Avoiding everything is the worst stance

Weird And Wonderful would like to explore the world of avoidance.

**** I feel I avoid trouble*****

I switched on my self – preservation button and now I cannot switch it off.

If you are in the same position as me then you may be going through anxiety issues. Well, I am going to do the opposite of what anxious people tell me to do – this is with everything and everyone.  Why?

I feel I am ready to move on and learn to adapt. I feel this is difficult to do because if you want to have any future. You have to really think about it. I agree we all have a natural instinct. I feel everyone is entitled to not feel anxious. It took me weeks to recover from my last moment.

I felt tired exhausted and I felt frustrated. Now I feel like the button will not switch off. I think family are the ones to effectively switch it off but this time around they wound me up so much – I cannot unravel.

Every life event I encounter with family is an anxiety ball. Why? Because they see me as not the same as them. So they become predators. I really feel that many people in the world do not need to behave like this. We all have stress everywhere. Some people are in worst circumstances ever.

Now the people in the worst circumstances are perhaps the ones who need a little more support.  However – I will do the opposite. Why?

I did not grow up with them around and I feel through this – I learned you can trust others. I feel some family memebers like to become jealous and devious. Only because they feel they are in a similar situation.

Everyone is unique

Just because my family think everyone in life are similar – makes me think they are ignorant or as selfish as them. I do not wish to pry into their lives. I just smile at the way they behave – trying to make the perfect house – entertain and then not want to listen to others problems.

So my self – preservation button has been on relax mode. I have been able to recover from the heightened anxiety of others.

Why do you feel others impose on your own preservation?

We all have goals and I feel not everyone is going to be as focused as yourself . If it means a few people are going to try and get a little jealous or a bit angry and bitter about it: let them.

Self – preservation means you have no one else to answer for but you. I think a lot of people are afraid to be alone. You will not be if you meet your goals at the end. You will maintain that constant sense of wellbeing through achievement.

I remembered the times at school when people where always being intolerant towards others achievements. Just relax we are not children any more.

Control freaks will always try to put a dampener on your spirits. They make you feel trapped and self – conscious. Just be polite and let them go. Their anxiety is there problem – not yours.

Self – preservation means making sure you are safe and out of harms way. Do not let anyone else control your desires to finish. 


  1. Ah, but there are so many control freaks out there trying to strong arm us into bending to their will. It’s empowering and exhausting all at the same time when we finally allow ourselves to do us first.

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