5 Ways To Shock a Man 😈😇😈😇


I am weird and wonderful. I think I know 5 ways to shock a guy, without: leaving your razor or hair on the side of the bath; leaving your washed knickers on a wash line in the bathroom; visiting his place for a while – taking him back home finding mouldy cups because you were out with him. These are good shocks! By the way – one of my closest friends have had the mouldy cup moment from spending too much time with her boyfriend.

1. Being too independent

Let’s face it! If you can change a light bulb yourself… men feel you don’t need them. If you can put a shelf up by yourself, then you definitely as a woman do not feel you need a man. Change it, become the damsel in distress for a second and work as a team on things. Make a man feel wanted.

2. When women behave in a cat like manner towards one another

It shocks them! This could be the way family memebers behave or it could be how you actually behave towards others. It shocks them – so men sometimes sit there and play their console or do something else so they are not apart of your drama; Just like Why is life like a Drama? Part 1 if you talk about soap operas – a man finds an exit route.

3. Other Male Friends who tease you –

Well! I am pretty goofy – my male friends tease me but it doesn’t mean I am flirting back. I am just a gal pal they all confide in. You know, they cannot talk to their other friends about girls because their friends are male and I am a reliable source. My male friends know I am a Tom boy.

2. Describing other females body parts

Now – this creeps me out a little also! I do this automatically – my female chromosomes have been wired to become: jealous, self – conscious and overwhelmed about my body image. I grab a magazine and I verbally talk about what I am observing:

“Don’t you think she is a bit flat chested for that dress? Maybe something tighter could be better.”

Immediately in a man’s mind – he cannot comprehend why you would be looking at another woman’s chest in the first place.


“Do men actually go around looking at one another’s trouser fronts?”

Then why on earth would we talk about it? I mean literally it comes out like verbal diaherrea, all because of my self- conscious body image. I wear clothes 2 sizes too big because I am so self – conscious and it shocks them – they scratch their heads and walk away.

1. When we change our minds

The number one; Creme de la Creme reason why men are shocked. We change our minds about:

“outfits, our night out, our jewellery, our hair; if we wear our new pair of shoes, glasses, tights; if the dinner we are about to prepare should have this or that; trying new things and deciding our bottom looks too big! Your lipstick needs changing – you need a new style”

Have you noticed – guys wear the same clothes for days!
They have the same hair cut for years. They wear the same cologne for year’s. They like to come home and relax.
They like to use the same jogging route or the same bike route.
They drive the same car until it really isn’t going to work again.
They have the same friends for years and they do not fall out with them over stupid things. So it shocks them!

Now let’s try becoming a little more like them – so they can become a little more like us – so we can be shocked at the unity.

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