chat What happens when you have a Christian in between a Jewish and a Muslim?

This is what happens when you get all three together.

They find a solution to their society’s problems and they build the foundations of their relationships.

Remember my “Manners maketh the man”. Discovering Why This Is the best solution. This is one situation where it counts:

Between people of different religions  — keeping it civil.

This is what we can achieve, in our daily lives after COVID19. Who knows, we could all come to the same mutual agreements in the western world.

India, we love your spirit, in trying to keep it civil in your communities. We are closely following!

Oh one more thing, the mention of Louis Farrakhan and his disrespect for the other sects of Islam, is mentioned. This is for building the blocks of faith and beliefs.

Anyone whom uses colour even in your faith, is a radical. Time to make this clear in 2021!!!!

If you live in a diverse culture and things are always violent: please, take the advice of these gentlemen!


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