“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight,” explained in a weird way.



Weird and wonderful here, reminding people about the struggles we face every day. However, because I am weird and like to reflect; it is only right that I use Mark Twain’s quote, which is also used in a Five Finger Death Punch song “Dot your Eyes”. The lyrics to the song are  below. Please, find the song on Spotify, or, you tube to keep you enlightened.

Why is this an important quote?

Well, my mother is a bit of a strange person who did not understand my self- preservation. She used to ask me, “Why are you always fighting?” This was a mental thing. It is about my own preservation and how I want to live my life. I am an autonomous thinker, which then, means I have to feel and do things to help others around me naturally and I think about their independence and how they can help themselves. However, I strongly believe that we as humans have always had to fight.

From the moment we are born we need to gasp a breath and work our bodies into a stage of being able to cope with the world around us. We have had to challenge our own way of survival, by adapting to our environment. We have had to have different cultures surround us. We have had to take exams in our lives and we passed the tests. Everything that a human does is encapsulated by trial and error.

Trial and Error acceptance?

Is that not weird, that we have had trials in our life and the irony is; this quote is connected to an attorney. So the connotations of what I am trying to explain is that we all have to fight.

Fight for our rights, fight for our culture, fight for our freedoms, fight for our values and our identities in this crazy world we live in. This brings me to my finally thoughts on Trials and Error acceptance. Do we accept our mistakes?

We are human, we make mistakes, but we must be prepared to accept the mistakes and learn,  we need to change for the better.

When we do not accept that our identities are lost and we have no purpose for living…. this is when we spiral into an abyss. We begin as humans to feel empty and devalued in society because we have no purpose. We need to work, we need to be motivated to live, and provide a stable economy to help those around us. If those things are not there for us then we begin to feel depressed.


What is the purpose for living?

Weird and Wonderful would like to talk about herself once more just to give sentiment to the project of finding the purpose for living.

We are basic. We were animals. We then established intelligence. We were able to establish communication in written form and speech.We were able to function together and form relationships. We were able to protect, we are able to build families and walls, houses, we have built tools and manufactured things. We are humans who developed ourselves through contact.  The list below  is some of the things which today gives people a purpose and a meaning for living.


What has fight or flight got to do with emotional stress?

Weird how we are made up of connective tissue, bones and our nervous system is sensitive enough to respond to such things. I read in The Connections Between Emotional Stress, Trauma and Physical Pain by Susanne Babbel Ph.D., M.F.T. Susanne Babbel Ph.D., M.F.T. (2010) and this is important for people to know:

“During a traumatic event, the nervous system goes into survival mode (the sympathetic nervous system) and sometimes has difficulty reverting back into its normal, relaxed mode again (the parasympathetic nervous system). If the nervous system stays in survival mode, stress hormones such as cortisol are constantly released, causing an increase in blood pressure and blood sugar, which can in turn reduce the immune system’s ability to heal. Physical symptoms start to manifest when the body is in constant distress.”


So when our bodies are crying our for attention we need to release that energy of the trauma. We need mobilise ourselves and feel the purpose and the meaning for living, because of the “fight in the dog”.

Unfortunately, some  people think this dog is going to whimper, or sit in the corner and do nothing. If you kick dog and you mistreat it for so long it will lash out. It identifies our expression of getting up and needing to change the way we are so we can adapt and become better as Susanne Babbel  (2010) continues to state:

“Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done, and it can also be a sign of unresolved trauma in the nervous system. Even if one has grieved and processed the emotional impact of a trauma, the nervous system might still unwittingly be in survival mode.Maggie Phillips, author of Reversing Chronic Pain, writes: “Whether or not trauma was connected to the event or condition that originated their pain, having a chronic pain condition is traumatizing in and of itself.”

So, think about this and as you read through the song lyrics to Five Finger Death Punch. I know, these musicians are amazing because they see what people are going through and they can write about it and convey it through music in many different forms. It is weird and wonderful. I suppose you would like me to break it down.


1st Verse:

My life is perfect, so you believe.
Are you that stupid? ‘Cause I strongly disagree.
I’m not a martyr, more like a thief.
Your rules are twisted and they don’t affect me.

You saw me coming, so why you running?
What’s the matter, it’s just little old me.
I know your kind, you’re f’king blind.
I give a whit, don’t give a whit about anything.

There ain’t nothing in this world for free.
There’s not a man, not a man I believe.
Give a rat’s ass what you think about me.
I’ll dot your eyes and cross your f’king teeth.

Think trial and error as these lyrics hit you. Think about how weak you feel and that you need to be reminded to get up and stand up for your identity. Brush off the trauma. Think about your own self preservation and really accept it.

Bring it!

You’re just a trend. It’s gonna end.
I stand in place while you mother f’kers bend.
You own a clock, your time is up.
You bottom feeders, it’s just time to give up.

Ready to throw down, this is a show down.
You get the memo, ‘Cause it’s all about to go down.
I know I’m twisted, I can’t resist it.
I give a whit, don’t give a whit about anything.

There ain’t nothing in this world for free.
There’s not a man, not a man I believe.
Give a rat’s ass what you think about me.
I’ll dot your eyes and cross your f’king teeth.

Just think about the trauma leaving your body and how you thought negatively about things. As the lyrics just sit on the clock and how you spent time thinking about your mistakes. You are only human. But there is nothing in this world that is for free because we all have to work; fight for our rights, our identities, our self preservation and our own wellbeing. Sometimes, we have to neglect criticism and throw caution to the wind. Let us continue…


Bring it!

There’s nothing in this world for me.
I gave away, gave away f’king everything.
This is the man that I’m choosing to be.
I’ll dot your eyes and cross your f’king teeth.

Bring it!

Pressure’s building breaking down.
Suffocating till I drown!

You know how the saying goes?
It’s not the size of the dog in the fight.
It’s the size of the fight in the dog.


Imagine when you have sacrificed to maintain or preserve who you are, the struggle that it is to maintain that whole persona. Then you have something traumatic happen to you. You feel as though you gave up your whole life because it affected you. But then it is time to change, to get back up and start a fresh. Imagine what that is like….

Many of us have to face challenges from all walks in life. Sometimes, we feel as though we do not have the strength to carry on. Our nervous systems are shattered. Our barriers are up because we have been pushed to our limits. We face challenges like no other. We cry and then we have pain, such pain inside, that we need to switch on our survival skills to cope. We need stability: clothing, sanitation, hygiene and food. All this comes because we need jobs to support ourselves. Every time it may become a trauma when we hear negative feed back. Maybe this will help people also. Maybe when bosses hear this song, they know they will have to provide more staff and governments need to do something to enable people to have purpose for living.

I feel as though people will begin to fight physically instead of mentally, if the basic things which we need to survive which is covered by Marslow’s heirarchy of needs


Just think about it because Five finger Death punch have and that is wonderfully weird..



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