Different ways to Smile Experiment….

Here is a list of the different ways to smile –photos are not included but this will be an experiment to find out if anyone can grimace at themselves. During the process of trying to smile at yourself.

Please find a mirror –

1. Closed mouth large smile – it hurts the side of your cheeks. You are using all the muscles in your face. Perhaps your eyebrows are raised.

2. Half open mouth smile – plenty of teeth showing. You are using the muscles in the face to show your teeth.

3. Open mouth smile – as though you are about to say something. You may find your head tilted.

4. Half side smile – as though you have done something naughty and you are not sure if you have been caught. Perhaps try both sides.

5. The Grimace – you are in pain and stubbed your toe, perhaps you would not wish to swear.

The object of this experiment is to make you smile. If it has worked please post a smile below, if you grimaced please post why. Thank you for taking part!



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