chat 5 Reasons Why We Need To Help Friends , Family & Businesses: Convert To WordPress!

Let’s think about the scale of the internet and how we need to promote good positive thinking. Asking some simple questions, to Friends and Family about: how we want our society to become after COVID19.

A few —  blog mentions here so—   please read through:

1.MASS HYSTERIA, has hit the world and we need to have a different way of thinking.

***Please watch the video below of a teacher shouting at a pupil to wear a mask. ***

She uses verbally abusive language because this is what she wants the pupil to do.

Where as, here on Word Press you can come across a plethora of ideas— to help calm your stress levels and accept —people’s choices and decisions means:

you wear the mask instead and let that young person; be a young person.

We need to think of the positive ways we can help people, become normal again.

People are suffering from depression because of Facebook and it’s constant COVID 19 bombardment of adverts and reminders. Thus, a teacher in the video calls the student whom is a minor;

A jerk

Toxic Teacher,2021 in (video below)

She just rail-roads in with her fears. I am sure many of us feel like we have lost control of our circumstances and situations. However, we are loosing our way to victory over so many issues because people want to uptake on minor punishments or abuse.

I swear to goodness, we could have had a moon station by now and we would have all been living off it!

Better still—   where are the back to the future flying cars? Elon made us go electric with the Tesla —  although, I am still waiting for my childhood futuristic dreams to come to life.

Have we been carrying so much hysteria around us before COVID19?

Has anyone been verbally abused like this in public before and during this COVID?

What does this mean for our future?

I feel sorry and embarrassed for her.

How do you feel after watching that video?

2. We need to help one another with poetry and prose, cooking and other hobbies. Also, alternative therapies such as reflexology, aromatherapy and even massage therapy.

This is something we have been lacking for a while, because of Facebook and giant corporations pumping huge parts of money into something which is false.

It is creating a dichotomy even in the way we deal with our own problems. Even the news, has become Facebook orientated.

We need innovation and we need each other to help rebuild communication skills and a better way of coping in life. Hence the reason why we need to help friends and family, take the time and the energy to create blogs and pages to find what suits them best.

Here are some blogs whom are totally amazing, and some of them are from different countries so please, use google translate on your search engine to enlighten you:

Sad Sunday Chen Song Ping Cancer, Mental Health, Women, Nurse

Star Babies!  Suma Reddy Bio-Blogger Bio-Blogger is an excellent source for collaborations and to explore your businesses & talents.

a wall The Green Tree Society My name is Asethabalanar and I come from Romania/Bucharest.

Spegel, där Posted by Yolanda – Aspergers syndrome – Poetry – Alternative creativity – Mental illness in ÖverrörlighetTräning


Orynyms Silly Old Sod BY TREV I’m retired and free to inflict my thoughts and sense of humour upon the world


Facebook and other platforms do not give you the opportunity to be creative and have your own blog page. The important thing about having creative license is because you put the time in.

Not Facebook —not someone else —it is all you!

You are in control of your own decision making, and whether or not you feel as though your readers do agree or not, it is all up to you. If you do not want people to judge you then switch the comments off. But feedback is important in the blog world because it gives us inspiration.

There is no one telling us how to think or conform. Creativity is based on how you want your world to look. How your perception is going.

This—   in itself is therapeutic.

WordPress is so easy!

You can have a page done in less than 10 mins, if you are tech savvy.

If you’re not it takes a longer time because you try to adapt and adjust the colour schemes the way you want.

You learn to adapt.


You choose the notifications and the blogs you want to put out there.

There is no added gaming pressures, or, false advertisements trying to get you to spend money.

There are no more annoying articles on your homepage unless you subscribe to them.

Only the people you choose to follow…….

The followers also, give the likes and they are positive about it.

You can check the spam and empty it at your own leisure.

I have some things posted on here from 6 years ago, which has had a lot of spam. I just switched the comments off for the blog post; then I sat back and enjoyed sipping coffee, in the morning and reading some lovely blogs. It makes you feel better seeing other’s be creative.

There is no one trying to bully you into thinking, or, trying to sell you an ideology. I have enjoyed the last 3 years of not being on Facebook. As you do not have ex’s, or, toxic people having to tell you how they think you should be. Sometimes, we need to be able to see how people are reflecting on their behaviour without having their names splashed about, or for it to be sensationalised by other influencers.

It is relaxing here.

Stress free.

When was the last time someone complimented you on something?

How do you feel about influencers?

Are you not bothered by it either way? Do you think they are given too much media attention and it was good to have a COVID break?

Perhaps these are too many questions, you answer by yourself, in your own time!


Have the good graces to understand, we needed to communication with each other but not form as many prejudices has we have been doing with Facebook and the fact we had so many echo chambers.

But we need to be provoked into thinking, but in a positive way on the internet. The internet should be about your own self-discovery. It should provoke you into researching.

There are topics on here that are also covered on YOUTUBE. Without thinking your name is attached to this, so you will be discredited for thinking differently.

You can, here on WordPress —  your interactions are positive—   you’ll receive it back 100%

I found myself saying as I read a blog:

“Oh I never thought of it like that!”

“This is inspiring!

“Oh I like that”

People need to know they are falling into bad thought patterns as well, but, you give support on here.

Another topic is stereotyping.

Stereotyping —  is something we do on Facebook—   we do not do here.

It is like a learning zone!

So, we cannot really have those negative thought processes in this environment. It is counterproductive for your own self to behave in this manner for a number of years.

I cannot lie to you, it is hard to change habits. But it is easier to begin one than break one.

Are you ready to invite people?

Are you ready to get creative!

Please leave a comment below.


  1. Hey, I really enjoyed this post, and that video is unbelievable. I had to replay it because I couldn’t believe she said that. I’m new to WordPress, but so far I am enjoying the community here. I largely prefer it to Facebook too based on what I’ve seen so far. Thank you for the blog recommendations as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There was a lot of negativity about the block editor when WordPress dropped it in our laps and took away all the other editors with vague instructions on how to use the Classic block to do what we had been doing in the old editors, but I think everyone is pretty much over that. I figured out which blocks I was going to use and hid the rest. Easy peasy…

    That video is incredible. But it’s to be expected given the fearmongering that’s gone on as a result of Covid-19. The worse virus is the one that’s been implanted in our minds. Eventually Covid will die off just like every other virus does, but it’ll take years for people to stop believing that they can’t be close to others or go out in public without wearing multiple masks, lest they or one of their loved ones die a terrible death. If you’ve ever read Richard Brodie’s “Virus of the Mind,” you’ll know what I mean.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much for your inspiring comment. I will try to find Richard Brodie’s “Virus of the mind”- but we have not been allowed to discuss the implications of the impact this has on society. If we are meant to develop in certain areas, like trust and healthcare. We need to be able to have good communication. Unfortunately, in society today, we are being scare mongered into thinking, we cannot discuss and find solutions to a deepening problem.

      Liked by 1 person

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