chat The Day I Wrote To The United Nations

I was writhing at how cringeworthy the world has become. So much so, I just had to write to the United Nations.

Have you ever had one of those days?

I just could not believe what I saw, then I replayed it. Over and over again— my jaw was a jar —my lips began to dry from being in a trance gasp.

Trust me, I was on my second cup of coffee, when I stumbled across this video on You Tube. The video is below. but the quote; has to be read and so does my roundabout letter to the united nations. (Evidence below. )

The CBS News anchor named Nora O’Donnell quote:

“On the Caribbean Island of Saint Vincent; after a volcanic eruption; in more than 40 years the volcano sent a thick cloud of smoke 20,000 ft into the sky; spewing ash for mile; cruise ships are evacuating people from the island; but only those vaccinated against COVID.

This is the day, the media has turned it’s back on international laws — allowed an inhumane objective to enter into the mind’s of other’s — by not self censoring.

When in fact, the world actually does not turn it’s back on people just because they have COVID, they give them treatment.

As neighbouring countries, follow the rules of United nations on the reduction of statelessness,

Albeit —we may have an opposition in politics whom like to present different forms of reasons why we should not go over quotas: even the opposition parties —do not loose their compassion for humans. They want people to have the dignity to live in their own countries —if it is not an emergency.

cruise ships are evacuating people from the island; but only those vaccinated against COVID.


Seriously, it is there if you see how ridiculous the reasons for being a refugee is. You are meant to be in a national state of emergency. Other than the reason stated; a person is regarded as a migrant. ( If you are unaware of your human rights, just click on the word highlighted and it will give you the translations and such. )

As a migrant, I still have a humanistic approach, which avail’s entitle me to give a damn about people in an emergency crisis. It is like an obligatory instinct that kicks in.

American media, including social media— are the last ones standing without any care in the world of teaching one another how the world’s international laws are applied in the for the sake —-of humanity.

The word humanity is not just about people. The proper meaning of the word is, literally like mantra of how you want to be treated yourself:

understanding and kindness towards other people:

If only he would show/display a little humanity for once.

Cambridge dictionary.

Even the dictionary— has more integrity than a news anchor these days.

I like, you all to leave a comment below if you feel like I am wrong.

As most in America, really have fallen from grace. You would rather follow an ideology that likes to be divisive in tone using a tool to only help a third of your nation with:

critical race theory.

However, there is such a thing called humanity and it should be the first thing you sleep on — the value you wake up with; the sauce which enriches your food of thoughts; the spice of your life. The last thing you lay your head to rest with.

cruise ships are evacuating people from the island; but only those vaccinated against COVID.


You cannot be this far gone, after fighting in Europe for people’s freedom’s with humanity— 80 odd year’s ago.

Yes, you made the atom bomb; on the other hand, lessons have been learned from the H bomb since then. So, talking about other countries— on air— your national TV, now ends up on the internet; where millions of people can see how you truly do not have humanity.

So on that note, I wrote to the United Nations as I can see: America is not ready —to come and play football with us all— in FIFA. They have problem’s with their news broadcasting corporations, whom have a responsibility to inform people of such international agreements and international laws.

Now I understand why Trump took USA out the bull fight: too many problems and not enough will power on how to resolve the situation.

Yet, I am beside myself and having an outer body experience over how —a news anchor woman, can be the face of a nation— wanting to be apart of the United Nations quote:

cruise ships are evacuating people from the island; but only those vaccinated against COVID.


It doesn’t begin with a H bomb; it begins with understanding humanity.

If you want to state otherwise feel free. Share this, as you will help other’s understand what is expected from American’s on the international forum.

If you feel embarrassed, please, comment why and tell me if I do not understand how; your society works.
As most of us around the world —have a little more compassion— than what your anchor woman displays.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is struggling because of tyrannical governments— desiring to spawn the next —Hitler. Relax the restrictions, please, we need to be able to get back to being kind to one another!!!

Before it is —blooming well too late.

This anchor woman, cannot unsay it. The words are going to permeate around the world. Her apology will not reach the millions, whom have seen this video.

I am still in shock, she said it!

cruise ships are evacuating people from the island; but only those vaccinated against COVID.

Nora O’Donell CBS Evening News

Perhaps— one should think about the consequence‘s— before one speaks. If she did not have a vaccine and she was stranded on the island, I would not call it a BBQ; I’d just feel sorry for her because she was not able to get the help she needed due to a volcano!

Anyway, I will stop my dramatic monologue, here is the video which provoked me into writing to the United Nations.

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