Truthfully! A Negative mind….


“A Negative mind will never give you a positive life.”

Note to self

Even if the road is tough. Hearing too much negativity takes its toll to the following:

1. Your spirit – this is your vessel, your own way of dealing with things; from a positive angle – when it is attacked too much it can give you a low mood. Pay attention to it. Make sure you top it up and nurture it. People do not like negative people – they like positive ones with positive upbeat spirits. Protect it and don’t take on board people’s negative taunts because right now, healing your spirit is more rewarding. It helps you to sleep at night.

2. Your goals – Everyone knows, the team work approach is to encourage and maintain the sense of wellbeing to other’s on the team. If you are thinking in a negative manner and you cannot build a person up when they are down – then as a team you will not obtain your goal. Your goals are to steady you, keep you out of trouble, make sure you have learned something, make sure that you are able to recover, but most of all they are meant to be easy manageable goals if you are on your own. Make sure they are managed correctly so that the negative thoughts do not impede your process. Encourage yourself with your spirit to maintain the goals.

3. Reward yourself for your advancements: even children need to be rewarded. It maintains that nice satisfaction. I remember attending slimming world with a friend. They always said – “you can treat yourself on this diet.”  Nice, so a nice bar of chocolate or that glass of red wine is necessary.

4. Being able to have the sense of awareness for your self and others – to know when to pull away. Negative people can just radiate your entire world making you angry. I have come across plenty in my time. I always value my own motivation – I feel sometimes being aware that my motivation is low is one of an indication to find some sense of alternative; sports or any other activity which is not criminal.

5. Be aware that in a state of change it can be easy to go down the bad path. Easily people fall into the bad mode. I used a lot of social networking recently to obtain some more of awareness, except, well some people just like to fall into bad habits. If you are aware then you will avoid. Here is a bizarre funny example:

Walking in the park has its wonderful advantages. Wondering off on to the grass and going too close to the path means you will tred on a heap of dog poop. You didn’t smell it but you perhaps should have stayed on your path to maintain that you don’t step in dog poop again. 

This is like one of those bizarre chit story things that make you realise, you should be paying attention. Don’t be afraid to aim higher and achieve. Do not be scared. Just do it.

6. Shut the anxiety off a minute and think!

Just think about how small changes and things make a difference to a person but big ones help them realise their self – worth. Now, it’s been a while since I have come across people who are able to have an in depth discussion with me and I  can tell you – they were not going to dampen my spirit or make me feel anxious. Why?

Because they took note of where I was at and that seriously…. they knew what I needed.

7. It’s all there when you find the positive people they do the following:

☆  inspire,
☆ motivate,
☆ they are assertive,
☆ productive,
☆think on a multilateral level,
☆ are not really avoiders of pain or emotional instability,
☆ they know and acknowledge your goals.
☆they know how difficult your journey is and want you to achieve.
☆they tell you not to listen to bull crap!!!!
☆ they tell you to stay focused
☆ they want you to be happy.

My friend here – perfect. Couldn’t have asked for more of a positive human being:


Then the most wonderful thing happens when you know you hear the support and you find some kind of strength to friendship and the quality of life you want.


8. Bitching… now let’s be frank here. God cannot save your nasty nonsense. There is no such thing – you are in control of events that happen previous events; you are in control of your future because you can choose. Now there is no point being moody – as we all know we read the bible – sins are like happening all the time. You don’t have to be a full frontal insulting bitch to understand – your ignorance is just plain nasty. Think on a multilateral level. Of course people think differently or have a different journey; rise above it.

You have gotten too big for your boots that you want to put someone down. Women, come on! You have to believe in this whole getting along to be functional.

I won’t work with people who cannot get on this nice wave. Take a man for instance. He doesn’t want to hear all of that emotional upheaval…. why? Because it weighs heavy on the heart. Why hurt someone with that tone? Why not understand you distract people with gossip or distracting people from doing what they need to do whilst you are getting on with your life? That’s not nice. Rise above it.

It’s not junior school anymore nor college – this is life and we are living it. Rise above it.

9. Honey glazed expressions; honeycombed affects are great. I looked at myself giving that zoolander expression once. I loved it. It made me laugh. Anyone starts piling negativity on me whilst I am getting back up…. I am shaking the eyebrows at them and giving them the zoolander stare. It’s even more comedic if you find a mirror and start looking at your pose. I think it’s nice to do this and laugh at yourself.

10. WordPress… thank you, thank you thank you, for existing. Just let it out. Freedom of expression is so much better than being anal retentive. I am cured. This has been such a therapeutic measure – giving me such sweet satisfaction.

It’s weird and wonderful how you find people who are positive to keep you upbeat. Don’t continue in the same negative spiral.

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