chat Vaccine passports for places of worship: who would have thought being religious would be rebellious?

Who would have thought that religion is now, rebellious?

******Please watch the video below. ********

You may be an atheist; at this point it really does not matter —what religion or belief structure you have — this is based on your human rights. No one should want to have their rights taken from them.

The fact of the matter is, here in Norway I wrote something about the media, bombasting the point and jesting about how priests are —okay with the drink culture in Norway, because they drink themselves. Meaning they are human. I will not go into the philosophy of what I said but you can translate it, Blir den nye tanker etter COVID fortrengning?.

Here is just a few snippets of what I wrote in English:

“In the old-fashioned big fix point, the language debate in the 1800s was also the point. Probably so far now the population ignores that in the dark reality, which begins the path to turn. Because most of the population misses their own point of view, and is even confused about the duty.

This is a reflection that involves my thoughts regarding COVID, and an article that I have read today on vg news.”

Weird and wonderful, July 2021

Another little quote from myself stating exactly how scary these days are:

In Norwegian society, there is diversity, and we have an alcohol culture. It’s about exposing hypocrisy that I had written about in poems July 22, 2021.

We turn a blind eye to all religious environments amongst us, Muslim, Christian, Sikhs, in Norway today. This means that journalists point out religions and they have no separate treatment in their mind. That there will be misunderstanding, especially among young people in Norway.

Weird and Wonderful, July 2021

Dark times are here because I just watched this video on YouTube.

You may not feel you have to make a choice about a religion. You may think that no one should be allowed to say the things they should.


Freedom of expression and your beliefs, are the first things you do not lay down and ignore. People in the past, lost their lives for us to have the freedoms to choose.

I did also, make the same comment in the piece written in Norwegian and here is my translation:

“There was an elderly lady who came to visit my primary school, and explained the basics of the rights we have. She explained that everyone had to master human rights. Because in the past, everyone had fought against the bad conscience to have us thrive.”

It took, not one but TWO world wars; to ensure we have our freedoms. Then now, we have to make sure we do not allow, our compliance to be taken for granted.

I think a lot of rebellious people, whom like to appeal; may see religion as the new rebellion because there does not seem to be any other reason why we should be doing what we are doing.

****Please watch the short video. I do not want to apologise for saying something****

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