chat Foresight vs Prediction: Finding Solutions During Adversity.

A reflection about how bizarre things have become —  in terms of our own thinking and how we perceive the world. Is it half empty or half full?

I will ask myself some very deep questions about the social constructs and constraints, we have had during COVID 19. You can ask the same questions if you want to, and challenge yourself.

I will furthermore argue, how certain countries do not allow their own civilians to discuss prepared notions so, they can save lives.

The fact of the matter is  — two conflicts happened around the world and we cannot talk about them: India and Greece.
It is like a whisper in the wind as those conflicts have caused us to change.

*Arguing the relay of information and whom absorbed it.
*When you look at the timeline, what were you doing and how did you think people should have reacted?
*Religion vs Prediction.

*Who wins when information is censored?
*How do we identify change?
* Can anyone predict what happens next?
* As the science was revealing itself did you think that people where able to take the time to ingest the information?
*If the world used a little more wisdom and a little less aesthetics, how would the outcome have been?
*What is a paradigm shift?
*Folk tales vs Paradigm shift. Who is Anasi the spider?

(British spelling here so, please do not comment about my spelling but rather look at the content.)

Arguing the relay of information and whom absorbed it?

I sometimes feel  —  most adults have sheltered their lives from thought. Either overworked, stressed, or have other problems to deal with which are psychological.

We are not able to absorb information  — as well as we once had  — we do not have the prepared vision needed; perhaps this is down to social media.

Social media has become, a friend whom everyone says is “over exaggerating”  — whereby certain information is being —  censored by those whom own social media  — which inoculates a self-censorship mode for those whom are not fully aware.

It could be argued that social media became a weapon against us  —  due to the censorship and the clustering of adverts —  then the constant alerts about COVID; numbed the brain into a false sense of emergency.

We have been at war with one another over trivial things.

When all it takes is some time to read over the information, to understand another person’s perspective.

Do not get me wrong! Please, I love everyone equally; with admiration and some kind of awareness is possible for most of us. I am polite to people even on WordPress, about the way in which they have decided to only see one side of the coin.

However, three years ago I split from Facebook. I can honestly tell you, even during the pandemic; I refrained myself from being on Facebook; due to the different challenges people have in their lives; preventing them from absorbing information.

If you are constantly living in the frame of mind of paranoia, you are going to attack people with a different point of view. Thus we had a division.

Mark my words —  someone made money from people being aggressive towards one another.

Many put a political slant on the situation without having the foresight to understand: we all needed to be there for one another.

Archived: WHO Timeline – COVID-19

When you look at the timeline, what were you doing and how did you think people should have reacted?

I was working in the nursery with the children and everyone was getting sick. I went to my doctor in December, and said I felt strange.

Doctor replied; “A lot of people have been feeling very sick” .

It got to January and I had already 36 rolls of toilet paper; tinned food; bags of rice and pasta, all stocked up. There was no need for me to make a scene. The government had already issued out pamphlets and prepared us 2 years prior, to the event.

We still had people working in the airports and some of us, had close contact with those working in airports.

It was badly, thought out for those working in the airports. The open border situation had escalated to people having to queue, because, border staff were sick. Therefore. the army got called in because it became too much. Everyone was sick.

Babies, elderly and the sick are  — the most common known to be vulnerable, to most diseases in the world. However, some countries around the world do not necessarily, see this as an important factor. So, reasoning and rationalism tells me; this could be one of the reasons why; so many were sick because people did not want to socially distance themselves from people.

Keeping a distance is like ethically protecting the vulnerable in your country.

Ethics has a lot to do with the way a person can develop their mind to having better foresight. I cannot tell people what to do and how to react, but I can only hope they want to learn to be better.

Coping skills and finding solutions to help the vulnerable became one of those positive aspects of humanity, I have ever seen before. So, there was hope, but it never spread.

Religion vs prediction

The funniest thing about some Christians is  — they say there will be a second coming — although it has happened already. I am not making fun of those people; I am just saying it’s a real mystery, how people come out with; “6 when it looks like a 9”.

The third coming is written in Revelations  — where we humans use free choice —  to decide whether, or not we want to be: evil or good.

This comes from reading the bible, not just skim reading; it comes from reading; knowing it is like a rebirth for your soul. Knowing that you will have to protect your soul from those things.

(If you read it some other way, let me know in the comments below.)

It is not Gods fault  — it is your own fault  — for not wanting to read something properly.

Wisdom comes from knowledge and reading. I can thoroughly understand —  some people’s desires to not admitting a trouncing has occurred due to the incompetence of others. However, this goes on in our everyday lives.

As people want an instant world, where they do not even need to think. They have some app telling them what to do with their health and some app telling them they have to find love e.t.c

No one is perfect. Perfection is just you trying to find something that fits. Only simple people want  — simple gratification.

Now we have to consider —  the risk factors like  — how people will cope after COVID; how people will interact after they have been prevented from practicing their religion.

There are many people whom misconstrue information given to them because they have to deal with family life or other mental health factors.

The government is just there to  — inform people of an event or a serious matter  — which could help balance people’s lives.

Recently, governments around the world went —  so much more —  than informing people. They took civilians human rights away and prevented them from assembling. This never happened in America despite what people claimed. You all took to the streets — even though it could have killed you! The government used force on people, and it does not work well.

The same principle needs to be applied to learning. You learn from positive influence.

God’s wrath is supposedly —  so strong, his smite would have been mighty  — therefore, no one would have to learn from their mistakes. This is not the case though is it? There is no force from God’s point of view, is there?

Punishment  —  is not the way in which freedom of thought and free will rules.

So God doesn’t punish, so why does everyone want to punish others for their behaviour. When behaviour can be corrected in a positive way. Plus we have courts and police.

Rhetorically speaking, we cannot have a world where we want instant gratification, instant hope, instant punishment and false economies  — which leads to people being punished.

This is not a prediction —  this is foresight.

If people take the time to read the bible and ingest it, they will understand there is no anger and rage to the way in which God has prevailed.

We as humans have done this. We as humans have done some  — really —  horrid things to one another.

It is like a learning curve for how to behave. Even if you do not believe in God; if your parents are very strict, one tends to rebel. It is not the way you want people to behave.

You have to discuss a persons thinking and then change the environment around them.

As the science was revealing itself did you think that people where able to take the time to ingest the information?

 — If I am honest with you  — no  —  not a scent of contempt to be seen around: like a sweet smell of success; like honey, or the best smelling mead; lingering around for days.

The 5th January was one of those key  dates —  where there was a delay of information. No one was able to give us any knowledge, or, information about where this virus came from. It was all “hearsay“.

The only reason why Trump said  — what he did about the bats, (not because he is bat ____ crazy) was down to the information from the previous virus —  which occurred 10 years ago. People in many countries died from that last SARS virus.

He was giving some Trump foresight there. It may have seemed a little bit weird but, I would not like to be him. However, he put me into fight or flight mode. No matter what anyone else tells me about my feelings on Trump; my eyes were fixed on whether, or, not the pharmaceutical companies; where going to make this FREE.

Before there was even a mention of the vaccine, I needed to be prepared:
Foresight, meant when the doctor told me this; I did not go on Facebook to tell the whole world. I was too busy preparing. I had already 36 rolls of toilet paper; tinned food; bags of rice and pasta, all stocked up. There was no need for me to make a scene. The government had already issued out pamphlets and prepared us 2 years prior, to the event.

This is foresight’s not a prediction. Forget the prediction —  it will not help you in a crisis.

All we had to do was wait for the scientists to take action and work together to come out with a solution.

A lot of people —  made assumptions  — as they watched the media inform them; but it was as though; the media wanted to sensationalise the situation. This could have been for the media’s own benefit where they all put us in a fear mode.

(Fear, panic, alert: if you have a different terminology let me know in the comments below)

By the time the scientists —  discussed the situation — they had 3 months to decide what to do with us civilians. They wanted us to be on lockdown, as they were not sure about the nature of this virus. I just sat back and watched people go crazy over toilet paper:

“As I sat there on my throne, wiping my self with one of 36 rolls ; I chuckled at the YouTube video’s, as the ” _____ hit the fan”; for all those lacking foresight, arguing over the last pack of toilet paper.”

Weird and Wonderful 2021

People sometimes behaved irrationally over scientific data; is it not true of toilet paper? I mean, we reached primitive aggressive survival tactics with some; which meant there is no way a person whom has reached that psychological basic stage; could get to the acceptance of, science.

I distinctively, remember I was on social media  — it was Discord.

A group of people began to censor information. Only to have us, not able to discuss the current events to help us make appropriate foresight to evaluate a rational response. No this was more sadistic than what you envisage  — these people on discord had gotten all the videos of people being irrational — heaven forbid, they made it the centrepiece; meaning they revelled in the chaos.

Who wins when information is censored?

Whilst on Discord, I noticed that people where censoring information. They wanted the power over others, to not have them discuss certain subjects. The danger about this was, things were beginning to become violent.

So, we would see these debilitating videos of people not being able to gather themselves and they went so far as into discriminate against them intellectually. (I mean, yes on the odd occasion  — I would laugh. The other occasions I would not. I am not perfect. I want to be better.)

Now, the internet in all its entirety is based on anonymity because people need to say those things  — to have someone challenge their mood — perhaps, challenge why they think the way they do. However, some people really do not understand when you try to capitulate — it is only  — to try and collaborate with them. They have already formed their groups. Their ideologies are already set.

When some administrators censor information —  people begin to focus on the wrong things for example —  the George Floyd situation, or the fact that BLM were getting larger. Then the administrators just watch the ball of moss go into flames — they did not want to help people get better.

Discord made millions last year from telling people they support BLM. So, someone else profits from another persons misfortune.

Discord wanted their political stance to be the first thing people think about. It was a very unproductive thing, as I rightly recall one of the U.S senators being pro -violence. This doesn’t help matters  — it only makes it worse.

As the steam was rising in the minds of the anonymous  —  things began to happen around the world due to that U.S senator not being scrutinized  — for inciting violence like Trump has been. No one needs to be harassed. They need to discuss.

It began to make me feel very nervous about how people  — whom are pacifist like myself are going to be attacked.

Can anyone predict what is going to happen next?

Yes  — anyone can make a prediction. However, when people make informed decisions about their lives  — they are not dependent on some state telling them. They are able to make the decision necessary.

If I am going to be completely honest —  When you stop someone from explaining themselves it makes them angry. So censorship is against everyone’s freedom of speech, human rights laws.

Instead of talking about the situation until, it is nothing but a joke. They would discriminate and this is when you knew, you could predict they were going to do something.

A prediction is something that doesn’t need to be verified.
It is the same as the forecast of the weather, sometimes it may not be correct.

The dictionary states this:


noun[ C or U ]UK  /prɪˈdɪk.ʃən/ US  /prɪˈdɪk.ʃən/


statement about what you think will happen in the future:

Please don’t ask me to make any predictions about tomorrow’s meeting.[ + that ]No one believed her prediction that the world would end on 12 November.


noun[ C ]UK  /prɪˈdɪkʃən/ US 

statement about what you think will happen in the future:

make a prediction Analysts are busy

 making predictions about what we can expect in the next budget.

prediction thatThis fall has confirmed our prediction that confidence would soften in the wake of interest rate rises.

prediction of sth Output will grow by only 2.2% this year, well down on last October’s prediction of 3.6%.

prediction for sthHis prediction for the economy in 2003, which many thought over-optimistic, turned out to be spot-on.

Therefore, everyone can make a prediction of what is going to happen. No one is harmed talking about what they think, no one is going to be hurt by a prediction.

Where as  — when you discriminate against someone, you are inciting hatred. You are causing a division and trying to tell them how to: act, or be. You are demonstrating you have no other way of finding resolutions, because you would rather the other person feel less than they would.

The person, then has to defend themselves  — but, first they must have the foresight to know how to behave. They need the wisdom —  to judge how the action, or the outcome will be  — if, the person whom is discriminating against them continues.

You can prepare yourself it is foresight.


noun[ U ]UK  /ˈfɔː.saɪt/ US  /ˈfɔːr.saɪt/ 

the ability to judge correctly what is going to happen in the future and plan your actions based on this knowledge:

She’d had the foresight to sell her apartment just before the housing market collapsed.

Cambridge dictionary

It is not fair to say that people cannot judge correctly.

This is based on a person’s ability to rationalise.

Only an absolutely unscrupulous, unempathetic urchin; will have us not rationalise  — always creating a toxic environment  — not providing a person the sense of balance and peace, they need to formulate a solution.

I cannot lie about the conflict seen this time last year. The world definitely, needed to unite on something. It was quite scary to see people not having the ability to judge correctly —  we are talking about senators and all the world leaders.

When you despise someone like Trump  — as a leader of another country  — you are basically giving rise to the fact that you will lose your own position of leadership. It means, you did not want to negotiate, or do what is necessary to make things work. If anyone looks at Putin and thinks he did exactly what most of the ally countries did to Trump, they would be wrong. Putin was cold and calculated.

Why would we want to live in an irrationally behaved environment. Keep a cool head and plan out the actions. This is what we need to go back to. Not this  — pitchforks until dawn  —  attitude where people shout and cannot address the elephant in the room  — they’d rather, call people monsters. We need to evolve. (By the way, many ally countries did not want Trump to even visit. This is how basic we had become!!!)

We had gotten so egotistical and one sided with our opinions we could not see that certain countries needed us to speak out: India needed someone, Greece needed someone. They still do.

Meanwhile, you have people still going on about the same old stuff before COVID. Focus, as something bad may happen because we have the foresight  — to know a world war happened after —  a huge Flu outbreak  — in the beginning of the 20th century. We need to tread lightly!

If the world used a little more wisdom and a little less aesthetics, how would the outcome have been?

Honestly —  wisdom is not something that is easily obtained.

Most have been wanting the easy route for far too long. For example when you take a degree, you basically do not need to take ethics or any other discussion group. You do not have to participate in social constructs of university life. Just keep it simple.

This easy route; take the short cut; the fastest way and the most effective way. Wisdom is neither of these things. You develop it and then you become accustomed to other actions from making mistakes. There is no such thing as perfection, or the perfect person.

We all like to choose the person whom is not rough around the edges because, you want an easy life. Well, unfortunately, this is not going to show you are mature enough. Even when you move on to other things, the same problems arise with the other person, there is no adaption or set of new skills you have learned.

This is where we are at. A lot of people whom are meant to be mature and wise, turn out to be only after the materialism in life. Which means they were not prepared for the worst.

However, tech wanted to give us this false hope, apps for your health and so forth, like I mentioned previously. It is nuts!!!!

What is a paradigm shift?

When the window of opportunity of thought came: I really thought we were on to something with Trump. We had world leaders despise him.

Now, this is a poor reflection on the leaders for not wanting to co-operate. As even though I may not agree with the man, I have time to think about my actions and how I would approach the situation.

In fact, some of those leaders  — do not know when to step down. As they like to have the power, but are unable to curb their habits of control. Maybe they just do not want to embrace change. Maybe they have a very tunnelled vision.

Most people around the world were motivated to change. As we did not like Trump, but, he made us want to change. As he would shock us!

All the people whom voted for Biden  — I understand you fear change —  I totally see your perspective: you may have thought the world would go back to the way it was  — instantly.

Cambrige Dictionary

However the world is not going to change —  instantly.

We had instant gratification and the sense of everything being —  so simplified  —  even a persons bachelor degree has been watered down.

After they took the time to study  — they prepared their mind to complete their actions. Only to find themselves working in Starbucks  — it makes no sense. Utterly none, what-so-ever, about how the way the world needed to change. Then some politician, doesn’t care about making affordable housing.

University is meant to be a learning zone  — not a social hub for people to segregate themselves into different groups —  flagellated one another with verbal misconduct. It is a place where you find out how to master foresight and experience, then grasp the concept of creating new legislation or laws.

Looking back, the world began to turn onto itself  — whereby some had said that people owe  — reparations. We all know, after WWII most of our grandparents chose to come and help. They would work and try to make a decent life. If you are talking about previous ancestors  — they fought for us to be equal already.

A natural disaster like this —  was never going to be able to be a unified project  — for these disbanded bunch of delinquents.

Folk tales vs Paradigm shift

This turn of events in people’s minds led me to believe —  Anasi the spider really does exist.

The trickster of the bunch, led the people astray to do something wicked.

Now, I am not going to explain how Loki and Anasi spider correlates  — but it does —  so therefore, we as humans are so intertwined.

We are lured in by a spider, our wings trapped into its web.

When the realisation of a connection occurs  — the perception of how a story is told, or how it came about  —  deviates from the reasons why we have, folk tales. What other reason than “a moral” do we need? As paridigm shift, helps us analyse the story to find —  the moral.

A lot of people do not want to do the paradigm shift towards a moral dilemma  —  although, they have been to university; only looked for the materialism; did not necessarily obtain wisdom. You do not get very far if you want to conspire against other’s either.

Legend says that Anasi the spider, stole a pot of wisdom from the sky gods. In doing so, he dropped the wisdom pot, leading to the whole world: having knowledge and wisdom.

If we go back to that little bit of knowledge and spread those things, people will know whom is trying to trick them. Then people know how to tell right from wrong, as the Anasi spider is like Loki and can take many forms, you learn about deception. You know it is wrong  — to deceive people and you want to be honest about whom you are.

When the preparation comes from wisdom, so, is the action very distinctively rational. Then it is accompanied, with a validation for doing so. It is not from the emotionally screaming place  — where you burn things down to the ground to get attention.

Anxiety vs foresight

You can plan things rationally and reduce your anxiety with foresight. Definitely, it makes you want to explore and not take prescription drugs, to numb that sensation. Anything that makes me feel weird, doesn’t go into my body.

I know that anxiety can either do a fight, or flight in the body. This is my response! But even before the fight or flight mode begins to kick in —  comes the reactions in the body. Being able to calm the body naturally and get it back into its natural state, where, your pulse is low e.t.c  — is meant to be dealt with in a very rational manner.

You put your mind through a behavioural pattern process, to come out with a better outcome.

Without this interaction and awareness of the body and mind, there is nothing but irrational fear.

Fear is the most dangerous weapon in our world today. We need to be able to come together and have the foresight to tell the media to stop bombarding us with fear. The fearmongering must stop.

We decide what we do, right from wrong

We decide to research the information  — about COVID  — not the media ,or the government

We decide what to tell our children: whom they can and cannot be with.

We decide how to use google.

We have gone without Facebook before  — we can go without it again.

We control our own destiny.

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