I’m not even on drugs….


The world is weird and wonderful….

I just read a story about “butt chugging“…. it’s a new craze apparently, I am sorry but 
I cannot think of anything more degrading.

Sure it’s an orifice and you can put things inside it…. but generally holes have exits! Even atoms have a way in and a way out. So many things are semi – permeable. 

This makes me weird for mentioning that you can consume what you like “butt” (Pun intended)…..I like to go without; I do weird things like taking pictures of you doing it, or, coming out with a better party game than shoving cough mixture down my bottom.

Let’s just think of all the embarrassing positions you would have to be in with friends – having your ass hole on show…. I mean, somethings I share with the opposite sex but with covers on and the lights are dimmed – but this “butt chugging” escapade is so bizarre. Imagine the amount of harm you do to the body as it’s gluggling the alcohol. When we fart – the suppressed gas comes out… “butt” this is what I mean: things going in have to come out!!!!

So, on a scale of weird, maybe, I am so not into following a crowd of people into doing some stuff that really doesn’t appeal to me.

Perhaps, I am feeling confident enough to say no and it makes me weird and come across as confrontational – someone  had an enema and died from “butt chugging”, by the way. It’s just too weird for me…

“Butt why would you?”

For the alcohol is meant to be absorbed quicker in this manner? The wall lining of your rectum is thinner than the lining of your mouth because it has to push things out of your body; if we were all meant to do that we would eat using our bottoms; sit on our food and do bottom burps!

I just feel maybe I do belong on the top of some mountain somewhere – without people and anyone to distract me. Hmmm! Life is too weird and wonderful. 

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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