chat Lori & Chad Daybell: Why Was The Children’s Safety Not Put Into Account?

Reflection on this case and putting it into perspective for people’s beliefs coming before children.

The first thing I want people to think when they are reading this piece is that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover. Love—  comes in many clear forms.

Love is not manipulated—  it is pure.

Sometimes people make sacrifices—  to show their children they love and care for them.

Love is simple — it cannot be forced or you cannot use force in order to obtain it.

A child’s love is unconditional but you have to be honest with them but not put them in harm or force them to make choices they do not want to make.

Love can be blind — because children are vulnerable, they can be led astray or they can become blind with rage because they love someone.

Covering the case is not simple.

But this reflection—  is supposed to help people understand the situation on a whole and that mental health issues like depression, PTSD and anxiety — absolutely has nothing—  to do with this woman’s psychosis.

What were your thoughts when you looked at this case in 2020?

Honestly, I thought this woman has had a lot of husbands. Many of them were dead. I really thought the brother was very manipulative to have done a comedy act on stage —  in the open — declaring that he tasered one of her ex-husbands.

I thought; where on earth is this all going?

I honestly thought, Lori Vallow was manipulative as well. She would make her hate known. Then have others act upon it. This is something, which really — only someone with intentions would have someone else do — like her brother.

Her is the video of Alex Cox on stand up TV, where by he declares:

This is a true story! I thought my ex-brother-in-law was a paedophile —  so I took a stun gun and I discharged it right in his nutsack. I did and in Texas that’s a felony!”

Alex Cox

What did you think when you found out Alex Cox is dead?

Well, let’s be honest here — I thought, it couldn’t have happened to a better candidate. He was always around the scenes and associated with Tammy Chadwell (Chad Daybell’s now deceased wife).

The crazy thing about it is that Tammy was shot with a BB gun. Of which, we will never know and it is all convenient how — she died and he died shortly afterwards and then Lori and Chad flee to Hawaii to get married.

So, straight away I know this has nothing to do with a person’s mental health problem at all. It seems all too planned out for someone on a panic: fight or flight mode. I thought about it and I know that many would disagree in the way in which his timely death suddenly, means a couple get married.

This is not usual behaviour of someone even suffering from remorse or anything like that.

What do you think about Chad Daybell?

When I watched the video below, I thought Chad’s demeaner is very strange. He looks calculated, or too simple to pull this operation all together. He probably feels guilty for having an affair but, he told Lori:

You are my wife from a former life.”

Chad Daybell

His beliefs are so strong, he did not need the money. He did not kill for money.

He killed based on his beliefs, so — when I saw his eyes shifting towards his lawyer on the felony about insurance —  I knew he was not guilty for that. However, he is guilty for the negligence of those children’s welfare.

So this is about his former wife Tammy because she is supposedly meant to have life insurance out. These are things for children.

Anything to do with life insurance, is money for your kids —  in case anything happens to you. As this seems like a miscarriage of justice for both them.

So, this is a felony to conspire against a life insurance and the minimum sentence is 15 years. So, I do not think he killed his ex-wife for the money. I think, yes it was Lori that convinced him that he should get the money.

This is all a very seeded situation in regards to the integrity of these beliefs if they are associated with Christianity. Any form of extremism is very difficult to address but, mannerisms are like something that you cannot shrug.

Perhaps, he wanted to just forget about Tammy?

Perhaps his beliefs led him to believe that he could not divorce his wife, he had to kill her instead?

Why did this man not think he was doing anything wrong?

Why do you think police around the world have a responsibility to check the welfare of a child?

Nothing is clear cut or black and white for a police officer. In this regard, the police officers were given a warning form Charles Vallow and they did not follow protocol. I specifically, know that a police officer is meant to protect and serve,

It was at this they are not—  legally clinical advisors—  they are not able to—  assess if someone is fit to be locked — into a mental institution. They are not doctors.

They are going over their jurisdiction. They are just police men, they have not done research and gone to school to swear an oath to do that duty to a patient. No matter what anyone tells you — this is an international thing.

No matter what—  they are meant to take a minor away — from the mother/father — when, a mother/father—  is showing any form of distress.

They are then to find a family liaison officer, who then contacts social services. To try to find the solution. Then they are to find someone whom can give that clinical jurisdiction.

A doctor or a psychologist is legally allowed to say whether, or, not you are fit to be out there with your family.

Not anyone else.

Unless, they are doing something illegal by calling you crazy when you are not.

At this, point in time I am looking at the body cam footage and I am thinking that something could have been done—  to save—  Tylee Vallows and JJ Vallows.

Although this happened in another state — this should be an international law—  whereby, anything to do with your mental wellbeing and your mental state should be assessed; follow up care is to be provided for by a clinically authorised person.

After all we are thinking of saving people and this would be a beneficially good thing for children and such the likes. Unless your husband, or some relative has some papers stating that you are to be clinically assessed then, you cannot have someone go by hearsay‘. Thus, there should be an international law that protects children and the rights to even exist.

Whilst watching this video there are chills down my spin, as I am seeing a child be manipulated by the mother. This could be a dad too — but, the police officers are not able to do the job of this standard — it takes more than 10 minutes to assess someone.

You as a police man are not qualified to give medical evaluations. That’s why we have doctors whom study that profession for 7 years, if not more. Is my general prognosis on the situation after watching this lack of appreciation for fields and understanding for the medical practitioners.

In certain circumstances a child is given a safe place to live for 24 hrs whilst a family member is given the help they need.

When you watch this video, remember— Taylee is killed shortly after her dad dies. Remember when you are watching this video, how she defended her mom. She has unconditional love. Shows that love. But probably did not want to say her mom needed help because she was led to believe in what her mom was telling her.

Please leave comments below on how you feel knowing Taylee lost her life.

When do people realise that they are being led down the wrong path?

Its a mystery to me, from the protocol of the protection of those children to the timeline of the way in which those deaths started to happen. Why this lady was able to go from State to state.

I do think, if the nature of her wellbeing must have been fragile she began to believe in her own stuff. But Chad is a further mystery to me.

Apparently, Chad Daybell was supposedly a spiritual counsellor. It is like a guru, about apocalypse means, they specifically would focus on that negative point.

They will not think how lucky we are to be alive.

I suggest you watch this woman’s video because it looks like Chad finds people whom are vulnerable and then he makes them belief in something.

She states:

” I did not trust myself around my former boss. I quit in May. I became scared around my former boss and not necessarily around anything he did but I didn’t trust myself around him because I knew I didn’t have boundaries. I knew that I had deferred to his knowledge and expertise or spiritual standing for so long that I couldn’t trust myself. That he was going to mess with my emotions”

Former colleague of Chad Daybell,2020

This woman had celiac disease and she genuinely needed medical help to get better.

You are meant to trust in doctors and healthcare staff.

This is imperative that people understand people can take advantage of you—  but doctors take an oath not to.

What do you think should happen in the future for the Daybell’s?

Most obvious decision is life long sentences but, I cannot help but think that people profiting from their story is a challenge.

Only because, the fact that it defers away from the children. All the time we are sat there wondering how they could have had a future, without falling into the hands of — a cult.

I just hope no one else wants to copy their ideology. However, millions of women and children die at the hands of extremist religions and cults every year. Nothing is done around the world because of big conglomerates and corporations not making legislation necessary to help save children.

The fact they both do not show any remorse now—  is slightly crazy — as well. Then I watched a video recently of Zac Cox; I have to say that he is articulate and did not try to take sides.

He saw the 4th husband Charles Vallow try to get medical help for Lori, before Alex Cox killed him and the interview, is raw and it talks about how people did not find out things until the end. They need to be informed, they need to help the children.

Although, people are sceptical about going to seek medical practitioners help!

Do not be! It is the most useful thing you can do.

Do not allow both parents to keep fighting, but, get them the help they need and the support of qualified people.

It lives in Zacs conscience as he says:

“I don’t like conflict. I know Lori and Charles (Vallow) have had fights before. I know this one was a little different with why she was fighting with him —  and I really to be honest didn’t want to be involved. It was something I thought that they would work out — things like that. It was a long day I get to my grandparents at 7:30 at night. because they know that Charles is having a fight. Then I say hey you know — can I stay with you guys and if that doesn’t pan out and they said sure. I regret it — I plugged in my phone and went to sleep woke up to about 30 messages from Charles — I should have called him. That’s probably one of my biggest regrets. He said Lori is going crazy— you know he had cancer. That’s one of my biggest regrets of this whole thing.

Zac Cox 2021

It is a hard pill to swallow watching this video; his helpless feeling as he just saw so many people loose their lives. Is the same frustration I feel from hearing the neglect of the police as well as family members.

So the signs were all there and the police did not take those children into a safe place where it could have all been prevented. It should not have been rest upon the shoulders of this young man, to live with a guilty conscience.

It should have been with the police and in the future we have to make things better around the world to prevent the exploitation of children and reduce the abuse. We have to stop them being killed. Their futures are more important than these horrid people whom did this to them.

When you watched the friend whom did not get Lori medical help, how did you feel?

Well I was a little concerned about the fact that a friend was around these people and spent the night with them and did not think this kind of conflict was strange. Or did not think it was a little too soon for Lori to be starting a relationship with Chad Daybell, as wrong.

Church or no church — there is such a thing as a rebound relationship —  trust me! No one wants to be a rebound. These two rushed things and this ultimately ended up in a lot of people dying as a consequence. I am also not too sure that they did not know each other from previous either.

As I know many are not familiar with this story. I came across this, last year whilst watching Murder mystery make up mondays and Bailey Sarian. Look at this wonderful construction of how she explains how many men have died and that there really should not be a future for this lady to come out of jail.

This is a year old but all of the other videos do not explain it. At the time we were looking for missing children. Now, they have been found dead in Chad Daybells backyard and Chads wife Tammy has had an autopsy and this will be revealed in the courts.

If at all you feel like you know someone is in distress, please call a doctor and ask for advice.

Please call social services and ask for help too. Don’t think about anything else but the child.

Every child you save, means, we will have a better future because that child will want to thank you. It takes time for them to thank you, but when they do— you will feel so much better inside.

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