I like weird people….


“I like weird people… the black sheep, the odd ducks, rejects, the eccentrics, the loners, the lost and forgotten. More often than not these people have the most beautiful souls.”


Because I visited the Munch Museum in Oslo and I understand the measure of how individuals feel rejected by the collapse of humanity.

His collection is huge! 2700 paintings. I am sorry but he took impressionism, expressionism and modernism to another level. He was so intense. His weird and wonderful nature cast a spell on the world. If at all the freedom of thought was processed in a way that was raw – it would be through medians like paintings or print.

How do you feel about conformity?

I feel anyone can conform but a lot of the time – your collective nature plays a greater role in your life;  making it difficult to respect your own inner being and others.

Being able to remember you are not just a number or an illness or a follower of a trend is so enriching. Individuality is so deep and meaningful. How can anyone want anything else? How will anything be achieved?
Therefore I believe the whole pattern of accepting individuals for their whole being.

How difficult is it for others to respect one another at the moment?

I suppose, looking at the history of Munch he was able to display his intentions towards the media and really came up against some hard criticisms. It was his worst enemy but at the same time it motivated him to prove them wrong. Eventually, when he was not acknowledged for his achievements he shot his finger off. I feel this is a sign to respect one another because of the difficulties people face in life. He was an amazingly gifted man. If we respect others for their gifts then harm will not come to them – it is a difficult thing to do; To acknowledge society on a whole and your own personal life.

I feel although a person can achieve things on a whole they may not feel they have achieved because it will consume them. I wrote about   Why are we never satisfied? There seems to be a drive inside us; a force of relentlessness to achieve. Many have different ways of achieving but we all have this motivated pattern. It is very difficult for others to not recognise unless they have tuned into human nature. I feel this causes difficulties for many. The outcome, also, affects the person  and those close to a person. Therefore respect is one of the first things to disappear. At the moment I cannot back my statements up but I have read it somewhere.

We are all weird and wonderful!

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  1. Weird is good, beware the “normal” peoples!!! Anyways, I thought I best give my followers including you, the heads up that I am changing my url to kindabexy.wordpress.com shortly. I hope to see you there in comments. 🙂 Namaste


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