Recovering from Peripeteia in reality!


Why use this a good example of recovering  from Peripeteia in reality?

It could be described as an ironic moment or a critical point were things are going great and suddenly becomes wrong; then ends tragically wrong.

In real life I feel we all have moments where we need to recover from a bad situation. It could be argued that in reality we do not end up in dead because of the other responses and reflexes in our body.   I mean, some of us think suicidal thoughts when someone is vile, or, vicious, or, discriminates against us, or, over other events.

I feel the examples of being called a “bitch” to see how people can possibly think negatively are necessary to prove we all think like this but do not all act upon our thoughts:  

“I am having the worst day of my life…”

“Why did he just call me a Bitch? I am not going to end our relationship like this.”

“Why did she just call me a bitch? I thought we were friends.”

“Why am I being cut out all the time.They don’t like me I must be a real bitch.”

Thinking negatively ends in Suicide; this is known as a tragedy… example Shakespeare. For this epic plot twist I think I will choose Othello because Iago would have whispered in his ear and then caused Othello’s fate. In reality people will be dying constantly, if we were only given a Peripeteia plot.

Therefore when someone turns this moment of negativity around to something positive it could be called a pivotal point in their lives like the example above:

“My Friend told me that BITCH stands for:
Being In Total Control Of Herself!”

Where does the word Peripeteia come from?

Aristotle,  he used it in Oedipus Rex, to explain the Tragic events that lead to Oedipus’ death. I have not had the fortune of reading this I just know that Shakespeare based his work around the writing’s of Aristotle.

Returning to my Example of Shakespeare and Othello, you see Othello being the protagonist meets a beautiful lady and then Iago is the antagonist and causes the tragic end to his life.

There is no morality in Peripeteia! There are no happy endings. The plot does not change to other characters entering scenes towards the end to make it better. The character’s thoughts are illuded with doubt, revenge, pity, hate, fear, loathing,  depression, anxiety or stress. So it is an emotionally distort time for the character.

Why do we not use this term all the time?

Someone who says:

“That’s tragic”

Are just emphasising something which is actually quite disastrous for the person they know. As in they ended up dead because of their circumstances. This is really not meant for everyday use because we would always see the negative side of life and not the positive.

I feel, it is necessary to further add that life sometimes does not end in tragedy – we all have different ways of being, becoming, forming, storming and thinking. This is why I like life  – I feel I faught hard enough to stay alive and many of us do.

I feel we all have moments of crisis and recover, whereas a book is just a book.

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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