A Blighty Tale: ‘I bottle – fed my children – but I breastfeed my pug dog!”


The weird and wonderful just keep popping out of the woodwork! A little book worm was bobbing up for air and wondering why on earth should we not shriek?

Each breastfeeding bosom to their own. It is not my breast that has been tainted with puppy breath…

She has a choice.

This is why sometimes, Blighty is just the most bizarre place in the world. It is just an island  mixed with people who are just so imaginative and so animal loving they would do this.

Now, I feel I wouldn’t have the courage to nurse a dog just in case my twins wanted milk. I would actually use a breast pump; I believe in giving them the best start in life. I Just love the way we women can actually do these thing’s. 

I wouldn’t like to try dog milk. I have drank: goats milk, sheep’s milk, cows milk and I am allergic to the latter.

When women breast feed they are giving extra vitamins and minerals, also antibodies to their babies. This is why for thousands of year’s babies whom haven’t latched have just been forced to latch. Baby bottles have saved lives and I believe it is true they do. However, I feel as a mother choice is vital and you always want to do the best for the child.

I just feel people like a little weird and wonderful because it makes them realise the world will keep attempting new boundaries.  No one will be the same at any one given time.

No one has to stick to the norm!” 

Let’s just be thankful for it: Good ol’ Blighty with British witt and humor!  Xxxx

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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