Autonomy the big word not everyone comprehends or respects

How boring would the world be if we did not have choices?
A life without your favourite things. The different variety of foods we eat; hairstyles, cars, books we read; having the option to choose colour, choose our boyfriends and girlfriends, whether or not we wear trousers or a shirt.


Some things are not choices and I feel we need to respect that about one another.

I would like to embark upon the journey of enlightenment to help people discover their choices.

I feel, whenever I am of low mood – my choices are reduced and my options are limited. I feel clustrophibic – trapped in my own thoughts unable to grasp some kind of a way out of my situation. Thinking out of a bad situation, letting my thoughts materialise into a negative cluster. Making myself cry because I have limited choices.

There are many countries which follow the guidelines of The World Health Report 2002: Reducing Risk, Promoting A Healthy Life. I feel we are at risk of not identifying the reduction of choices for a healthier lifestyle to make us feel better.
You hear the voice say:

“Even the inside you is as important as the outside you!”

I realise my own faults through writing  Helping those who are not socially interacting. I personally feel in my circumstances when I have had my choices reduced; I feel as though I am not able to see family and friends.

They seem to think I would be willing to see them after I had gone through financial difficulties to see them.

Why are you writing this?

Well, I do not feel as though I am exhibiting a strength of character without looking at my own weaknesses. However, I think choices are amazing.

How can I explain – please, look at the lyrics for a perfect circle:

We’re victims of sedition on the open sea.
No one ever said life was free.
Sink, swim, go down with the ship.
Just use your freedom of choice.

I’ll say it again in the land of the free
Use your freedom of choice, freedom of choice.

In ancient Rome
there was a pawn
who followed along
and watched it fall
he cast a stone
he felt secure
he felt that he would never be heard.

Freedom of choice
it’s what you’ve got
Freedom of choice

You’re given a voice
you don’t want it
seems to be the rule of thumb
don’t be tricked by what you see
you’ve got two ways to go

I’ll say it again in the land of the free:
Use your freedom of choice, freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice
it’s what you’ve got
Freedom of choice…

In ancient Rome
there was a pawn
who followed along
and watched it fall
he cast a stone
he felt secure
he felt that his voice would never be heard.

Freedom of choice
it’s what you’ve got
Freedom from choice
it’s what you want.

Freedom of choice –
it’s what you’ve got.
Freedom from choice.
It’s what you want.

Freedom from choice
It’s what you want.
Freedom from choice.

The first verse just leaps out at me! Do you sink or swim or go down with the ship?

Really, I think my own body is going to fight for survival. Clinging on to the last breath and gasp. As I struggle through the water. So really it is just “self preservation”….

If I had a choice and I was stranded at sea and a life boat was to come along. I would grab on to the lifeboat.

The lifeboat saved my life, but it was my choice because if I carried on swimming: I would drown. Think about how big the sea is and how big the waves can be. I would have no other option but to take the lifeboat to save my life.

This is it – I will not take any other option but to save myself. If this actually helps people through tough times, then, awesome. There are times when I feel like I am stranded at sea.

“Some people do feel stranded at sea – all they need is a lifeboat. They are too busy swimming, maybe try throwing the lifeboat towards them – let them catch it.”

I know many people who do not have the option of someone throwing them a lifeboat. It seems as though they are stranded. All you could do is just offer them a lifeboat: the phone, the spare coin, the packet of crisps, the apple or the lift to the hospital, the assistance to get them help.

What is really important about having a voice in relation to autonomy?

My inner voice still works.  If I was unable to speak. My voice is whatever I choose. It is how I want to be or act, or behave. Autonomy means:

☆My self- esteem flourishes.

☆My confidence is better.

☆My ability to do things is improved.

When you put too much pressure on people – they do not wish to perform. Having the ability to identify when a person has had their choices taken away means – they are unable to have a voice in this world or motivation to do things.

Why is it so important to value a person’s choices?

No matter what I person doesn’t deserve to have their options reduced. Their quality of life is reduced without choices or their way of thinking is also greatly reduced. A person’s choices means it is apart of them. If you value yourself, you can value and appreciate others – of course, things happen, but, having options is better than making a person feel:

unwanted, disengaged, worthless, judged, demoralised, naked, negative, angry, bitter, careless, reckless, irresponsible, disrespected, disregarded, unloved, unappreciated, disheartened, undermined, patronised, vengeful, resentful, bewildered, scathed, smeared, tainted, and neglected.

All these really make individuals feel unable to even choose what they like.  Sometimes, all it takes is a sorry, or, asking if they are okay; would they like something else.

How else do we keep options for others going?

I just feel as though people are running out of steam and they have no other route to go apart from making people feel less of themselves to win.

Get the government to create more options. Don’t just sit there thinking others can materialise this out of thin air. Why else do governments get paid?

Nothing will change and some people need those choices to get themselves out of hot water.

Do you feel like people understand their choices out there?

No. Sometimes I feel as though they give the choices but then – the long term effects are not thought about. The risks and the side effects are not taken into consideration.

Do some choices have risks?

Yes! We never know unless we try and having a voice means having the courage to also try things. I sometimes feel my choices are reduced because I want to take a risk; to benefit myself because I need to feel good about who I am.

Some people like to take harmful risks it depends on what the person has experienced and what they want to achieve. I feel if they are on a careless pursuit then – why actually let them harm themselves and others around them.

Do you think freedom of choice is all we have?

Yes, you can get yourself out of trouble with choice.

No matter how tough things become it is your choice to take action. Do not take careless risks and think about the consequences.  By the end of the day we all need to survive and we will. As long as we do not limit our options.

You would have to be a really evil person not to let others have the other alternative options.

Be happy with the choices you made; value the person you are and value others choices. By the end of the day I am not one of those really evil people.

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