chat The World Was Not Ready For The Truth

Review of a video

The video of Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson | The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

When Jordan Peterson was spoken about in certain circles to be unable to verge on to the new world. I do not think they understood, there is nothing new about what they are discovering.

Russell Brand, is known as a boy. In the past he was a comedian whom would do anything.

He was jovial and indiscriminate, he would do anything to grab your attention even “stroke a furry wall“.

Over a period of time a boy becomes a man.

Irrespective of what we try to conjure up as belief structures of a man.

A man is primarily the provider of children.

When I watched this video I realised, becoming an adult has been disregarded on so many levels.

Like I wrote in What could young people do?2021, I really do not think people have a purpose other than to mature, understand, and reflect on behaviour.

Reflect on how things are going, where food comes from, biology itself. There is no other ideology, necessary than that which reflects life.

We, as a vessel, need to help people understand  — the meaning of vessel as a person  — not as a literal thing.

They need to be on a conscious level of understanding. So the world, connects on a higher level.

The world was not ready for the truth because it would only see the word  — vessel as a boat  — when if you read through the dictionary properly it means:

person who has a particular quality or who is used for a particular purpose:

As a young and spirited politician, he seems worthy vessel for the nation’s hopes.

Cambridge dictionary.

You cannot begin to imagine, that the illerate have been led down a path by media. They painted a man, whom wanted the world to grown up.

Grow with him, also  — have the ability to understand truthfully —  this is not our purpose. We become something else when we feel unfulfilled or unable to use our abilities.

If we feel unfulfilled: we hate.

Jordan Peterson was hated by  — the unfulfilled  — the unrefined, and the immature.

They were not ready for the truth and they do not want to tell a bunch of children the truth either.

We do not understand, the other beliefs other than, Christianity in the western world. So, people wanting some other structure, becomes dysfunctional and this is a part of the transcendence of an individual.

If you hate, the ideology that is around you. Perhaps you should try and balance it in your everyday life, to get along with more people.

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