and I am proud to be here. I know, it shocked me at first because it felt like even my own mother said I was weird. She does not want to admit my progression. She even said I was crazy….. So, I know she has no place for me to go to. I know I have no home. I am homeless. So, yes……it would be too strange for me to go back. My mind is settled and I feel at peace. Learning a new language has been exciting though. I loved the challenge. I feel reborn to be honest. Reborn and I think it would be weird to go back.


Thank you for reading xxxx Good luck in whatever you do xxx Keep being weird and wonderful.



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