Do not just keep calm and drink tea; Do drink tea and find a resolution!


Weird and Wonderful, addressing the subject of the recent terrorist attacks in the following locations London, France, Belgium and Germany. I have evidence from the Eurobar-meter expressing how we should combat the problem. We all would like to think this is an individual mental health issue, but deep down: we would like our governments to form their own resolution and fast. We would all like to drink tea and remain calm; in all due time, but for now,  how do we resolve the situation?

Now, I am not racist, anti- religious, or,  anything such the likes. I can see that this is always people’s excuse for not thinking: Okay we are going through Brexit, let us finish it and establish some identity.  As we all know, most people are screaming about how wrong it is to have a Nationality.

Come on, Europeans know, the French love their language and are not going to give that up at all. They would rather deny you access to anything because you have insulted their language. You have to love how proud they are!!!! The Germans, can take all the jokes under the sun about Hitler, but deep down we know they would love to just sit down and drink a nice “Bier“, instead of a cup of tea… but politely smile; as they are so humble inside, but, sick to the back teeth of the Hitler jokes, however, they will drink the tea anyway. A Luxembourger would be able to tell you the most about them both because they are stuck in the middle. They are all wonderful nice people and do not speak the same language, or even have the same culture but they are being forced to forget their own cultural identities.

I am about to show you why there is unrest in Europe as well as why National identity is important.

National identity and what it means to me…

I have to go through a 5 year process to become a citizen in a country, which is not apart of Europe and this country does not allow dual nationality. There is low crime here and people are genuinely happy. There are even refugees here and they are calm. But there are a handful that will be sent back because of their behaviour. This life if you want to protect people on a social and community level.

People need to get this ideology of racism is nationalism out of their minds. It is not. Your National Identity helps these people A Blighty Tale: “What is a National Identity Crisis?” it is not wrong, it is the solution to an ongoing manipulative problem or a weak link in the chain that certain preachers, or, extremists, or,  even government outside of the European Union are using people’s dual nationality to tell people they do not belong where they are because they have the access to the other country.Please continue reading for an example of whom could be a potential threat to countries within Europe.

Where I live now they have tried many different methods to combat the problems, which arise from different cultures clashing here.  I see they tried to integrate a lot of people and even given them anti-rape classes and even language classes. The anti- rape classes are not allowed under the European rules and regulations. Hence the reason why I am glad that I am questioning the role of certain establishments, healthcare and psychological establishments. So basically, if we look at In praise of paradox: A social policy of empowerment over prevention, Rappaport Julian (1981), where by he argues the following:

“There will be need for a social movement than a profession, regain our sense of urgency and avoid the tendency to become “once sided”. I will suggest that the paradoxical issue which demands our attention in the foreseeable future is conflict between “rights” and “needs” models for viewing people in trouble.

For those who are concerned with a social/community problems the idea of prevention is the logical extension of a needs model, which views people in difficulty as children; the idea of advocacy is the extension as the rights model of people as citizens. I will conclude that both of these policies are one- sided and propose an empowerment model for social policy which views people as human beings, creates a symbolic sense of urgency.”

Dilemma, as the 21st century approached and everyone felt a feeling of unease. For example the London terror recent terror attack 22/03, was a 53 year old man, who drove a car into a bridge full of people.Let us ask the following questions about this individual, as Julian (1981) makes us think about the individual. Not as a European but as a human:

  • What provoked him to make the attack?
  • Did he feel like a citizen in his own country of birth?
  • Could he identify himself as a National in the country he committed the terrorist act in?
  • Has been made mentally ill because he cannot identify with his country that he was born in; is this wrong to make people give up dual nationality?
  • If Dual Nationality was not available would it change the outcome?

This is not racist or anti-religious. This is the kind of question the police would be asking anyway and it could help people recognise that certain people around them, may not like the country they live in. If you as a family member cannot ask those questions to your children, or ask them how they feel about their own National status then perhaps there is a problem in society and within communities.

 Oh, so remaining calm is just a British thing?

I think that Germans have been told to remain calm also. This is a standard line, all politicians give in Europe at the moment. They do not realise the poor are needing answers and the over worked are hungry and needing to keep a roof over their heads.  Also, yes look at lovely Swedish people, their media constantly tell them that everything is splendid and they too should “remain calm and all of this will blow over”. However, let us really look deeply at this issue of changing your Nationality and what it all entails.

Jolly well drink your tea and keep calm about it… it will all blow over in time and people will be thinking  that our National Identity is European still.

I feel in time, resources will become reduced and so will jobs. We will all be replaced by machines. Look at the self help machines in all most all the English supermarkets….

We in Europe cannot take more staff. Shops are using electronic tills and things. We cannot have more staff . These companies want the reduction of population. This is not something that people can pay taxes for if there is no basic work available, therefore, low skilled workers are not going to be able to get a job and will be on welfare. It is not like governments our there want to give an incentive to small business’ like they did 20 years ago. So it meant that every time you worked they would have a tax bonus.

There is no point to this. So yes, Europeans on a whole are poor. But they are told to keep calm.

Terrorist attacks in Paris and their identities? 

However the threat of the identity of these people including Parisian attacks have all had European passports. According to the Independent, UK , Paris attacks: Eight terror suspects named so far are not refugees and have EU passports, Victoria Richards (2015), and there is a list:

“Bilal Hadfi, 20 – French (living in Belgium)

Ismaël Omar Mostefaï, 29 – French

Samy Amimour, 28 – French

Ibrahim Abdeslam, 31 – French (living in Belgium)

Salah Abdeslam, 26 – French (living in Belgium)

Hamza Attou, 21 – Belgian

Mohamed Amri, 27 – Belgian (born in Morocco)

*Eighth suspect (unidentified) carrying stolen passport in name of ‘Ahmad al-Mohammad’, 25 – from Idlib, Syria

The alleged mastermind is Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, from Belgium. ”

So, it took me two years to come to around to the idea that this is not weird and this is not freakishly, some horrid racist ambush. It took me years to think that people are not able to identify who they are. When I did, I wrote about it. I feel people need to have this discussion.

Why have these people been allowed dual nationality? 

I am not one to be vicious, or, maltreat people based on their identities, or culture and many of you are not.

But there comes a time,  when we all need to investigate if people are genuinely wanting to be apart of their society and participate and not go through social exclusion or segregation.”  weird and wonderful (2017)

Segregation is dangerous even within communities forming their own area which means they cannot communicate with anyone else other than their own familiar culture or background.

For example, a person who uses drugs. You cannot place them in the same environment for them to get better. It will not work, but this responsibility within councils and communal areas: whom have decided to place them all together, which increases crime and does not empower them to become better.

Imagine if you did that to a whole lot of criminals and you put them together because you think that they need a safe space, this is prison not prevention of them being rehabilitated.

The same can be said for the people who come from different countries. It is not good for them to only live in one consolidated area. They create “No go zones!” And service personal: ambulance crew, firemen, police, and even council members themselves are putting themselves in danger because of the reaction they receive from these people; who genuinely do not want to be apart of the society and create massive problems.

If we all moved to Japan or we went to China or Russia, they would feel threatened if we were together in a group. It is common sense to make people integrate. It is common sense to create sports facilities to entertain people, and bring them together. We are not racist wanting these things. It helps their children to form bonds and not form negative bonds within the areas they live in.

Does a National Identity Crisis create more mental health problems?

It is time for the European Union, Doctors, Psychiatrists and all health care staff to realise the threat. These people cannot identify with their environment, they are socially secluding themselves and creating a zone where they live to not get along with the anyone other than their own culture. This is not good because they are able to think negatively about people and form racist views about sections of society, because their have been allowed to secularise themselves.

This would be a bigger problem if you could not go to your local doctor. Or you cannot establish a relationship with a doctor to tell him what is wrong with you because you only speak French not German. Most people really do not speak English, this is fake news propaganda. Some people are so nationalist that they love their language so much, this is all they want to hear. They do not really want to go to a doctor and not be able to say what is wrong with them in the first place. They do not want to wait for more than a week to see a doctor.

So let us all sit down with a cup of tea and go over this feeling of unrest. Parlemeter 2016 Analytical overview for the union to have a harmonized health care between each state shall we:

CEFR A2 proof.png

So things like making healthcare more harmonized between each state. Come on!!! Hello, this is not the United States. Each country has borders and a population to maintain. This is impossible to uphold. Let alone making all of the people speak one language.That is ludicrous and thankfully only 46% of people agree to this.

This is a huge no for Europeans as well, being able to “move to any EU country after your retirement and to take your pension with you, only 27% agree.” They think retirement money is a load of nonsense. I think it is too, it is also another sign, yet again that people would prefer things to be on a national level.

Which brings me to my further point that only 20% of Europeans want European ID cards, thus people want to uphold their own countries identity within the EU. There is nothing racist or anti- religious about this. It is fact, Nationalism helps people feel more stable.

So does this mean that people cannot just sit and drink tea?

We have try the last method of being countries again but within the Europe.  I feel we must have a different system of border control, like the one previously where every country decides who goes through and whom does not by questioning.

It makes people feel safer. I cannot think of any person who would not want to protect who they are and their family members. I feel it is only right to compare the statistics from the year 2001 and the recent statistics 2016.

So how do the general public in European countries feel. A survey from Eurobarmeter, Survey (2001):

CEFR A2 proof

Bearing in mind this survey was conducted after the 9/11. Thus the question had to be asked about the identity and the feeling amongst the people and their general mood. Even 30% at the time disagreed but only 28% “would feel sorry if the European union broke up.”

Oh that means, each country likes their own national identity then; does it not? 

CEFR A2 proof

Then the survey continues to state that only 22% “knew what the European Union was about”. And also in 2001,  they did not “trust the European Union to control the effects of globalisation” because only 36% agreed, thus, meaning that people felt this could be dealt with on a National level.

CEFR A2 proof

Only 29 % knew the value of the European Union back in 2000. It is a massive sign that people were happier when they were able to keep control of their own countries. It is obvious that 16 years ago there was a feeling that we could have our own identification as nations, within Europe.  As you can see that 27% of the United Kingdom did not even want to talk to people in a foreign language. It kind of was a forgone conclusion, that the cooperation and the mood of identity was there,

Of course, more figures and proof people prefer their National identity, as opposed to a blanket European Identity. Shown by Parlemeter 2016 Analytical overview:

CEFR A2 proof

Let us focus on the problems and whom feels the real identity crisis.

Only 53% of Europeans think, being a member of the EU is “a good thing”.

There is a huge margin of 29% feeling it is “neither good or bad“. That is a bit weird because you can feel as though you belong,  or you do not belong, or are you just fed up of people asking the same questions, or is the question not right…..

CEFR A2 proof

Even trying to establish that the identity of people and the struggle for things as economic growth plummets. But only 35% of Europeans “believe it is helping towards economic growth“.

But the worst results are “the cooperation between countries and other countries” is extremely low at 29%. 

The Swedish are “no longer feeling as though countries are cooperating with them” because they have gone from 58% to 53% in the space of a year.

The most worrying percentage to trust the European Union to “keep the peace and strengthen security,”was as low as 30% with Greece needing the most help. Well let us find out who they need help from as we continue reading the figures. I was actually thinking, so these citizens are so annoyed with the Union that they want their own border control as well and they want to maintain their own identity.

CEFR A2 proof

Then the questions arise of how the general European identity is formed:

  • Only 33% feel a “single currency” makes you feel like a European.
  • The strongest percentage is “Freedom of Speech” at 50%.
  • Not many are in favour of a European Flag it is at 11%.
  • Only a mere 15% agree that the Eu motto of “Unity is Diversity” rings true.
  • Followed by 32% agree with “the cultural European aspect of things”. Really not a generally good turnout of surveys.

Maybe it is time to just call this the end because of the way people feel about National identity.

CEFR A2 proof

Just imagine,  you are doctor, going through a process: to leave your family behind to get a job in another country which has not allowed you dual nationality.  You may as well accept it and help the people in the country you reside in.

Does this not give you peace of mind?

That the people have different needs in every country you are in. They have different standards and laws to abide.

Is it not a sense of understanding the human mind is so fragile that too many of these personality things destroy who you are today?

I certainly thought about the outcome of it all and how this would help people.

As I continued to look at the survey in great detail I noticed the following about safety and social inclusion:

50% of Europeans think that social exclusion and poverty is a massive problem. These problems could be rectified by their own governments. Number 2 on the priority list is “Combating terrorism while respecting individual rights!” as 42% agreed this is a problem.

An immigration policy implemented in consultation with countries of origin is only at 33% because we all know this can be done at a national level, not a European one.

And only 19% feel that the “European Union should speak for them on an international level”, because they want to keep their countries identity.

CEFR A2 proof

I am not completely right wing. I am not left. I am just a person who is weirdly asking these questions for the benefit of others, with mental health issues who are neglected and come from different backgrounds, who need personal identity. I feel you will not be able to help these people and it will be too late to save them from becoming radicals. It maybe too late. Especially looking at the figures and what the European Union are planning.

Thus representing the lowest topics on the grid, that a mere 8 % want European embassies in non-EU countries. Every country has it’s own identity and it’s own laws and the way that it feels culturally.

Thankfully you have all read this over a cup of tea and now you want your National identities to be sealed. I feel this will resolve all of the forgoing issues of social inclusion which people has risen and is causing further unrest as I looked at these social inclusion figures and they are really not fantastic. They are on a huge increase.

Whether or not this is because of Austerity measures, because certain countries want to leave the EU are stretched or whether it is because of the increase in population to refugees. I do not know but social inclusion does not help if you have mental health issues.

It means that  you are more likely to not be involved in an activity. Also Social inclusion could mean there are cultural different places within each country and they are being neglected. Is also not a healthy environment to be in because like I mentioned we are being taken over by machines. People will not be in customer service it will be all automated…. e.t.c

CEFR A2 proof

Meanwhile the problem with dual nationality is….

Not only security threats. Someone, out there in certain webspaces or chat sites are influencing these people to use their dual nationality to manipulate them, to do the most terrifying acts of monstrosities.

Here is a question about identity….

If they cared about their own National identity or where they were, would they still kill?

Whilst reading Al- Monitor Will Turkey leave NATO?Yekaterina Chulkovskaya (2017) whereby they actually have a quote from Erdgon:

“In 2013, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then Turkey’s prime minister, surprised many with his statement about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said, “Get us out of this suffering [of trying to join the European Union]. We are willing to finalize a free trade agreement with Eurasian countries. I talked about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with [you] before. We care about it.”

Turkey is the only Arab State run country that could have possibly been in the European Union. It looks unlikely. I mean, when he said this in 2013 he really was not kidding. This is another reason why Greece wants protection in the European Union with 53% of them wanting tighter border controls. It looks like they may have to leave the union regardless and try to defend themselves.

Further reading lead to my questioning NATO and the only Arab country to supposedly, in an alliance with the European union. I did not want to find out  because of the whole radical agenda, but just to see if he wants to use psychological threats, to hold people who moved to Europe back.   To continue on to the article,  NATO insiders suspect staged Turkey coup 25/01/2017 By Kjetil Stormark , they made a discovery about Turkey’s miltary coup:

“Senior NATO sources tell that they believe Erdoğan staged the coup himself. However, they stress that there is no written NATO documentation for that claim, because it is simply too sensitive. That’s because all member nation’s have the right to access to all intelligence information gathered by the alliance.”

So, thus people in Europe are really in trouble because their borders need to be protected. As the article continues to state:

“On Friday, 15 July 2016 Turkish tanks rolled into the streets in Ankara and Istanbul. Two bridges over the Bosporus Strait were closed. Fighter planes  also took off in Ankara, where Parliament and the presidential palace were attacked.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was on holiday in Marmaris, in southern Turkey, but travelled that nigtht to Istanbul by private jet.

The very next morning, reports from Turkey said the coup had been foiled. A systematic and comprehensive purge of military officers, judges and others in the Turkish power apparatus started immediately.

Some 80-90 per cent of Turkish officers who served in NATO were relieved of their posts, has learned from reliable sources. Many of those who dared to return home were jailed and a significant number were killed, according to NATO sources.

“Turkish officers who still have contact with NATO said that Erdogan had been planning the so-called coup for a year and had a list of people he wanted out.” said a NATO source. “I have so far not met anyone who believes there was a real coup attempt,” said the source.”

So if he is influencing an attack and telling his own people to prepare themselves for the backlash, then he is becoming a dictator and is beginning to demonstrate he will take Europe down from within.

If this is the case then certain governments need to think about protecting their population. Not everyone is a threat. I just think that most are a threat and most need to be questioned for citizenship, in the countries they reside in.

Conclusion of drinking tea and being Nationalist….

This has nothing to do with whether, or, not you are a European.This has everything to do with whether, or not,  you as a country are able to provide for the people Erdgon has demanded that your country takes on as refugees.You obviously are dreaming if you think that these people are not being manipulated based on their low IQ levels as they enter Europe too. Having a high IQ means you are more likely to form a rational opinion on a subject matter and then form a basic debate without raising your voice, or being offended or being violent…. The cup of tea is a rational level of National quenching. These people will be easily influenced through even the slightest glimmer of a shiny weapon, or,  something that Erdgon is doing.

So looking at the figures and how this has affected people on a National level. As every country has an aging population and the people with disabilities, who cannot get jobs who need support. They must come first along with Children. Refugees really are not first, they are last on the list when it comes to Nationalism. This is not something that people whom have a dual Nationality with the countries whom have been affected like to hear.

I do agree that they many need to go back to a country,  if they have dual citizenship with a country which is considered as a terrorist threat (with lots of Jihadists or separatists) , perhaps they will be doing us all a favour in Europe,  if they just stayed in their country of origin.

Perhaps it would be better for us to help our economy and find a way to produce jobs in our own National Countries we reside in. Perhaps this is not a racist thing, this is just a sensible thing to say and it is weird because you do not hear the rational side. Because we cannot be manipulated by our governments we always question their motives, this is what the culture is all about here in Europe. Each country has it’s own identity but the common level we all share is the ability to talk and discuss things with one another and have high IQ’s.

I am not like I said racist, I am on the other hand seeing this from a more broader perspective. I hope you can too because we all need to figure out if we can convince our governments to go ahead and form a National Identity process, away from the European Union.

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