chat Land Of The Midnight Sun: the nature of understanding limitations



Apparently violence has ensued and people are living on the streets because people have burned Asylums. They have reached their limits!


I am not right wing. You are coming into another person’s country. Now, come on – neither of you have defended your own country. What do you want? These people in the land of the midnight sun work hard.  These people are Fiercely territorial.

You cannot go into the land of the midnight sun without knowing their culture or their language. They will help you sure but for “crying out loud”, do not expect tea and sympathy if you are not going to work.

Granted your country is being bombed to pieces – it isn’t your children you put on boats to seek refuge it was your whole family. Even children’s lives were lost. You actually had us all with the humanity side and the moral degree of principles. However, now you are showing lack of moral principles by not fighting.


So, the Men need to go back and fight for their land, their rights, their culture and their homes. Just like the land of the midnight sun is willing to fight for their own identities.  

I am past being empathetic towards a bunch of people who are hell bent in not telling authorities who they suspect are terrorist’s. It feels as though you are out to get us not flee from the problem. You just want to bring your problem right here to Europe.

No thank you..pack your bags and leave you have no sense of pride. 

At least children in Asylum are able to grow up intergrated as adults: we cannot seem to understand why you did not want to fight.

Why would you not want to fight?


People with these sorts of values will strip you of your values and culture.


Go away and fight! By the way – I would be nice and accommodating, but, no since you brought trouble with you – I do not think so. I do not think you would even relate to me; I am not like you. I stand up for my rights and I know my rights. Push comes to shove and I have to fight for my country – I would. Chances are I would have to care for the sick and wounded but I would be helping.

Of course, I wrote Could you press the button? Part 1 , it just looks like we do obey order’s.  So let us encourage these people to rebuild their homes instead of being a drain on every other society whom have had wars and decided to Co – exist with neighbouring countries.


Get up and fight for your own countries. 


These people do not want you in their homes. You need to fight. Children only embargo will start and you will all be forced to go back home – this is war. You need to go back home and stop causing trouble for others whom have worked hard to build relationships and form a work related equal environment.

Do not make people angry because believe me when I say – people who already have different ethnicities will tell you to go home because they do not want their children harmed or their livelihoods harmed.

This will seem like I am right – winged. I am not – I just think it would be best if you take yourselves away now and be adult. Create your own situations for yourselves and rebuild your homes. I had someone tell me that the middle east was not only the epicentre of cultures coming together but Persia was one of the most productive. Go back and rebuild it…..



Stop having Americans go in and bomb the place. Stop expecting the Russians to defend you against the Americans and the crazies. Just go back home – fight and then keep going. These people do not owe you a living, they owe you nothing but you need to go back home before they force you back and deport you.


Especially seeming as though you do not know how to admit you have seen a terrorist amongst you.  Go home.


It’s beyond cowardly!!!! Sort yourselves out. This is honestly what you look like to others in the northern hemisphere.  Yes, I am not afraid to say it. Go home and fight if you really are wanting to be defended.



You only do that if you are seeking asylum. Other than that you are being a little silly and ignorant.

The land of the midnight sun is to be respected. The indegiounous people of the land of the midnight sun are respectable. If you start behaving in a certain manner which is seen as disrespectful – they will make your lives a living hell. Every ethnic minority knows what I mean because we will not tolerate you bring the limitations of good people down.

I do not agree with ignorant people going over there and not learning at least a few things before going there….. you get what you deserve behaving like you could not care.

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