A letter to good hearted person: “When you have a good heart……”


Dear Good hearted person,

Hello there, pleasure to have met you – oh you have so many faces! There were also so many opportunities for you to visit me in my life.  Thank you ever so much for being so kind to me, I found you awfully helpful. You helped me to continue and gave me strength.  Your kindness and virtue shone so much that I actually felt the radiance of your heart. The world would be so cold, so horrid without you – how have you come to be so rare like a precious stone?

Such a wonderful thing because not many people can thank such rare treasures, like yourself; you are so giving and so attentive. You understand the needs of other’s, especially mine: even if I wanted just simple directions of where to go, you stood on the path and said:

“I think maybe it might be there….. I am sorry I couldn’t help further.”

As this is most helpful indeed to have such polite responsibility for ones actions as a good person.

No I just think you are super….so great that my thank you is not enough for a good hearted person such as yourself.

It was also awfully kind of you to hold a door for a gentleman and then for him to kindly hold the door for you whilst you passed.  Oh my goodness the beaming smile of such kindness is fond. There is something remarkably gallant of a woman who holds a door for a man; to wait for him to be so chivalrous to let you proceed. The equality is such that good natured people help one another. I witnessed the good nature there and then – well done!

Good hearted person thank you for giving your seat up for the pregnant lady the other day. She was so heavily pregnant and didn’t have the strength to stand on the bus, she kept holding her stomach. Oh you good hearted person – you just saved her legs. You may have been tired also but you just knew it was the right thing to do. Thank you because you became a role model of such respectable behaviour.

Oh Good hearted person, I dropped my mobile phone and I couldn’t find it. You helped me call it and you helped me to the station even though you would be late for work – what would you say to your boss?

“I helped a customer……?”
“There was an emergency?”
“A woman lost her phone and needed to contact her child?”

I am so sorry if you got into trouble for being so polite – of course I will take your business card. Of course I will phone your boss and explain I needed a witness, you were in a car accident; you needed help; you had a stroke; you hurt your leg; of course good hearted person I will tell them something has happened to you because you helped me. Thank you for always showing up when I needed you. You are missed when I don’t see you good hearted person. You see sad too many sad faces when you don’t appear often you feel too much pain and no one is there to soothe it.

Thank you kind hearted person because I do remember you. I did thank you and if I used non – verbal gestures at the time I meant to say Thank you.

Please good hearted person,  weird and wonderful you are to have a good heart:

Apparently you help too much,
Apparently you trust too much,
Apparently you give too much,
Apparently you love too much;

Always seem to hurt the most.

It’s weird and wonderful how we cannot stop ourselves – it is automatically tuned into good people.

Well thank you kindly good person. You may not have heard someone say it today so please hear me say it now. Thank you from the bottom of my good heart for many of the things you have done for me.  xxxxx

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____


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