aside “Always help someone. You might be the only one that does.”



Thanking a lot of people without mentioning names here. You know whom you are. I can just say thank you and move on to what needs to be done. I try not to be dependent on people all the time, it can be a strain on friendships. If family have let you down, whom else have you got? If the government refuses to help people, whom have you got?


It is nice to be independent, to stand up and be able to pay yourself through life. It has become even more difficult these days to even have a fulltime job, or, a permanent job where people rely on you and your efforts. Sometimes, we need people to help us on our way. We also need to love someone. It is the way that it is…. we cannot fight what is naturally human.


I just do not understand those who would make it harder for people. I do not understand why people hate so much they fear helping people.  I certainly do not understand why people have to struggle at times and then become so defeated, they turn to really negative things. With help these people probably will not hate and they probably would not commit crime, or, be on drugs. This is why people pay taxes is for  a good rehabilitating system and a good community spirit to investing in schools, regeneration of shops or even health facilities which create more and more jobs. The more money people spend in a country, the more growth it leads to the economy.

Imagine the feeling as well! Helping someone…… it must feel so good inside?

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