A Blighty Tale: “English subtitles have now become voiced over.”


Why having subtitles makes me feel better:

▪  I can hear the tone of the persons voice speaking.

▪ I can understand another language.

▪ It does not feel like I am being rude to another country.

▪ It feels as though I can detect certain friendly words or familiarity of linguistics.

▪ I can appreciate other languages and their form.

▪ I do not feel like my intelligence is being restricted or restrained.

▪ I feel like I can grasp more knowledge and the translation is not lost through previous knowledge.

▪ I feel I can respect and tolerate other cultures.

Why is this important?

BBC news is always using translator’s, they use the voice of a British person over someone from another countries voice.  I feel like it is really showing lack of respect for other countries, also lack of respect for those whom have previous language knowledge.

“Creating more ignorance in society is just what the doctor ordered!”

Imagine if we all absolutely detested other languages and other countries. All the hatred would just continue. No thank you. I have just about tolerated enough hate to last me a lifetime.

It is depressing knowing that we cannot just respect one another and tolerate one another through other forms. I like my English language to not be adulterated by someone else’s dialect and other people love to hear the dialects because it reminds them of the UK. However, this is someone else from another country speaking, can indegiounous people not hear their voices for a change?

Languages are fantastic. They make the world Weird and Wonderful. I have friends who are bi – lingual and have wonderful heart’s.  I thank them for being able to show me the world has different ways of communicating.

Have you ever tried making a joke in another language? It is fun!

I can understand if America does not have to translate different languages but the UK has the following neighbours: France Holland, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Norway, (let’s just add the far away neighbours as well) Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, Hungry, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia and Russia. All those countries to be respectable to.

I just think subtitles are more useful to read and understand. Especially in terms of accents and dialects of the translator. I just did not feel comfortable with the previous ones the BBC have used. I would have preferred text because of the French language and the fluidity of the sentences.

Also, subtitled news is more useful for learner’s because you are reading the formation of the language and the grammar.

Let us all continue enjoying other cultures. They have weird and wonderful ways xxxx 

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