chat 1997 Time machine poem: We demanded weird and wonderful!

“Wheee-eee what a predicament!”

If Caster Troy stole my face, I could not spar him

His character is marked as belligerent,

if you have not seen face off then go out on a limb,

I found it rather disturbing back then,

we were all on AOL and using a dial tone modem

Face modifications, body morphing was all sci-fi themes;
todays reality is yesterdays dreams.



As we step into the time machine and see yesteryear,

The young people of today would be jealous of how we were,

Young and free one could say auspicious

we sang bohemian rhapsody under the orange street lamps,

Our styles and fashions would change we were capricious,

We were elaborate but never dressed like tramps.

We were not Barbie girls either but sang Aqua;

“Come on barbie lets go party!



Singing so loud as we could chumbawamba in the street

I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down!”

described as zealous, and the class clown;

however, when we hung out, you would never frown.

Everyone wanted a nokia phone to play the snake game,

No one thought it was a time stamp to frame.



Show no mercy, to all men on the fair rides we would tease them, singing;

“You leave without a word, no message no number!”

Steady on mate!

It was only spin the bottle; or a fair ride not a date!

We were all in the park, whilst it was dark

Playing truth or dare;

Moments like these are very rare.



I would listen to BUSH; cradle of filth; No Doubt;

The prodigy; Chemical brothers; Metallica; Faith no more;

Scepultura, Skunk Anansie; Anthrax; Mayhem

The music was explosive and enticing,

We did not need tick tock or the vines,

we lived in a moment of freedom at will,

nothing really made us ill.

We made Ouija boards and did something silly;

just to test our fate about the world’s we did not know,

Our minds were not limited they would grow.




“Welcome to the good burger can I take your order!”

I know seventeen seems like we are so much older.

Kenan and Kel, there really is not much to tell.

The verge age group full of change, but nothing fixed like gel,

We all knew the lyrics to the verve,
The drugs don’t work they just make you worse but I know I’ll see your face again

The song formed values with a metaphoric boarder .

The more we sang, the deeper the values began to be bolder



There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.

Imagine having to pick up a gun against a bunch of insects,

I sat there watching Starship Troopers in absolute awe,

Then I had my friend complain about Titanic being a bore,

being around friend’s is never a chore,

the things today that one rejects,

I was not really romantic back then,




My friend’s and I will never deny,

We sat and watched Buffy for Angel,

Of course Slayer was not only a band,

The vampire genre begins here in sci-fi

As teenagers we grew with once former contraband,

I just enjoyed the creativity

and the no re-runs and the intimacy

Our open-mindness was nothing to be ashamed of,

our love for the weird and wonderful was a demand.




I hope someone finds the art and passion again,

to write with no constrain,

as we saw the beginning of Stargate SG1

it did feel like we were watching

mmmmm… Gou’ald TV

lets face it Jack O’Neil had the best lines.

We need something more than this mere existence and fines.

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