Some people want a big house, a fast car and lots of money…


I am one of those who wants a tiny cabin in the woods away from those kinds of people. This is why I am weird and wonderful – maybe I was formly some famous person… some of them hate being in the public eye. They love their private lives. Maybe I just love my dignity and I see the deterioration of society; I want to just want my feelings for it all to evaporate.

Sorry mom but you are annoying. There I finally said it… I do not have to tolerate your nagging, or, your nit picking. I would kick off my shoes and just hear the crickets. It’s in the hills. Except I am no longer going to go back there. I am going to find my own cabin.  I never want to talk for a while or listen to anything but the breeze hitting trees, slapping them around so they howl.

I want to be able to skinny dip without people prying into my dipping. It is as simple as that!

Weird and wonderful signing out xxx

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