I’d brave taking off my gloves in freezing temperatures to text…..


How weird and wonderful is this quote! My laughter is beyond the decibels acceptable for laughing alone.  So, without looking like an absolute crazy woman I took the liberty of writing about it.

It’s – 10 C…. I would take my gloves off to write something inappropriate because it’s just a weird and wonderful thing to do. Laughing is supposidly a life long sentence. You are meant to live for a long time because you are laughing your head off.  Like healing the whole body into submission that you are alive.

You may as well bite the bullet and face the world with laughter. Write something inappropriate to someone and be done with it. Even at -25 C...  my chilly fingers will commit pure unadulterated idioms – just to put a smile on my face.

“You give me the chills!!!

“(Snort Laughing to my Insanity!)

“Stick your tongue out and wait for the ice balls to form on your tongue!”

“Jack frost is my best friend – he has a sack full of frost to give you brain freeze!”

“Jack frost has a fist full of ice to entice me!”

“When I cough… my icy breathe makes fishermen’s friends seem weak!”

Weird and wonderful signing out. Xxx

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____


  1. Thank you very much. There are more metaphors before the brain freeze really does affect you, but, I felt a bit like I need to test this out more. I may stand on a mountain when it is really cold and see what happens. 😂😂😂


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