Weird and Wonderful; A Time Machine Poem 1994 — My So Called Life.

If you have not seen this series, I believe it is on YouTube! You will recognise faces of yesteryear in things like Suicide Squad, Homeland, and even Star Trek Discovery.
"I always imagined I would fall in love nursing a blind soldier" 
What a weird way to try and mold you, 

MTV was playing music, grunge, rock, indie anything will do, 

Dirty Dancing to Aerosmith; 

"that kind of lovin' turns a man to a slave,

that kind of lovin'

 sends a man right to his grave"

I never thought about it as much as my friend did,

 as she lost her virginity;  
I was looking for divinity! 

You know you were Crazy; that's what they told ya!

"School is a battlefield for your heart" 

  A place we all knew where division lay, 

 We were young and did not know where to start.

CD's in a stereo blasting out 
                    Let Loose; 
                                     "I'm Crazy, Crazy for you; and there's nothing that I won't do
                                           I'm caught by the look in your eyes
                                                          And it's all for the love of you" 

But we were asked by East 17 to; "stay another day" 
Never been kissed, not been missed —  we would just stay out and play! 
I wrote a letter asking for my math's teacher to be slimmed by Mr Blobby: 

— Thanks Ms. Bourke for participating:  The green slime must have been sublime! 

"It all boils down to respect; I have zero respect for him" 

But we all watched Forrest Gump 
and felt that way about certain characters, 

We sneaked in the cinema at 14 to watch Speed, 
                                               Keanu Reeves; Christian Slater; Layne Staley;  River Phoenix;        
 Jared Leto:  
all poster boys alongside, 
Bon Jovi and we sang always; 

"This Romeo is bleeding; But you can't see his blood
It's nothing but some feelings; That this old dog kicked up" 

— for he always had the need. 

A ball girl but never got as far as Wimbledon:  standing on the line;

the DFS classic tournament was fun in the sun.
Love never even crossed my mind, as I thought everything was F.I.N.E — fine!  
"She's not just a fantasy; she has flaws she's real" 
So Interview with the vampire was fake, but ultimately opaque

But the Lion King VHS whilst babysitting:  he would roar— we would partake! 

We all liked watching Biker Grove and remember PJ and Duncan, 

But Baby D sang; "Let me be your fantasy,"  

I suppose it just wasn't meant to be! 

And as for Friends — we all got the same hair cut as her, 

Did that mean, we really were not that comfortable, 
      —  have we become Dumb and Dumber? 


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