chat Weird Experiment with water, proving; “You won’t have time to hate people who hate you…”



Is it not weird and wonderful how the world of emotions and also feelings actually works? I mean, how much do we think hate affects our bodies or even our water or environment. So in this blog I am going to show images of a different nature, pun intended. These images will show how our bodies are possibly reacting towards hate.

Have to you heard about the water experiment?  Emoto’s Water Experiment: The Power of Thoughts.




In the 90’s there was Dr Emoto , whom observed the crystallises structures in water. He discovered how they reacted by viewing the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environment; then he took a photo of his microscopic water molecules, after a few days or months of interaction.

So here are some of the pictures of the water molecules in the environment:





Most importantly, what does the water look like when it is polluted and what does it look like when it is pure.



How weird is this?  I mean, the human body is made up of water. I think it is very realistic to discuss how much water we are made up of and scientifically if we are affected by such things. I feel as though many of us neglect this factor so I have left a little picture up to show the percentage of water is in our bodies in a lifetime.


Of course, Dr Emoto tested out the negative words like “I will kill you,” …. “you are nothing,” …..”You are not good enough….” …..”you cannot do this without oxygen!”…..”Die!”

Now let us think about what that may do the crystals in the water…..

Are they going to have the same magnificent formation, the other lovely pictures of nice streams have?


Are they going to look a little misshaped perhaps?

How long have these molecules been expressed to negative words?


And so we are left with this weird expression on our faces of the little person instead of a crystal that it has created. I can see that the reaction is a negative one but I am seeing a person in that image. So, water is like a person and so therefore;

Why is it so amazingly common to see people calling others derogatory names? ‘B**ch, Fat, and all the stereotypes of your ethnicity and religion.



Why has it become a trend,  for people to talk negatively about someone?



Why is it so common to create hate?


Why is it becoming easier for people to bully people on social media?

Also, is it not weird how people are okay with others drinking dirty polluted water to keep the hate flowing?


Of course, I found a picture of Adolf Hitlers speeches being given to distilled water and also Mother Theresa, so you could compare the two:



Is this just not weird how the water subjected to hearing Adolf Hitlers hate speeches look similar to those whom will want to die?

Let the cynicism out if you wish but I would rather my body look like crystals!!

Then, they played music to water and this is what they all think after looking at the molecules.


I just wanted to observe and compare more pictures because I found this fascinating. 

If the water was creating different patterns from music then what kinds of patterns should we expect to see. I was trying to think of these positive crystal formations as someone told me about this experiment. I could not think, I just kept thinking about snowflakes.





Thenmessage-from-water-11-728 I compared the reaction to music. I must admit I like a bit of classical myself.

I feel it is a little weird how my body seems to relax instantly once I have heard a few notes, but this explains why. I also like to listen to Metal because it is inspirational and their lyrics are based on how humanity can cope or some other psychological issue has come about and how to prevail.


What do you like? Maybe you can find a picture of it.I feel this is why certain people are not able to connect to things perhaps because it makes them feel as thus, foolish or over exposed. We can have those feelings but we always have to admit the amazing sight is quite familiar to that of Chopins “farewell song”









You can also test the experiment at home with rice.

Rice Conscious experiment video

If we have a boss who is hell bent on being destructive, perhaps show them these photos and say during meetings it is not healthy for the environment in the workplace. Create the best working environment which is positive and also love yourselves.

If you know someone who is always negative, or uses expressions which are negative. Help them because it looks like it is definitely not good for their health. Please live long and love one another.


Imagine what saying “Thank you ” in another language or to one another does?





Is this just not totally weird?

Even a greeting such as hello is a positive crystal form in water! Therefore we have to say things that are positive to people so they do not feel negative. I thought about the rice experiment and how quickly the rice rotted when the man said negative things to his jar of rice. I could not believe it.

This is one strange experiment which has proved, we must communicate to one another in a positive way and hate is not good for our bodies. If our bodies are made up of between 70% to 55% water then, absolutely this has a psychological affect.

This means it is okay to move away from negative and harmful things. Also, I feel it is ultimately great if musicians feel as though their worlds are confined to this complex through writing such amazing lyrics. It means even artists whom are criticised can become quite edgy, ripply and may create something unique.

It would be nice if we could all drink clear, clean water from a tap.


So let me help again with this quote:


“You won’t have time to hate people who hate you, if you are too busy loving the people who love you.”


I feel I am like water, I am only attracted to positive things and positive people. Whatever, I am omitting out there in the world is going to be displayed in my body.


This is my life long lesson and I hope it helps. The world is weird and Wonderful, let us keep it that way. Farewell and think precious positive thoughts xxxxxxxx


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