chat Things I missed because of COVID-19

I put this in English so more people would understand what we are missing!!!!!!
I Miss Social settings like these:

Break rooms

Sitting in the break room talking to people on a job. Not the cafeteria because you can hardly sit down on the couch and read the newspaper or, have a laugh about things.

I have been working in pre-school here in Norway. They do a great job to make sure that everyone is sociable, and they have social committee’s that help.

I know several work environments where the atmosphere is very toxic but some actually have a social comity where they plan events for team building and they embrace other people joining in.

Even though we have a Christmas party together it is great to share things together about our lives and how we have overcome our problems.

Going to the cinema with friends, or loved ones.

No seriously, watch some of these audience reactions to remind yourself on how fun it is to be in the cinema.

Homemade popcorn has become boring. The audience reaction sounds is fun, especially to hear others laugh it is a fantastic feeling.

Going to the flea market, jumble sale, thrift shop.

Some of the things you will find there are: clothes, sportswear, kitchen utensils, etc ……

All students and poor families, people alone find things there. In an actual market you can hagel and get a good deal, do not think it is embarrassing, try you never know, you could get yourself one amazing bargain.

Voluntary work

Very nice video of what it is like to be in the UK volunteering!

In Norway it is great to participate in voluntary work. We decide whether or not we participate to integrate with the Norwegians. You would have to be a little bit selfish not to.

But yet, there are some that think it is not a good image. But we ought to encourage doing tasks in our society!

International working day with Children’s day.

From pensions to workers rights, this day is not just a holiday it is a social day for change. Kiev, Athens, Jakarta, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul and even surrounding towns and villages. It is a day for people to focus on their economy.

This is international worker’s day, but, the children take over the day because the parents get to spend it with their kids and participate in local events.

Children get their face painted, they have the opportunity to march and wave to practice for national day 17 th May. But in some countries they do not even celebrate children, they just have the workers unions get together.

There are barbecues, marches, and speakers to encourage us to keep going. It really is not a regular day off but, due to COVID-19 we are stuck in need of one another. As we have seen the biggest rise of people being exploited during this pandemic. The togetherness helps!

Do not give up!


where you can hear different types of music from generes such as Jazz, pop, black metal (which is something I love), metal and dance.

Then you find out that someone is a BACKSTREET BOYS FAN, priceless! What are you waiting for?

Who would argue with this?

Stand up for yourselves and claim it back!

Food markets

Where else can you try different foods?

Do you believe your food is boring?

You can go to the food market and change your pallet!

Apparently you like going to the supermarket to buy tasteless food without spices! This is going to change after COVID-19.

Empower yourselves with new flavours!

Bake sales

Yummy cakes gets you a lot of money

Helping others to raise money. Helping those in need for cake.

Everyone loves cake!

National days or Republic Days

For this I choose India, I have seen some things in my time but never like this. Way to go India. Normally we hear about 4th of July but that’s coming.

Do not forget where you live! Do not forget why you are there!

What future do you want? What future do you believe in?

How should we show that we like where we are?

Do you remember the weather on National day? Isn’t it nice to eat outside?

When you all stand outside and wave flags around! I am here to remind you how fun it is to do this together. You have done the same every year.

Keep going!

July 4th

In many towns around Oslo they have classic American cars, I see them celebrate every year. It may look a little country, but, you know what—– I am a little bit of a hillbilly deep down. Love dressing up as a 50’s pin up girl! Whom cares!

Let loose, eat a burger at the greasy side motorway cafe and see the ol’ cars do their tour.

This day is not just for the Americans, it is nice to get hold of anything American and just join in with the celebrations of life.


Where you can listen to your favourite bands with people whom have something in common with you. To dance, or mosh with them, was awesome!


Do you remember that?

Lets do it again!

Holy days

For a viking your are actually celebrating summer solstice which is also a druid tradition.

Where you can go to church or celebrate different religious beliefs or cultures. I and I alone, standing waiting for a congregation without using a mask, so people can see our expressions of happiness. You could be a Viking, Christian, Sikhist, Hinduist, Buddhist, or a Muslim.

Do you remember what it is like to have something to celebrate? Why are you not happy we will have this again but do things even better? Arranging time to believe in the togetherness.

Think about how much people have been through since COVID-19

Personally, I like viking groups because they have so much to show us on how to survive in many different types of situations.

I cannot wait to see them all again.


    • If I can get hold of this Ghost Ted and interview him, that would be great. I think I have become sceptical about being with people. I normally embrace them but it does seem like we are dragging this out a little bit longer than we should.

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