chat 10 Reasons why I am not going to pick sides with Israel or Palestine.

I am using this opportunity to help people; whom do not want to be apart of this situation; due to the awkwardness it creates in society.

If you feel like you need to say no to both sides and explain why, maybe this may help.

Video below showing why people have had enough!!

1. Palestine is not a known state, Israel is — thus, when it comes to Terrorists — I do not support them.

I do not also, support excessive use of force. However, Israel is accountable for all the people whom live there.

When Palestine and the Gaza Strip become a known State, they will be held accountable for their actions too.

THERE ARE 2.5 MILLION PALESTINIAN ISRAELIES LIVING IN ISRAEL. This is 20% of the population. Do you not think they need to be protected by the state they live in? Do you think Israel should protect those people too, not just the people in Gaza?

Many people in different countries are not aware of the 20% . Of which is a respected Palestinian indigenous community in Israel.

2. A long time ago, we agreed Israel is a place for all faiths and religious beliefs, therefore, I cannot side with either.

Jesus was born in Israel, so, if you have a problem with a Jewish person; you have a problem with Christians; thus it will be your funeral for picking on an ideology. We are not allowed to pick on Muslims either, so this just about sums up— where people should stand.

Hence, the reason the laws state that it is known as anti-Semitism if you pick on Jewish people. They are a race of people.

Muslims have all types of backgrounds and are diverse: same as Israelis.

All the people whom read the bible go to the Whispering Wall to ask God something. Thus, it is an international hub.

You could be a Palestinian Christian and we are discriminating against you, so apologies if others have done so.

We do not do this, if you live in Europe.

It is beneath us. It is like picking on people whom live in Bosnia and ethnically cleansing them. This is not something you want to be apart of. Both are equally doing some harm because the UN do not classify Palestine as an accountable state.

However, 2.5 MILLION Palestinians live in Israel and have been given a chance to live in harmony, hence the reason why this is totally in appropriate for any uproar in any country other than Palestine or, in Israel.

3. When you make fun of a country, like for example Germany: the Germans can take it on the chin.

You cannot be comical, it means, you hate someone!

How can you hate someone you hardly know? That is borderline insane!

Sometimes, I think Germans are able to find better solutions to resolve their differences with others and I find their diversity awareness very enlightening.

However, it is in appropriate for us to continue mocking them.

As they try to educate and better their society. But, making fun has made them resilient. They can weather any storm or conflict. In fact, I think most of the people in Germany have been tolerant.

There is a difference between mocking someone and actually meaning harm. When you say you’re going to attack someone you do not know, well, it doesn’t look good for the rest of society does it?

Although, to deny that there was no holocaust means, you think all humans have not the ability to kill you in multiple ways.

There is something about hate in humans, which makes them carry out torturous acts. When I think about the journalists covering ISIS: they were hated by born westerners in an Arab country— whom beheaded them. Thus, the hate is homegrown and it needs to stop. As countries are not telling you to behead people— your hate does this. As I recall in CNN they wrote in 2014:

“Foley reads a message, presumably scripted by his captors, that his “real killer” is America.”

CNN, Chelsey J. Carter 2014

In my eyes, this makes people whom carry out acts of hate crime in the streets: terrorists whom pick on Jewish people —it’s not funny, nor is it clever.

As, there are many ways to skin a cat — you never know it could happen to you — So, my moto is: just do not do it. There are times when people whom have led countries have done genocidal things to even Muslims and I think —it is highly inappropriate —for people to carry on hating.

You categorically, undisputedly — do not have the right to be prejudice — it is against the law in most European countries including commonwealth countries.

There are Arab countries whom want people to treat others fairly now. So, we need to show, how this can be done.

4. I love Jewish people and I understand—  this is not your fight —  Of course, you do not like to get involved because the terror is not only happening in Israel — but, you know this is wrong; so protest.

I love you to at least speak out and say —  no more persecution. As far as I am aware, Jewish people are not the only ones whom live in Israel.

It would show real courage if you protest and say no more.

Sometimes, I think the world judges people on actions. It does not make you weak— on the contrary — it makes you stronger and helps people understand your position.

The Palestinians are really good at playing the victim, but support terrorism. Please wake up, we cannot help you and we want to, but you all make bad choices. You’re not victim’s — Hamas has you fooled — thus, you will always be in dispute with people you should be getting along with.

5. For those whom have been fortunate to leave Palestine, find away to not be a victim, and reconcile your differences and be equals.

I am not for terrorising outside Israel and Palestine. I think that this is fair to say, everyone has had enough!!!

You are safe where you are in the European countries you reside in. Be happy about this and please, feel free to make sure you build a safer community. You are most welcome, but do this with the Jewish people, as well.

6. At no point, have you both accepted diversity in the countries — in which you both reside in now—  to respect one another and demand at the other uphold themselves and not use any acts of discrimination.

I do not know what else you can do, other than— gather your leaders in your communities to reconcile differences. Do this with a legal team behind you to create new legislation— creating a solution for both sides to beg for the end to this nonsense.

7. You both do not respect the laws of the land and negotiate new strategies to reconciliation.

We do not want to entertain your discourse and both of you need to sit down respectively and negotiate with one another to help the world be a little more peaceful.

This has gone past the point where people will not want to accommodate you or will begin to ostracise you. We all know, what happened 80 odd years ago, was despicable but we do not want history to repeat itself.

We could build better communities and give more help to those whom need it. We could help restore confidence in the way things are when we respectfully obey the laws.

8. Stop dragging people into your biblical long reigning war.

It is so boring; can we just have a moments peace?

I think once you all reconcile your differences — in the countries you live in — outside of Israel and Palestine, it would just help people to find peace with themselves.

You’re making a lot of atheists!!!!

9. You lack the ability to help one another so therefore others begin to not trust you.

This includes in your communities as you always never find a leader to resolve your differences in most countries.
Why should we belive either side? If respectable members of your community — do not shake hands on Televisión or make some kind of a YouTube special about how you can come together.

Even a gesture of good will to through a community gathering to see if people can get along. I mean, we just feel like there is so much hate going around.

10. It’s a childish nonsensical, silly thing to do; to want to support terrorism.

This should have been said during the 1930’s and so I am writing this because, many of the Arab countries are falling out with Palestine due to the fact they will not condone anymore of these antics.

If I was a Prime Minister in a country, I would just see to it that no one is allowed to terrorise my people. So, I think we in Europe should not condone any sort of this kind of behaviour.

We want you to be able to find solutions and not create mass hysteria. It is just not our fight, and it certainly has not gotten anything to do with those whom are born outside of Israel and Palestine. We just want our governments to ensure other’s are safe and it would be nice if people showed a little compassion from both sides outside of Israel and Palestine.


  1. What connects the pains of labor childbirth to tzar’at/leprosy?
    אתה חונן לאדם דעת ומלמד לאנוש בינה, חננו מאתך דעה בינה והשכל.  ברוך אתה ה’, חונן הדעת.
    The toldoth generations of Man compares the plagues which HaShem brought upon the hardened heart of Par’o and Egypt.  Learning, whether Talmudic or T’NaCH, requires comparing similar cases.  Oral Torah operates through the medium of Common Law.  Common Law stands upon the יסוד of precedents.  Herein explains the commentary made by the Baali Tosafot upon the whole of the Sha’s; it reflects how the Gemara learns every Mishna in the Talmud.  Persons who study Talmud and fail to develop the logic required to compare Case studies of halacha, never learned how to learn Talmud.

    Knowledge holds positive and negative aspects.  When the sons of Shem first called upon HaShem, our sages learn that the sons of Shem called upon tuma avoda zara.  Knowledge requires the understanding which can discern between like and like, between tohor and tuma.  The exile of Adam HaReShon from the garden teaches a powerful mussar, a mussar יסודי.  When Adam hid himself from the Spirit of HaShem due to his shame, this quality passed from generation to generation to generation to generation etc.

    Plagues affected Par’o.  Par’o trusted advisors declared these plagues “the finger of G-d”.  Yet Par’o hitched his chariot and pursued after Moshe and Israel.  And subsequently his entire army drowned in the Sea of Reeds.  Par’o could not see “the finger of G-d” in his life!  All the generations of Adam HaReShon, they too, blind to “the finger of G-d” in their lives.  Hence the entire T’NaCH and Talmud spins around awareness of tohor and tuma spirits.  All the translators of the Xtian Bible lacked this awareness; they translate tohor and tuma as clean and unclean — pure or impure.  There theology of Creed and Dogmatism, belief replaced awareness of “the finger of G-d” in their lives.

    Why does the Talmud emphasize observance of halacha?  Not because halacha defines the Will of God.  Rather the framers of the Talmud edited the Sha’s Bavli to teach mussar woven into the fabric of ritual halachic observances.  All T’NaCH prophets command mussar.  Mussar teaches “the finger of G-d” in our lives, the holy dedication unto HaShem to walk/אמת in tohor.  The framers of the Talmud mixed halacha with aggadita with the k’vanna that a Yid observes halachic mitzvot to perceive “the finger of G-d” in their lives.  Herein explains the entire Sha’s Bavli limited to a few paragraphs. 

    In a few hours Israel accepts the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.  Herein explains the counting of the Omer – to remove avoda zara from the midst of Israel prior to receiving the Torah at Sinai, while breathing tohor spirits.  The objections raised by Isaac Mayer Wise, one of the founders of the Reform abomination who declared halacha as antiquated, and unnecessary, and irrelevant stand, at least to my mind, totally refuted and completely false.

    Development of tohor awareness learns from the contrast of tuma: the hardened heart of Par’o; blind to “the finger of G-d” in his life.  All the toldoth generations of Adam HaReshon, lived their long lives completely unaware of “the finger of G-d” … the mussar of tohor, in their lives.  Halachot serve as a fence around the Torah.  Avodat HaShem requires tohora.  Tohora, defined as the awareness of “the finger of G-d” within our lives.

    The Irish, they serve as a specific example of the tuma mentality of all Europe.  They condemn Israel for being the Jewish state. They demand the right of return apply to stateless Arab refugees of 1948! That pretty much sums up the regret of Europeans for Israel winning its national independence. The enemy of my people, Europe, desperately seeks to negate not just the ’67  miracle victory – which they euphemistically call ‘the 2 State solution, land for peace’ – but they seek to complete the Nazi ‘Final Solution’, or at least return Jews to our previous status as g’lut exiles: a People having no country of our own. This current conflict, only on the surface pits Israelis against Balestinians – an imaginary people comparable to Jesus son of Zeus, an imaginary man. The Jewish state proves 2000 years of church propaganda as false narishkeit. As it stands today, with the Jewish state, the Xtian church stands disgraced by the Shoah and exile has turned the fallen church upon it’s head.  The church moans for the 2nd coming of Jesus. That disgraced and exiled ‘religion of love’ has collapsed as the faith of hope, the salvation of fallen mankind, as previously understood based upon the New Testament Bible theology taught by the Apostle Paul. Herein explains the need among European governments to push for their 2 State solution, the extension of their previous ‘Final Solution’, which European governments either actively or passively imposed.  The Jewish state exposes the guilt and barbaric true nature of Europe as a third rate inferior race among mankind.

    השיבנו אבינו לתורתך, וקרבנו מלכנו לעבודלך, והחזירנו בתשובה שלמה לפניך.  ברוך אתה ה’ הרוצה בתשובה.

    The bait and switch of the curse of the אלהים upon Adam HaReshon occurs with the sign of the rainbow; HaShem ceases to curse mankind, but Noach imposes an eternal curse upon the seed of Ham who witnessed the ערוה tuma nakedness of his father.  The language of ערוה implies sexual perversion such as incest or homosexuality.  The language of ערוה defines the spirit of tuma within the heart of all mankind.  The story of Yaacov wrestling with the Angel of Esau teaches the mussaar that Man as a species for ever struggles and contends with the tuma Yatzir.  Esau hates Yaacov.  The sages of Israel refer to Europe by the metaphor of Esau.

    The Pesach story of the korban offered in Egypt explains the k’vanna of the High Holy  Day of Yom Kippur.  Par’o demanded that Israel offer a korban while in the land of Egypt.  Moshe refused Par’o, saying ‘shall Israel publicly make a korban dedication before the eyes of the Egyptian people which they hold as an abomination?  They would stone us!  Yet the korban Pesach boldly public declares with blood painted upon the door posts of the houses of Israel, comparable to the existence of the State of Israel today in the eyes of Europe, and destruction came upon all Egypt! 

    The t’shuvah of the Cohen people for all eternity, do we reject the Will of the tuma Yatzir within our hearts.  Herein defines the sealing of Yom HaDin upon the Brit, as expressed through the mitzva of Yom Kippur.  The anointing of the House of Aaron as Moshiach, dedicated to do avodat HaShem while tohor.  This moshiach dedication learns from the sanctification from tuma of the eish tzar’at, dedicated in the exact same way as Moshe dedicated the sons of Aaron as Moshiach.  As tefilla stands in the place of korbanot, כלל ישראל bears the dedication to HaShem to walk in the path/אמת of tohor middot.  This defining quality trait, the Torah calls – avodat HaShem.  From this Torah source the Gemara of Sanhedrin teaches that כלל ישראל, that we live as the Moshiach in all generations.  The Midrash teaches a powerful mussar concerning the Moshiach; it employs the metaphor which describes the Moshiach as an eish tzar’at, a man afflicted with leprosy.


    • “Herein explains the need among European governments to push for their 2 State solution, the extension of their previous ‘Final Solution’, which European governments either actively or passively imposed. The Jewish state exposes the guilt and barbaric true nature of Europe as a third rate inferior race among mankind.”

      Thus, I think it is fair to say, Israel is it’s own state and Europe has no jurisdiction over the matter in regards to what ever is happening in Israel.

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