chat Are you the resistance?

BJØRN ANDREAS BULL-HANSEN tries to empower people into thinking.
I mean, did we think before?

Are we able to challenge our neighbours?

Are we able to accept other forms of ideas?

If not are we the resistance if we challenge everything that is happening now?

I am writing things I missed before COVID19, when suddenly this video pops up with Bjørn in. I challenge you all to watch it. If you find it disturbing then all be it! But I take on challenges, I roll up my sleeves and I test myself out. I do have excuses, but when it comes to dialogue, I enjoy talking to people to write about it.

Think about how much you are willing to give up and already have given up. Can we really, allow the fabric of society to be ruled and governed by huge global giants whom have not been elected?

Think about how many we have lost and what we are loosing. Maybe, this was all a dream. When we wake up it will return back to normal.………..


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