A Blighty tale about: “Not my problem!”

Weird And Wonderful would like to tell you about the alarm ringing in the neighbourhood.

It has been ringing every hour for 5 days. I even had a neighbour facebook message me about the alarm.

Five days of constant ringing.

The funniest thing about the alarm is hearing the children in the neighbourhood make fun of the sound.

“Neeeee – noooorrrr!!!!”

“Fire…. help…. fire!!!”

Children are complaining about the noise and adults are just ignoring the sound.

Good ol’ blighty attitude:

“It doesn’t seem to be my problem, therefore, I am not going to resolve it.”

Meanwhile, it has been five days of this constant alarm ringing. Surely, someone has called the police to get the alarm switched off:

“Not my problem! It isn’t my alarm therefore…. Not my problem!”

Meanwhile, deep down they are becoming bitter and resentful from the constant ringing. This will increase stress as your body is going through a process of fight or flight even being worked up and angry about the situation.

According to The University of Penn effects to your health include:

  • Cardiovascular disease – because the body is on constant alert.
  • Hypertension which is a panic attack.

This even affects children, so, really our society is just creating it’s own dysfunctional behavioural patterns.

Even worse still there is a possibility of an increase of crime as Ted Blog states:

“Noise pollution may possibly even contribute to crime. When the city of Lancaster, California, installed a sound system featuring birdsong along a half-mile stretch of a main road, there was a 15 percent reduction in reported crime, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal. Similarly, when the London Underground started playing classical music at a crime-heavy station, robberies fell by 33% while assaults on staff dropped 25%, says The Independent”

So the constant alarm ringing has serious side affects. I really think it is fair to say – there are not enough educated people around to want a nice environment: to even benefit their Monday slog. Such a shame.

It used to be a nice quiet area as well. Good job I am considering moving. I have had enough of being a pessimistic blighty. With the “why should I attitude!” If everyone else gave a hoot others wouldn’t feel so exhausted and run down.

Good job I am considering moving.  Wait…. the alarm has gone off again….sighs!


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