chat What could young people do?

A reflection piece about self preservation in certain countries.

I think about the world’s gangs and how they are unable to think about sustainably because they are young people. I think about the pro’s and cons in both Nationalism and Self Preservation.

Investigating, the environment which is being created by the Climate change Paris agreement and the impact of sustainably of lockdowns on the population now.

The complications to economic and social transformations, addressing the risks and the impacts it has on normal average people.

The Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Straight to the point here, where this is a voluntary thing. Whereby, you as a country can draw out if you will. As you see that there is no way you can manage.

However, what this agreement does for the common man; erodes the responsibility of making a conscientious decision for yourselves.

In certain countries, you need to think like an individual with all these lockdowns going on. You need to think about your own self determination and self preservation.

If this kind of socio-economic pressure is thrusted upon you. You only have to look at your own countries resources and how, you can probably think about food from a different perspective.

For example:

How is food distributed to you?

Where do most of your groceries come from?

Are you dependent on one kind of product?

Are the products your using local or are they from another country?

Do you know see that product is available on the shelves more or less in your supermarket?

Do you know which farms are near you?

Have you tried to ask the farmer if they need help?

Having this discussion as opposed to any other, self imposing discussion will help younger people in the future make wiser decisions that we have ever made.

I mean, a lot of families around the world think academic paths are the best; not this time. You need to look after what you have, this is going to take more than technology.

Technology cannot help people have greener fingers.

If a person is going to be self sufficient and understand it’s environment; then you need to discover the eco-system in the environment and soil compatibility; cultivation and irrigation.

I say this because, we are now in a real life LORD OF THE FLIES, by William Golding, scenario. Where young people, will need to know how to survive, and for the benefit of their survival.

In parts of the world we have prevented them from discovering the world around them. Parents have told their children they need to be more academic, because teachers will not have this on their curriculum.

They would rather be destructive than to inspire young people and give them hope or teach them how to be resourceful.

Have certain countries made the mistake of forcing adults to be with their parents longer?

Yes, because self-preservation is not about respecting your family. It is about, understanding how your parents, had certain freedoms to choose. Then, now it is being forced upon you, because you have been living with a parent or a spouse immediately, after being with your parents; you cannot come out with a solution which benefits you all.

The world has changed, many go into cities and do not realise; you are not really meant to live as a family in a city. In a gigantic block. You are meant to have space and live away from others.

If this pandemic ever taught people anything it is social distancing. But this is also applied to living in a block of flats. You cannot sustain and grow things from a block of flats.

You are going to not make it if the push comes to shove and we have no distribution of food.

So, even though you think you understand the community you live in; you probably do not become totally aware of your surroundings until you are alone doing the following:

  • Food budgeting
  • Rent budgeting
  • Cleaning budget
  • Self care budget
  • Understanding council tax or other taxes
  • Understanding you need your own hobbies
  • Maintaining your own space, when you need time out; before you burn out.

This is all without someone having to tell you what to do, or remind you. You automatically discover new things like how things work.

Paying someone to fix things for you, having a budget for repairs; is not just about having more money than everyone else.

You should be paid enough to help the people around you take up useful jobs. Practical useful jobs that pay. People need to understand money.

They need to understand the economy and seeing how; others benefit from the system of a person being paid more and for food prices to be cheaper.

Self preservation vs Nationalism debate.

Make no mistake, people with their divided opinions on whether — or not someone can survive if there was a national crisis— depends on how vulnerable you actually see yourself.

There are a lot of people whom do not teach their children— practical solutions —also, how to survive out in the wilderness. This means, their children end up feeling abandoned and helpless. This causes further underlying psychological problems later on too.

If something happens to the parent; a child needs to know protocol. The same with a teenager —responsiblity is given more so— to allow, the development of the individual to make conscientious decisions. Except some parents, cannot allow their children to do this. I think it is borderline child abuse if you cannot make your child self sufficient, if they have no cognitive maladaptive problems in the first place.

Some parents are city folk —all they know is city and have never been out into the countryside— furthermore, the parents, just allow their children to think, the city is the only thing; keeping them alive. The city does not exist without the knowledge and understanding of everyone else, whom lives there and their surroundings. For example; schools, restaurants, playgrounds.

However, what we as individuals pay for, means, someone else is able to sustain themselves.

We have not been able to teach young people this.

We only teach them to hate.

There is no solution.

Whilst we teach them to hate —people around them —we disarm and disable them from being able to love themselves; learn to adapt and survive.

Self affliction is not self preservation. There is a sort of, self love involved in this psychological process.

Did we do this in spite, or, did we do it because of political reasons? What? As nothing seems logical to make people dependent on nothing.

The cons of being so self sufficient is ego. It becomes a fantastic ego boost to be alone; living and being able to cope. Especially, when you see an friend you have know for years — whom is struggling to understand why they need to leave home— their confidence is gone.

Your confidence goes right up there because you have to be brave; but for heaven’s sake! Do not take too many risks.

After a period of time you begin to run risk assessments in your mind to survive. I am still up in the air about whether or not this is a pro or a con. Maybe it might, explain my anxiety at times.

I purposefully say I avoid gentleman’s profiles on a dating app: with sunglasses on and a face mask. Is a good reason not to talk to them on a dating site.

Some people would not even think twice to this, and go meet them in the park to get acquainted. I on the other hand do not want to be that persons victim.

So, I hold off on taking risks because I already explain to myself, the reasons for my behaviour is rational.

Is it rational or self preservation? You decide.

Back to the young people

So, here fishing is a very well paid job.

I can see why because, these fishermen catch big fish weighing approx 40 kilos almost everyday. Now, imagine —how that person is able to feed more than 20 families — with one fish.

Then, explain to me— why people cannot do practical jobs and be happy anymore?

Where did we go wrong and have I looked at this incorrectly?

As in Norway, actually pays young people £25 an hour to pick fruit if they are young and Norwegian. Not if you are foreign.

This is not a party for you. Working to pick fruit in Norway is just £6.00 hour. They do not want you.

You will just send your money to your families —to some other country— elsewhere.

This is for the kids.

To help them sustain themselves. Norway apart from the UK is one of the most excruciatingly expensive rent places to live if you’re a student without student accommodation.

Newsflash for all the selfish people whom do not want this for their own fellow citizens, to help them learn to be self sufficient.

You should be ashamed and change the game.

Here in Norway, as a foreign person it will take you about 2 to 3 years to open a bank account. Due to the amount of paperwork you need to fill out.

You just keep working and then, you are paying 65% tax as a foreign person.

For Norwegians they can go down to as low as 18% tax depending on their circumstances.

You as a foreign person, gets nothing. You understand!

You may think you get this— you do not.

You take the money and you spend it elsewhere. When they find out that you have not spent the money elsewhere: they consider it.

There is no point coming here, if you are a student you need to work.

There are no restaurants, pubs or any other means, for you to earn money. You need to think about how useful you can be and apply your skills.

These are the only options young people have at the moment is to make sure; the ego is not dented; they figure out how useful they can be in society and apply themselves to it.

If you’re not useful— then, you’re going to feel helpless— depression kicks in and you could be susceptible to all kinds of problems in the long run: alcohol and drug dependency. These are habits you need to kick.

All the positive, self preservation rules need to be applied:

  • Avoid getting into trouble
  • Do not be dependent on tech
  • Overcome some challenges at least 3
  • Try and maintain a positive attitude towards change.
  • Even though you are self reliant, make sure you help others because then you truly know you are self sufficient.
  • The person you help, make sure it doesn’t harm, or even prevent them from reaching their full potential
  • Encourage others to reach their full potential.


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