chat Weird and Wonderful Time Machine Poem: Flashback 1993 — Are you gonna go my way!

I was only a kid so, bare with me whilst I explain in the Poem how 1993 was absolutely out of this world.
"The truth is out there" — x files for those whom cared, 
Moulder and Scully both dared, 
A girl at school told me about the show;  
The cult like audience would grow.
All I remember was trying to dance; 
In the summer heat, 
it was hard to keep a beat, 
hopping around on a bouncy castle; 
"You know say daddy me Snow me, 
I go blame me, 
A licky boom-boom down" 
He is an informer without a crown.
The truth was something that scared us, 
then it boils down to —whom do we trust? 
I did not realise I was going to meet the actor from Oasis TV show, 
His name is George Russo, 
I liked smashing pumpkins and REM 
My school uniform skirt had no hem; 
I had my first pair of cherry dr martens, 
The school trip to the Thames, 
sick of tests—why are we not looking for "ness"! 
I never needed a Nanny but she was on TV, 
The whole thing was a parody! 
Power Rangers was a good gaff, 
It was mainly the costumes that made me laugh.
School girls watching  Jurassic park, 
— shocked —as the dinosaurs looked real in the dark! 

"I am the Great Cornholio, I need T.P. for my bunghole"
— MTV aired Beavis and butthead,
Point horror stories : Fun house;
The invitation, the babysitter;
Teachers pet, the stalker;
April fools, trick or treat, beach house;
It was just a strange time to have read,
But Babylon 5 now in the time vault,
There was action and an all game changer,
excuse me if I never thought it was my fault;
but Chuck Norris as Texas Walker Ranger,
It was all danger, and assault!
"You do your thing— and I'll do mine.
 You are you — I am I. If we end up together, it's beautiful!" 
Topanga was talking from the heart, 
sometimes we were unable to find the dart, 
the words would not flow in accordance to a chart, 
You cannot compare yesteryear with now, 
But I do look back and worry about how, 
superficiality, conveniently ebbed at perception of love, 
an anterior motive is always like a boxing glove. 
If the aliens were to intrude, 
I think they would notice change in mood. 

We would truthfully believe in "I would do anything for love"
as it sat for months at the top of the music chart,
at every wedding meatloaf,
would help others take an oath,
Karaoke with "I will always love you",
this was all bliss
It feels like something we all miss,
as the authentically made songs from the heart.
As you look back with me, just remember how to set the spark,
Rekindle the magic like an old love letter with a postmark.
"Why can't you accept me for whom I am?" 
Dr Quinn had timing and grace, 
But we had no idea what that meant, 
to be discouraged and loose face, 
We all had attitude and perhaps in a time machine, 
We do look rude, and we seem a disgrace. 
But we were too young to want bedside manners, 
We were not forward thinkers or planners. 
We cannot all be pristine, 
You cannot even become this through quarantine! 

The ideology of togetherness was that way, 
but looking back at our spirit and determination, 
It just seems now like a total obligation, 
understandable that some would fray; 
from a theory without delay. 
We do not seem to want to submit to the truth, 
we do not seem to care about what could be out there;  
Would it be weird and wonderful as a dogs-tooth. 

No dungens and dragons discovery, 
we need imagination and inspiration 
lacking the perspective because of dogma, 
reciting connotations, 
loosing the all knowing eye to see, 
Perception is not really seeing, 
but it is all about believing, 
Has it all become an enigma? 
We now question everything and look like Scully, 
But then trust me —you cannot unseen the seen! 



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