“Top Tip: Have a weird my so called life memory”

For legal purposes the names have been changed in this blog. It is a true teen story. Just because I wanted to write something funny because I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about life in general – Monday bug.

I will play the part of Rayanne because I was strange but never on drugs – I was just strange.  You will laugh at this; carry on reading – it will evolve trust me.

Angela Chase and her friend Rayanne,  walked to the local pool almost every other day during summer.

Angela confessed to Rayanne about fondling the life guard Jordan Catalano. Angela described hugging and kissing Jordan in the sauna. Rayanne was suprised at Angela ‘s infatuation towards the life guard because they were both 15 years old.

Angela continued to tell Rayanne what the tall life guards legs were like:

“Oh his legs are so smooth. He has no hair on them at all.”


Rayanne was perplexed at why Jordans hairs are so smooth. Trying to figure out answers she thought:

“Maybe he needs smooth legs to help him swim faster?….. No….Maybe he just likes his legs smooth… No…. Maybe he is just superficial; better still, maybe he likes to wear tights… men have better legs than women.”

Rayanne ran the reasons through her mind walking into the pool entrance with Angela. As they paid for the swim – Rayanne was still thinking… but quietly.

Jordan walked over and immediately Rayanne began to look at Jordans legs – unable to speak for there were too many questions in her mind. Angela smiled at Jordan and walked over to him to chat. Rayanne was still staring at Jordans legs – trying not to embarrass herself.

Jordan said to Angela: “Why is your friend staring at me like that.”

Angela replied: “Don’t worry – she probably thinks you will let her drown.”

Jordan laughed and waved at Rayanne.
Rayanne waved back, timidly because she was still wondering why a guy would shave his legs.

Angela walked back to Rayanne and said: “Why are you staring at his legs?”

Rayanne replied: “He has no hair – why? Has he not told you why he shaves his legs?”

Angela laughed: “No!”

Rayanne bellowed: “He maybe into some freaky things then!”

Angela replied: “I hope so!”

They continued swimming and laughing. Rayanne never found out about Jordans decision on shaving his legs. To this day it is still a mystery.

Life was never the same when a couple of years later Rayanne met a man in a gay bar who confessed he shaves his legs. Then the thoughts continued to roll around in Rayanne’s mind:

“Perhaps he was gay. Cannot remember what Jordan looked like. He did not pluck his eyebrows I do not think…. maybe he was a little orange…. but maybe he was trying too hard to impress…”

Endless loop of thoughts on why man would shave his legs. It is funny – because you just end up accepting people for who they are in the end, or the thoughts end up slowing you down.

I would still like to know why he shaved his legs – maybe he just likes it like that. For those of you whom have not watched a so called life – do – because it is funny.

my so called life – Angela and Jordan moments.

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