Dear Ex….

Hello you manipulative individual. Do you really think I can stomach any more of you? No! I cannot. I am literally shaking and unable to eat because of the stunts you pull. Unable to breath… my back and shoulders are so tense and my head is throbbing as much as my heart.

Last month, my heart felt as though it was increasing in size so much it felt as though it was pushing up against my rib cage.

I have had enough…. I cannot take much more of your games. For my own health I am having to just say stop. I have felt dizzy and I sometimes think I am going to go blind. 

You may want me dead but you need to leave me alone now. Literally, you just need to just leave me out of your games and let the courts decide because I cannot take much more of your controlling behaviour.

I am someone’s mother and I think I am going to die from stress before her 5 th birthday. It has to stop! Psychologically you have damaged me, physically you destroyed me. You are just not a nice person. I do not wish to speak to you…. ever again. I cannot believe I am being forced to accept this.

I actually feel sick rising in my mouth I am so repulsed by you. I cannot believe you are doing this to me. 

It will be nice to see the back of you.

Good bye


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  1. I felt all of that from your post and in life. Things will get better or so everyone keeps telling me they will. Don’t let them suck the life out of you. Wishing you strength.


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