chat Is it Cognitive decline or Gaslighting?

I wanted to reflect on some of the videos of Joe Biden, purely on the basis of the arguments which may arise. So I am giving my reasoning and conclusion about why we should have a retirement age in certain jobs.

This is so difficult to write because I know there are many people whom want us to be employed until we are 81

The meaning of Gaslighting:

the action of tricking or controlling someone by making them believe things that are not trueespecially by suggesting that they may be mentally ill:Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse.His gaslighting was a deliberate attempt to convince her that she was losing her grasp on reality.

But are the media gaslighting, or has Joe Biden tried to gaslight when really he is not feeling well? Have we gaslighted gender and had people believe that they are ill? There has been questions about our race, and our sexuality of which Joe Biden could have shown some moral fortitude to help people’s beliefs be respected.

I really find it hard to believe that Joe Biden is apart of this gaslighting argumentative group of people, whom are called woke. Perhaps it is me, because I believe that we are supposedly allowed privacy. Gaslighting doesn’t allow you to have the privacy or receive the supposed respect that people would want in society. It could mean, we are creating a society around us which is divisive.

According to Psychology Today, Gaslighting means:

“Gaslighting is an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control. Victims of gaslighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, often about themselves. They may end up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity. Over time, a gaslighter’s manipulations can grow more complex and potent, making it increasingly difficult for the victim to see the truth.”

So, there is a moment where I am slightly confused about what has been presented to me. I am watching body language. But if I am being honest, when you get to a certain age, you can certainly have some techniques on people to make sure you get the results you want. Have you noticed how much people have been ignoring 2010 and forgetting who bailed out the banks?

I found, it extremely confusing how young people, where awfully attached to Biden. As if he was the next big thing. Why would they idolise someone whom has not even the moral fortitude to assist those in Afghanistan have the freedoms we all have?

You can let your child, catch a bus, train, plane, learn to drive or be a child. Go to the mall. Literally let them wear their hair down. Dye their hair and show their friends pretty hair styles. Heck we have so much freedom, there is sex changes and all sorts going on. What about that for the Afghanis?

Here he is talking about Iraq in 2008.

But is it Gaslighting or is he in cognitive decline?

Boris said these are his values, I am going to say, that it is okay to have your values. But to not show compassion, naturally show concern and compassion when being interviewed. Made me question even my own resolve stratergies and how many countries were left behind to clean up the mess.

Then America left Iraq in 2011, then there was Syria. So, Joe leaves a mess!

However, from the 2008 video, I will draw my thoughts about cognitive decline. As I mentioned before, governments want us all to be working in stressful jobs until we are 81. I do not think it is right to be working until then in highly complicated strategic jobs unless you are doing it part time. I will let you all decide, as
this difficult, as perhaps a number of doctors do.

Doctors only have 15 minutes where they go in and assess a patient based on first impressions. Is this really enough time?

In his job, there are press and sometimes they can become a distraction. However, Joe has been used to the spotlight for 40 years. He is used to being interviewed, and 1 minute difference between him in 2008 and him getting lost in June 2021, during the G7 summit is not enough for me to even make my mind up. Let alone a doctor.

June 2021

Imagine if Joe was a surgeon and his hands kept quivering on the job. Surgeons continue their shifts for 48 hrs. Non-stop. I tried staying up for 48 hrs once. I felt it!

Lack of sleep can also contribute to a rapid decline in cognitive performance. Some of the older generation do not sleep for more than 4 hrs. I try to maximise my sleep pattern so I get at least 6 hrs. Even then my performance dwindles a little at the end of the week.

August 2021

However, this is happening more frequently and the press are out to get poor ol’ Joe and show that he really isn’t fit for purpose.

During the Afghanistan handover to the Taliban, you would expect this man to be communicating to everyone in the white house, and even have generals present as he makes his decisions.

As you can all see Joe is sat on his own, in a room talking to others on zoom.

Why I do not want this to be gaslighting, alongside the press!

I really do not really want it to be gaslighting because it means, there is a steady decline of our morals. So many young people are beginning to attack each other on some very, deeply disturbing things which I call “purification generation”. I mean, they would bully each other over changing their sexes on line, from 2013 onwards. There were more people wanting to be segregated based on the colour of their skin.

By 2017, most of the younger generation had began at university, this is when the real chaos came. They were not satisfied with Trump they wanted something else. They rioted, and began insurgence on their own lecturers. Many thought the purification generation, reminded them of Germany 1936. We did not live during those times, but we were educated enough to know, it was not good.

Going back to the young people and why I think they have been gaslighted. Their behaviour is thus, of someone whom has been under the wing of someone. It really is not healthy for young people to dislike, another persons point of view, but, they do now because of Biden.

This was a message from Biden during 2010:

The other reason why I really do not want it to be gaslighting is because, many people have been so quick to give up their own freedoms to follow a president. About 80 odd years ago, Germany followed their leader and it led to them having a wall built between them, creating a west and east divide.

During, the times of the Berlin wall many on the communist side, had the purification generation too. They had to watch what they say. They had to make sure they tread on eggshells. Chernobyl happened and a lot of people died, as they tried to cover up the damage to the rest of the world, with gaslighting.

Would we really want this to be gaslighting? It feels, really annoying saying this but, I think people should be communicating with everyone in person, without masks so it shows transparency.

Further reasoning for my preferring cognitive decline for Joe Biden than gaslighting is the uncomfortable feeling, knowing this man just manipulated everyone. What I mean by this is, all the leaders of the world gathered for the G7 summit, and he seemed perhaps too overly friendly, during a time when the leaders of the world had been totalitarian.

Would we really want more restrictions and more mask wearing after over 3/4 of the population has gotten vaccinated?

The masks are still on at the white house. What is going on? Why do you not want to be showing you are a free country?

But then I saw this clip, and I am still not sure if he is pretending or if he really has declined in cognitive performance. It worried me. There is no compassion in this August 2021 interview:

However, I question myself again. How could it be gaslighting when he gets lost for example.

There is a thing about gaslighting, and manipulation: having people believe in something else, rather than their own values. Do you not feel like you are in moral panic a little in America?

20 NATO countries went to Afghanistan, and we all went to help you America. For you to continue to have your freedoms and for the Afghanis to have some slight way for civil freedoms.

He kept saying: “No one has died yet!”

What about the women and children?

I am not saying Biden has not changed his mind. It is just that most of the people from other countries had not left yet. Why could he not say:

“You all go first, and we will ensure your safe passage”

I know you were all losing in Afghanistan, it has a long history. Even the British could not keep hold of her in the 19th century. But they left with a little more dignity.

Show the video to people, try and get them not to idolise a person whom is at the top already. Give other people a chance to be president.

Then he called Kamala Harris, his general. Is this cognitive decline, or is it gaslighting? I really, hope that is not gaslighting, because if it is ….. then she looks like mortal kombat Jade. (Video below)

Jade, Mortal Kombat 11, 4K, #228 Wallpaper
There are not many people whom play mortal kombat, so here is your scary picture.

Adding a little humour becuase, calling someone a general and they are vice president, and they are wearing those silly masks, can only mean: more serious pressure on Americans to conform.

I do not think that Americans, deep down are conformists. Americans are boombastic loudly spoken individuals whom are proud to be free. To make an American conform is like getting one of their American Indians and sucking their spirit out of them. No way, do you want to see American Indians not even have a team named after them. It is a joke. That is not America, that is now like Germany during the Berlin Wall era.

Everyone in Germany were risking their lives to get away from Stalin because the women had been raped, and the villages had been plundered. The wall was built to keep the Russians away from the west. These kinds of suggestions never came up from Joe. He remembers that time better than I do.

Yes, all the time he needs to verify the numbers on a flash card. Is this gaslighting? Because if it is, then it really means he is trying to pull at your heart strings.

War costs money, but it wasn’t about the war. It was about a certain set of values that helped women and children gain their freedoms. I hope to goodness this is not gaslighting and that Biden has forgotten what it is like to be human.

What about making us work until we are Biden’s age?

No, thank you. There has to be some pension plan because it does not look healthy at all. He does look like he is deteriorating right before our eyes. I really do not think, he shows nearly as much empathy as he did do in the past for people. I have looked at the videos and I am trying to see it from all different perspectives, instead of just being bias.

I mean, if he is in cognitive decline, his party need to give him support by not making it look like a tyrannical mess right now, because it makes people nervous seeing that there is no stability.

I am surprised Harris is not speaking much. She seems to be doing her own thing. I am worried about things for Americans because many countries do not seem like they want to help you out, if anything was to happen. You really have to hope that nothing happens. As we like having you as our ally; we were okay with you being an ally.

On the flip-side to create more jobs for younger people we should retire and know when to step down if our health is in decline. This is a reflection of how I do not want to be when I am older, stubborn and not willing to hang up my hat.

This is what kind of society we need to encourage, is a youthful one with more ideas for the future. Then for young people to be active and not have to sit studying until they are 50 years old to get anywhere near the success Biden has achieved.

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  1. The k’vanna of the Rif’s halachic commentary to ראש השנה

    Power, tends to cause leaders to make toxic assumptions, and even worse political decisions. Power, brings the collapse and destruction of empires. Nothing more contains the expression of power that the use of a nations’ military. The military “invests” the lives, it gambles the life of the youth of a particular generation. The British empire, after exhausting the youth of an entire generation, never recovered from the disaster of the first world war. The 2nd European general Civil War permanently knocked Europe from its perch as the elite of the 1st world Great Powers.

    G’lut Jewry, prior to the Rambam Civil War, enjoyed no such expressions of power. Stateless Jewish refugee populations scattered in isolated tiny communities across Western Europe and North Africa – Sephardic Jews within Arab and Muslim countries – struggled with anti-power. Anti-power: the expression of political leadership which gambles the lives of the youth of a particular “class”, the extension of which includes more than one generation, which encourages assimilation to the dominant cultures and customs of host societies and civilizations, by our OWN leaders. Stateless refugee populations usually lack the ability to project the Will of military power.

    Yasser Arafat, the collapsed empires of Europe simply adore. A stubble faced refugee pretended to project power; in 1974, a year after the latest Arab defeat before Israeli arms, Arafat addressed the UN sporting a holster. The leader of the PLO declared: “Today I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter’s gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand.” Yet, in point of fact, anti-power plagues the Arab refugee youth scattered across the Middle East and the world.

    Post 1948 Arab refugee populations, despite being Arabs, remain to this day in Apartheid refugee camps. They live in Apartheid refugee camps in countries scattered across the Middle East. Yet European propaganda, those disgraced & collapsed empires, they promote a rhetoric ‘blood libel’ against Israel. These trash barbarian hypocrites accuse Israel of practicing racial Apartheid. European governments arm the youth of Arab refugee populations with weapons, their political agenda promotes Arab hatred of the Jewish State in the Middle East. The UN excludes Israel as a member of the Middle East community of nations.

    Nothing shocked and surprised the fallen empires of Europe more than the victory of Israeli arms in the first and second Israeli wars of Independence – the 1948 and 1967 wars. Just 3 years after defeated France regained its national Independence, Israel and India witnessed the collapse of the British empire. The Sétif massacre in May 1945 served as the foundation of the Agerian revolt against the French empire. France too sacrificed their youth upon the altar of the First World War. The 5th of Wilson’s 14 points for peace, many ‘aalimath‘ (guardians, transmitters, and interpreters of religious knowledge in Islam) perceived Wilson’s opinion as applicable to themselves. It read: “A free, open-minded, and absolutely impartial adjustment of all colonial claims, based upon a strict observance of the principle that in determining all such questions of sovereignty the interests of the populations concerned must have equal weight with the equitable claims of the government whose title is to be determined.” Many Algerians, and not just Germans, abhorred the final results of the Paris Peace Conference.

    The leader of France, de Gaulle, lacked the power to oppose Jewish Independence in 1948. But the founder of the 5th Republic and author of the new French Constitution, 2 years before his death, adamantly opposed the Israeli victory of Independence in the 1967 Six Day War. France, no friend of the Jewish State, having witnessed the collapse of their African empire, co-authored UN Resolution 242 in an effort to negate the growing Israeli nation state. From then to today EU and Russian governments have pursued a united foreign policy rhetoric propaganda which favors the dismantlement of the Jewish state – ‘piece by peace’.

    Even at the height of the ‘Cold War’, the hostile Johnson Administration, sought to extend the US empire to both Vietnam and the Middle East, it too favored a 2 State Solution, despite the fact that no Arab state of Palestine had ever existed in history. It too challenged the unification of Israeli rule over Jerusalem, despite the fact that President Truman condemned the illegal nationalization, by the king of Jordan, of the territories of Samaria in 1948. In 1967, suddenly Washington wanted to restore the prewar status quo, a situation wherein Israel held weak and easily invaded borders. To this day, Western cartographers rhetoric propaganda fantasize Samaria as the ‘occupied West Bank’; conveniently oblivious to the fact that Britain, as the mandate government of “Palestine” separated mandate “Jordan” at the Jordan river in that dying empires attempt to “contain” the Jewish state.

    The Truman Administration, set the US military foreign agenda upon the two feet of the Marshal Plan and the Containment Policy; foreign aid in exchange for US military bases, and determining the borders of foreign countries like Korea, Vietnam, and Israel. Western Great Power attempts to shape and determine the borders of nation states did not limit itself to the Treaty of Versailles mockery. European powers fight wars, the racial Will of narcissistic megalomania European leadership, generation to generation, the pornographic military power of empires – to draw up and determine the national borders of foreign countries, not adjacent to their own borders.

    The British empire divided India from Pakistan. The Allies likewise divided Korea and Vietnam into 4 separate countries. The Allied victors previously broke up the Austria-Hungary and Ottoman empires. Determination of the borders of nation states has shaped ‘Great Power’ politics throughout history. And herein lay the root of destruction for ‘Great Power’ projection of its empires upon lessor states; like the division of China into spheres of influence – late in 19th century. All successful military campaigns require assured supply routes. The horrid barbarism exemplified by the SS during Operation Barbarossa, guaranteed that Ukrainians would attack German supply lines. The Nazis surrendered at Stalingrad due to their incompetent inability to resupply their invasion forces.

    Empires invest huge capital resources to attain military superiority. A strong Air Force for example: great when an army employs the tactics of ‘Shock & Awe’. But over time, the enemy learns the ‘habits’ of invading soldiery. The Vietnamese knew at what times the B-52s would drop their bombs. The tactic of ‘Shock & Awe’ lost a lot of its shine and glimmer.

    Confronted by ‘Peoples’ War guerrilla tactics – which effectively countered US static military dogmatism – ‘Peoples War’ rhetoric propaganda encouraged and promoted domestic American opposition to the war. Pictures of Hanoi Jane Fonda – operating a ‘Charlie’ anti-air craft gun – disgraced home front America. Americans expressed an irate growing opposition to US imperialism; they despised both Johnson and the corrupt industrial military complex. That hated fool did not run for re-election in 1968; disgraceful political assassinations defined American politics during that election cycle. Fragging Officers destroyed military order within the ranks. Drug addicted soldiers, turned back to the United States totally humiliated.

    Corruption within the US military industrial monopoly resulted in more expensive yet inferior weapons reaching the front. America as an empire suffered total military defeat, as witnessed in the US withdrawal from chaotic Hanoi under Nixon; that President did not complete his term of Office with honor. Huge deficits defined all post war governments in Washington; America transformed itself into a debtor nation, which owed billions to foreign governments from Britain, an ally, to China, a mortal enemy. After Germany lost its war of imperialism, it too owed billions to enemy countries. Which caused inflation to undermine the confidence of the German people in the ability of the Weimar Republic to maintain both the economy, and stable rule.

    US imperialism fought the Korean, Vietnam, Iraqi, and Afghanistan Wars. All these countries shared long borders with countries hostile to US strategic and tactical interests. A defining quality of US generals, they loathe to send US soldiers to invade neighboring countries. Despite Nixon’s attempts to bomb Vietnamese supply routes, air superiority has its limitations. To curtail a supply route requires troops on the ground. Johnson used the excuse of an attack by whales on a US destroyer to justify his illegal invasion of Vietnam. Nixon could not pull a similar false flag stunt to excuse the invasion of Cambodia and Laos. American military adventures abroad began a repeating series of defeats which include Iraq and Afghanistan. All these military defeats share the common denominator, US military forces failed to conquer and control enemy supply lines.

    How does this assessment logically infer to the disastrous error made by the Rambam code? That code, like Hanoi Jane, divided and disgraced assimilated g’lut Jewry. Just as bureaucratic corruption in the industrial military complex produced a marked inferiority of US weapons systems during the Vietnam war and thereafter, Jewish exiles lost our ability to correctly study the Talmud; the latter defines and establishes classic Judean culture and customs that prevailed prior to the Jewish exile from Roman “Palestine”. G’lut Jewry lost all knowledge that avodat HaShem requires the dedication of tohor middot, דאורייתא ודרבנן. G’lut Jewry abandoned the Cohen nation tohor status & identity. Generations of Jewish youth assimilated and embraced foreign cultures and customs, and thereafter became lost to the Jewish people. Especially after the Muslim invasions of Spain, and the resultant rediscovery of ancient Greek philosophy; which had earlier provoked a Jewish Civil War during the times of the Maccabees.

    This long introduction introduces Part ll of the Rif commentary to ראש השנה. Yom HaDin upon the Brit judges the t’shuva which our People dedicate and commit unto HaShem. Yidden have returned, we rule our oath brit homelands. Can we make the Torah the Written Constitution of our Republic? Can we establish lateral Common Law courtrooms modeled after the small and Great Sanhedrin Federal Court system? Herein defines the k’vanna of the tefillot dedicated unto HaShem on the Yom Tov, and how this author explains the k’vanna of the Rif’s halachic commentary to the Talmud, specifically the Gemara of ראש השנה.

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