chat How on earth did we manage without the good stuff during COVID 19?

This is my little extract on different ways to say toilet paper:

I ran out of my bog roll

I cant believe I am out of Dunny paper

Do rull is Norway’s way of calling poop paper,

Klopapir is German for the soft glove,

When I look at the German for toilet paper I think about the translation and pinching paper is what comes out.

Can you believe the French call loo paper PQ?

Brazilians do not flush their paper down the Johnson,

It is not like the UK, where everything goes down the pan!

पाख़ाने का काग़ज़ I could not pronounce this at all: I would be stuck in India using a banana leaf!

I just get lost over how much toilet paper did not exist last year.

Rollo in Spanish but there was none to be seen.

وَرَقُ الـمِرْحَاض  is Arabic for the stuff that we could not find last year on any shelf;

I would be damned if I find it again in Arabic. I would probably end up with sand paper.

χαρτί τουαλέτας It is all Greek to me how we ended up in this mess, I nearly did make the trip to the das, smitter, whatever it just would not be happening I had the case of the runs.

トイレットペーパー You mean to tell me the Japanese also ran out of the 2 ply?

Did we all suffer from mass diarrhoea? I do not even remember hugging that many people.

The extinct tissue, the TP was just not around.

carta igienica in Italian, still doesn’t make it any better, it is too late. I have yesterdays news paper.

화장지 if only I tried one of those state of the art Korean toilets, with the shooting jets.

hârtie igienică is Romanian and it sounds like it is not fun to run out of toilet paper.

No one laughs about it until now!

We survived and now we are going to party, like it is the beginning of the century.

As long as we do not have to talk about porter-loos. The ones made of plastic and just stink at festivals. We are happy.

I know we lost some wonderful people along the way.

Let their memories be cheered on and let our glasses be filled with more; to toast them all.

We need to laugh or else we will cry!


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