Je suis Paris: Loneliness does not come from having no people around you….


Note to self:

Carl Jung is the expert psychologist of the 20th Century.  If anyone knows how important it is to discuss what is on their minds right now…. let it be said. Especially after such heartbreaking world disaster moments.  However, in my years of experience make sure the relevant information is told, so, the best advice can be given.

Let’s turn this around to the biggest events of the 21st century.   Yes, there have been terror attacks in France. However, at no point is anyone supposed to not communicate their feelings. Talking about something as tragic as this makes us put individuals first.

What would it achieve if we ignored the feelings of other’s?

Absolutely nothing!!!! The same reoccurring pattern.

All the hate, the pain, the fear has to be expressed – not for plot of revenge, but, for freedom of expression and speech. The pain is reduced. The people who do such awful things in the world have repressed anger. Carl Jung was trying to suggest this theory of being able to be in touch with our unconscious thoughts.

The discovery that your future plays a huge part on how you feel or interpret or even demonstrate through willingness, as  Carl Jung (1971) suggests through his personality theory. Yes, I know – the very core of this is psychological. For we all have some basic learning and adaption which is innate. It could be argued that  our personality traits create boundaries. Although, I do agree with the concept of people having limitations because of being influenced by the media or their own stereotyping: it is all about the character of the individual.  Jung can be used against the whole concept of the nature and nurture theory. Arguing for the notion of  communication being based on your personality;  your personality can be manipulated, or, you can communicate on a numerous amounts of levels,  as Carl Jung (1971) states the Personality theory shapes how we interact with one another.

So according to Carl Jung there are 4 different types of personalities: Extraverted (E), or Introverted (I), shapes the characters attitudes; Sensing  (S), or  Intuitive (N), these help with how we perceive the world; Thinking (T), or Feeling (F), this is how we judge and think about the world; Judging (J), or Perceiving (P) This is important in relationships with people; I know they still do these tests at University for personality types. It is the complexed nature of individuals which made Carl Jung (1971) make an experiment finding: 16 types of personality.  So, when someone tells me someone else does not have the capacity to learn I feel like laughing at them.

What does that say about their character? Also does this mean you can find someone with the same characteristics or personality traits as yourself?

Immediately, when you feel the other person is introvert and is unable to cooperate; it is human nature to reject their beliefs. The danger of this is:  seeing people feeling lonely and isolated, so the hatred festers.  The even bigger danger is the potential risk of their hatred festering because of their personality types. Almost like a tipping point for them to behave like a sociopath; the worst of the bunch is being a calculated psychopath.

I like being observant but participating in my own experiment, I can honestly say – my sociopathic side never even embarked upon my own senses. Even though I took Carl Jung ‘s (1971) personality test and it said introvert;  there is more to my personality and how I perceive the world or how I judge my relationships.

As I stated, I had participated in the biggest self experiment. I mean, I went through unpresidented isolation – to the point where I was sick in my stomach. I mean – you do hear your inner voice tell you:

“You aren’t worth spit!”

Especially, when you are alone for a long period of time. When everyone else joins in – it’s a fight for your extreme inner self. It’s do or die.  This is only because I wanted to know if it was utterly achievable for a woman to go without a certain amount of interaction, for long periods of time. It’s virtually impossible – not even an older adult could go through the burn and the emptiness without having a heart attack. We always have something to tell someone; like a burning desire or a forboding entity.

My inner being wanted to explode. So when I see things happening in Paris I think… you haven’t understood the concept of freedom of expression  and freedom of speech because of your personality disorder. I know that seems like thousands of people have perceived me as some introvert who doesn’t like confrontation but, that’s just it. Why the drama? If you think you emotionally cannot handle things – you can. It just depends on other occuring events.

My social interaction levels have reduced because I am moving countries; if anything this embraces my inner core spirit which Jung (1971) suggests is paramount.

Maybe I feel like the value of the interaction with certain individuals is an infringement of my core beliefs?

So, Infact my inner nature is one that is overall a fraction of what I am capable of. Then surely, the ones who find me a threat to them, should, try the element of intelligence and try to step up to the plate?

On numerous occasions I have had discussions with certain individuals about capacity of learning. Maybe my feelings were thoughts, because I felt I wasn’t judging but I perceived the way things were because of the nature of certain situations.  It is hard to know how to react to certain individuals- when you see how vulnerable their nature is from pure isolation.

If our core inner selves are being suppressed in anyway shape or form we are not productive. We become a shell of the loneliness and longing because we need to transpire to a level of interaction to perform certain tasks.

I believe the whole world doesn’t need to blame religion for such monstrosities – but,  the characteristics of the human being.

The pure inner person screaming to be unleashed – because: they haven’t had the opportunity to have freedom of expression or speech. They envelope this Web of deception because, they feel, the need to take away something from others – as they believe everyone else shouldn’t have anything. This happens too often – the vulnerable people in societies are neglected to the point where they are starving or homeless; is this showing humanity? Are we just reverting back to the 1930’s and Hitler? Are we really unable to react face to face because of social media? You cannot lack the ability to communicate. Unless you are in a coma.

The Paris Terrorists found a way to find one another. Through their loneliness and their personality traits they attracted one another because they had the same values;  they created these disgusting barbaric acts on innocent human beings with family and friends.

If I have come across as unempathetic, I tell a person – look there was no time for that – I didn’t have time. Thus I have performed the art of communication. I don’t listen to conflicting arguments because of the willingness to survive.

I can only take on board at the time of my own hardships – my own burdens and problems because of the weight and the distribution of thought process and the energy it takes to think of problem solving by myself.

Interacting with these individuals is paramount to saftey. Counteracting their personality traits of inversion with a non – hostile face or some compassion. Most people can detect I am of strong spirit – I am a wonderfully weird individual. However, I do not like it when our nature is oppressed.

Maybe France being so rigid about people’s choices of religious beliefs demonstrates,  how dangerous it is to treat others with a level of rigid bombastic attitudes; by telling the women the Burker or hijab is banned?

Maybe France established hatred through  enforcing their own institutionalised prejudices?

I don’t know – I find it dangerous – I find France dangerous for imposing such intolerance in their society. So, much so that it is rigid in their institution: a lot of law’s creating a reoccurring pattern of hate.

Creating the personality is one aspect of Carl Jung (1971), which haunts my mind at this moment in time. Who are we all to judge one another? At every level we are stopping the flow of communication by building a barrier of hate against hate.

This is not very beneficial from all aspects because the heightened affect, as I suggest is to shape psychopathic human beings; when a society does that to individuals, it is only a matter of time until they display the intentions to go against the flow – they begin to plot their own way against things and rebel.

There was a time when people where more tolerant; following the humanistic and humanitarian approach – this has to be demonstrated from an individual aspect; Why? Because every life matters and everyone in the world is important. To value each individual and see them as a subject matter- rather than, instantly objectifying their own core inner selves is vital to the human race.

This is why human rights exist – thank you Hitler for making this all possible because you made people believe they would never like to be under your ridged regime. As for Carl Jung and other psychologists…. I am forever in debt to the amount of ground breaking achievements you have made on the world. Yes, the value of life is exponentially about communication and the freedom to express oneself without feeling chastised.

In loving memory for the ones who died on a Friday night doing the things they loved in Paris Xxxxxx xx your weird and wonderfulness will be missed Xxxxxx

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