“All Lives Matter” Printed logos – Poem


All Lives Matter!
Except Isis, feck these guys,
It’s just so wise,

Loving everyone is chore,
Stick a logo on because you won’t seem a bore;
Let’s be honest and frank,
There is really no one to thank,

All lives Matter!
It feels like the terrorists have won,
We are so quick to pick up a gun,
Shoot a married couple in the light of day,
They were already handcuffed they say,

All lives Matter!
It just seems like one big conspiracy,
Just you wait and see,
All the time we hate,
We all tempt our own fate….

All lives matter!
Daesh are a bunch of crazy religious people;
Don’t judge them because they have no steeple;
All the time we hate,

Just love one another and then stop the air strikes;
It’s one big vicious cycle whirling, around with spikes;
All the time we hate,

All lives Matter!
Don’t be a fool;
A government tool;
Sit down and think of the power,
Should there really be another bombing hour?
It’s a money making machine for the top,
Apparently democracy is supposed to make it stop;

All lives Matter!
Our voice is no longer in action;
we are slowly ebbing away, losing satisfaction;
We spent so much time on hate,
WE have tempted our own fate.

You have the voice but you gave it away in fear – don’t give up on democracy. Fight for it because other’s want their voice back.

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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